Face Tattoos

Want to go full-on bold with your tattoo? Then you’ll definitely want to look into getting a cool face tattoo. You will want to take your time picking out a face tattoo design, though, since absolutely everyone who ever sees you will get a good look at that tat.
Below are just some of the most popular face tattoos out there.

The heart(s)

Let’s start with the simple yet meaningful face tattoo first, shall we? The heart is the easiest way to show that you have love for something in your life, even yourself! As a face tattoo, hearts go well near the ear and temple areas, though they really can be placed anywhere. Some people stick with a basic heart shape, while others will get a set of hearts going along one of the lines of their faces. Regardless of the design you choose to get, you can be sure that people who see your heart face tattoo will recognize what it means.

The snowflake

Not only does the snowflake tattoo look fantastic as a face tat, it’s actually way more meaningful than many people recognize. It is one of the best designs to go with if you want a tattoo that represents being unique in this world. Since no two snowflakes are the exact same, your tattoo will show that you take pride in your individuality. Design-wise, you can get simple lines to make your snowflake, or you can get a very detailed snowflake that might add in even more meaning. Some people get their snowflakes in black ink, while others will make them blue, or even white!

The ornament

Ornament tattoos are actually considered best when they are on the face since you have so many places to “hang” them. There are thousands of ornamental designs to choose from, so it will have to come down to the one that is most meaningful (or attractive) to you. If you do get an ornament face tattoo, you’ll want to place it so it hangs from somewhere. Most people opt to get these face tattoos on the sides of their faces, right on or below their sideburns.

The number

People have been obsessed with numbers since the beginning of time, so they are considered to be very meaningful tattoos even though they have different meanings to different people. What’s great about number tattoos on the face is that you have a bunch of great design options available to you. You can get a large number tat that covers part of your face, or you can get an extremely small number tattoo to make it a bit more personal. You’ll also want to talk to your artist about fonts to use so it can really pop off of your skin.

The kanji symbol

Japanese symbol tattoos are extremely popular, especially outside of Japan. They have their main meanings (whatever the symbol represents), and they also make the owner a bit more mysterious since most people will have no idea what the kanji symbol means. If you do decide to get a kanji face tattoo, be sure to look up exactly what it means and get in placed in an area that works with the natural lines of your face. Many people get these designs just below their eyes so everyone who looks at them will see them.

The scratch/claw marks

The claw marks tattoo means a lot more than most people realize. And even more meaning is added to the tattoo depending on the type of animal left the marks. For example, bear claw marks mean that the owner is gentle by nature, but unpredictable when they or someone they know is mistreated. This tattoo can go absolutely anywhere on the face; in fact some people get very large claw mark tattoos directly down the center of their faces.

The favorite word

Quote tattoos need a bit more space than is available on the face, but this is a great area to place your favorite word. This is a fantastic face tattoo idea for those who have an inspirational word that they want to see every time they look into a mirror. It also tells outsiders the type of person you are without you ever having to say a word.

The religious

The cross is the most popular religious face tattoo out there since you can get it in any size without losing any meaning, but there are quite a few other symbols you can get as well. Some people go as far as getting a full image on Jesus on their faces. Other popular religious face tattoos include the Islamic moon and star, the Star of David, and the yin yang.

The stars

If you’ve always been considered a dreamer or you simply want to reach your biggest goals, then the stars tattoo might be the right design for you. Similar to the hearts, you really can get any star design you want, including a big, detailed star or a long line of small stars. This is yet another example of a face tattoo that often looks best on the side of your face. Of course, a small, single star can look good pretty much anywhere on the face.

The mandala

The mandala is an extremely popular Hindu and Buddhist symbol, but people of many religious beliefs have gotten this design on their faces. The reason for that is that it is a very attractive design that can be easily personalized. The ear area is actually the most popular spot for these tattoos since that part of the face is the most circular, fitting the mandala quite well.

The dots

Dots tattoos are simple to make and small, which is why they have been near the top of the list of most popular face tattoos for years. While it’s true that dot tattoos – specifically the three dots tattoo – have long been seen as popular prison tats, the truth is that they have a variety of different meanings. You can get small black dots, or even color them up to make them work with other designs you have.

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