Eye of Ra Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The Eye of Ra tattoo has become an ever-growing popular tattoo over the past decade. The Eye of Ra is a symbol of the ancient Egyptian god of the sky known as Ra. Ra was the god of the skies and was able to watch over you and see your every move.

This symbol has also been used for generations to show the light in this world. This light can also symbolize the good in the world and has been seen as a symbol that can help the tattoo enthusiast fend off all of the evil energy and spirits that dwell in this word.

Getting an Eye of Ra tattoo can be your way of showing your love for Egyptian culture as well as your badge of protection you want to have walking around in this world. Generally, this tattoo is illustrated by a lengthened eye with a singular line above the eye which shows the eyelid. There is also a couple of lines that come from underneath the eye.

One of these lines will typically have a curly ending and the other will have an intricate design. This symbol for the Eye of Ra is sometimes referenced as a hawk’s eye or the eye of a falcon. This can be seen in colors such as blue, red and green or in a traditional format that includes simply black and gray.

The Eye of Ra symbol can be drawn in all sorts of styles, thicknesses, and colors. Be sure to bring in a photo or a rendition of the symbol which you like the best. If you are having your tattoo artist draw you a custom design, then be sure that you like it before you decide to get it permanently tattooed on your body. Don’t be afraid to ask your tattoo artist to alter the design to your liking whether it has to do with size, shape or the overall drawing.

Let’s discuss some of the history behind the Eye of Ra symbol. Known as the right eye of Horus, the Eye of Ra was taken from Horus during his battle with his own brother Seth. Horus was known as the god who looked like a bird more specifically a falcon or man with a falcon’s head.

The right eye of Horus also known as the sun eye was given to his father which according to legend, brought him back to life. This is one reason the symbol can be seen as a symbol of rebirth and healing. After this act, Horus was seen as the savior and defender of the Egyptians. Ever since then, the eye of Ra was worn on people as tattoos or jewelry to protect them from evil. This jewelry and symbiology was also buried with their dead to protect them in their journey to the underworld.

There are many styles you can choose from when it comes to picking out the perfect Eye of Ra tattoo for you. You can get just the symbol of the Eye of Ra done by itself in color or black and gray. You can also choose to incorporate this design with some other ancient Egyptian symbols such as an obelisk, pyramid or sphinx. This can add dimension and depth to your tattoo while also showing your love for Egyptian art.

The meaning of the Eye of Ra tattoo will ring true whether you decide to go with the stand-alone piece or including in a larger piece like a full sleeve or chest piece. Again, this tattoo can be a realistic portrait including Horus and Iris or you can just get the symbol alone to really show boldly that you believe in the protection the piece has to offer.

Typically, the meaning of this tattoo is associated with the protection the Eye of Ra has to offer. The wearer doesn’t have to be religious to get this tattoo and receive its protection. It can be tattooed as just a symbol of protection or as a superstitious belief. Many will get this tattoo as well just because they life how it looks. They also want to show off their deep roots that are tied to Egypt.

This can be seen commonly among African, Middle Eastern people, and African Americans. There are lots of reasons you can choose from before getting this tattoo. You can either have it mean something special to you, or you can just get the tattoo because it looks good and you want to show your connection to your ancient ancestors. Either option is a good one, and you will be sure to love your Eye of Ra tattoo no matter what your reason is for getting it.

Placement of this tattoo should be your next consideration. The Eye of Ra tattoo is typically placed on the upper right or left chest or the upper right or left back. This, is just a suggestion and can also be found all over parts of the body. This tattoo would look beautiful on the arm or leg. It can also be seen on the hand on ankle. Anywhere you can think of will be an appropriate place to put the Eye of Ra tattoo on your body.

If you want to show it off, place it somewhere you know will be seen often. If you want to keep the meaning and importance of the tattoo special to you, then get it somewhere where only you and the people you want to will see it. These tattoos come in all shapes and sizes as well so be sure to find the location that you want to place this tattoo before you start to think about how big you want it.

A small Eye of Ra tattoo can be placed on the wrist, behind the ear, on a knuckle or ankle. Larger Eye of Ra tattoos can be placed on the shoulder or back but there are no limits when it comes to this tattoo.

If Egyptian symbiology and ancient myths interest you, then an Eye of Ra tattoo will be perfect for you. Don’t forget this tattoo also is a sign of protection and can represent positivity in life. Done in color or black and gray, this tattoo will be sure to impress. Remember this tattoo can be done simply alone or with other iconic Egyptian art.

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