Eye Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The eye tattoo certainly isn’t one of the most popular designs in the world, but those who are interested in it usually know that it has quite a few interesting meanings.

For those who are interested in the eye tattoo and/or eye tattoo meanings, then this is the page for you! Below you will find information about the most popular eye tattoo meanings, though there are plenty more that people come up with on their own.

The eye is said to be the window to the soul. It is this belief that lends the eye its symbolism of spirituality.

Even though you might not think of the eye when you are trying to decide on great spiritual symbols, the fact is that it can be the perfect tattoo design if you are looking for something smaller.

Plus, the fact that you can get a very detailed eye tattoo in a smaller design means that you can combine it with other great spiritual symbols.

The eye can also be seen as a passageway into a new world or dimension. If you are the type of person who likes to find new ways to see things, this is the eye tattoo meaning for you.

If you do use this meaning, it might be a good idea to add in a few new planets or stars to make the message come through a bit clearer.

The eye itself can have more of a “far out” look if you don’t want to add more elements around the eye.

Eyes have been used symbolically in cultures all over the world. From Christianity’s “Eye of God” – which is representative of the ever-present eye of God watching over those who are faithful to him – to the Egyptian “Eye of Horus”- which is a symbol of protection and life.

There are some classic designs that you can use to make your eye tattoo, but you can also just borrow a few parts of those designs and make it your own. Either way, the meaning will not be lost since this is more of a personal tattoo anyway and all that matters is that you know what it means.

It is also thought in some Western traditions that the left eye is seen as a lunar trait- or having to do with the moon and symbolizing the Northern direction. The right eye is seen as solar- or pertaining to the sun and is representative of the Southern direction. Since most people who get eye tattoos only get one rather than two, it’s a good idea to know which one you’re getting before you get the tattoo.

As we said up top, there are many eye tattoo meanings, so you’ll want to know all of them before you commit to a design.

An eye tattoo can also portray the wearer’s awakening or opening of the eyes to a new direction or new path in life. The thought is that of one’s vision clearing or coming into focus. This is a fantastic eye tattoo meaning that can work for most people. If you have had a rough life or have just had a tough time in recent years and are turning a corner, this is the eye tattoo meaning for you.

Every time you look at it you can remind yourself that you have set good goals for your life and you will not stray from that path.

Another popular depiction of the eye is that of the “third eye,” which is symbolic of intuition and even prophesy. If you have great pride in your instincts and want to show that through a tattoo, then you might not find a better way to do so than with the eye tattoo. In a way this meaning comes through every eye tattoo, so you really don’t even have to add in any other designs.

What you can do to emphasize the intuition or prophesy meaning is to give the eye a concentrated look.

An eye tattoo can represent life itself. Since most people see the eye as our only way to truly see the world, this meaning just makes sense for some people. If you use this eye tattoo meaning, you are basically saying that life is lost if you aren’t consistently watching what the world has to throw at you. In this way, it also means that you enjoy life and are happy to keep your eyes open to it.

Similarly, this type of eye tattoo can represent your awareness of what’s around you at all times. This is slightly different than the eye tattoo meaning mentioned above because it has more to do with keeping your guard up than enjoying life. It means that you are aware of the good and bad around you and you will make decisions based on what you see.

Another great eye tattoo meaning is clarity. If for a long time, you looked at the world the wrong way and have found a more beneficial way to approach it, then this is probably the perfect eye tattoo for you. Often these eye tats are complimented with other designs that also represent clarity, such as the Circle of Life Enso symbol. This is also a great motivational meaning, so many people will get this eye tattoo on a very visible part of their bodies, such as on their fingers.

If you think of yourself as an emotional person, then the eye tattoo might be the best way to show that. These eyes often have tears in them to represent your soulful side. The same image is also used to represent sincerity, so you can always combine these two meanings if they both work for your personality.

There is a lot of versatility in choosing the eye for a tattoo design. One can choose a human eye, an animal eye (the cat’s eye being a prominent choice), or one that is realistic or even cartoonish- the sky is the limit with the creativity one can use. The key here is to find a design that you think best represents the meanings that you want to portray.

It is a good idea to work with an artist who can get the most out of your ideas so you aren’t stuck with a regrettable eye tattoo. In most cases, you can simply tell the artist the eye tattoo meanings that you like and they can work with you to find the perfect design.

You’ll also need to think about the best place to put your eye tattoo. Do you want it to be visible to everyone or would you rather keep it hidden as a more personal tattoo? Do you need a lot of space to work with or just an inch or two? These are the types of questions you should be asking yourself as you come up with the perfect eye tattoo for you and the eye tattoo meanings that you want to attach to the design.

The last thing you’ll need to figure out is if the eye will be the only part of the design or if it is going to be part of a larger piece. If you do add in more elements or add the eye to an existing tattoo, you’ll want to make sure that all of the colors work together and that there are no conflicting meanings.

You’ll want the tattoo to feel complete, so make sure that any other tattoo designs that you include make your eye tattoo look better rather than taking focus away from it. If you do that, chances are you will end up loving your eye tattoo.

Be sure to take some time with your artist to make sure the design conveys all the ideals and symbolism that you wish to portray!

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