Faith Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

There are not too many categories of tattoos more popular around the world than faith tattoos. That’s because millions of people all over the planet take pride in their faiths and, if they like the idea of getting inked, there’s a pretty good chance that they are going to get a faith tattoo.

On this page, we will take a look at some of the most common reasons for people to get faith tattoos and some of the more popular faith tattoo designs that are out there.

Faith in religion, beliefs, and tradition is a facet of humanity that brings hope and purpose to the lives of the faithful. Faith covers many contexts in this way both religious and spiritual. Faith is an extremely personal credence that an individual carries with them throughout their daily lives.

Faith tattoo images chosen to convey the personal faith of an individual often connect with a higher sense of self and an afterlife that is expected to come. Faith drives these beliefs and a tattoo of that faith serves as a daily reminder.

Faith can come in a religious sense and most often does. Just about all faith tattoos are very meaningful to religious people because they remind them of everything that they stand for. They can look at the image or images on their skin and be reminded of why they get up every day and what they live for.

If you see someone with a religious faith tattoo, you can be sure that they take their religion very seriously and use those religious images to be better people.

For Christians, doves, crosses, praying hands, rosaries and scripture are all great symbols of faith. Each one of these faith tattoos brings with them some shared meanings, but they each also have very specific meanings, making it a bit easier for people to choose which ones they want on their skin.

For example, if someone got a scripture tattoo, they found something in the Bible that they connected to and made a more special and personalized faith tattoo design. If you plan on getting a Christian tattoo, it would be a very good idea to go over all of your options before you decide on one so you can be sure it is the best faith tattoo for you.

Often, “Faith” is included as an inscription with those religious icons in order to highlight the significance of the image. Crosses are often enhanced with the inscription and can also include the infinity symbol. “Faith” is also often accompanied by the ichthys or “Jesus fish” symbol, emphasizing the connection of God and faith. The word is sometimes placed on a banner with or without added wings, giving the image an angelic appearance.

If you want to get the word “Faith” or any other words tattooed on your skin, then you will want to think long and hard about what type of font you’ll want to use. Many people who get faith tattoos use the same fonts that are found in holy books, but that’s not totally necessary. The key is to use a font that makes the words pop without being too flashy. In most cases, you can add in a very nice effect by giving a very slight drop shadow, which will make the words look like they’re elevated off of your skin a little bit.

Faith tattoos can also include images of the Star of David, portraying Jewish roots. A lotus flower or Eight-spoked Wheel references Buddhism and can also appropriately accompany “Faith”, connecting them together to create an intricate design. The style in which you get these faith tattoos is completely up to you, though most people opt to get the symbols in their traditional look with perhaps a little bit of a personal touch with coloring or other types of line work.

More generic symbols of faith are often used to convey a less religious-based faith and a more spiritually driven belief. There is no specific religious agenda assigned to these symbols of faith, including the very word “faith” in any language accompanied by designs or birds and the infinity symbol (∞). People sometimes even get faith tattoos to show that they have faith in themselves, which has a much different meaning than religious-based faith tattoos.

Even if you are just a spiritual person with no religious affiliation, you might find that the faith tattoo is a great way to show how important your spirituality is to you.

“Family” is often added to a “faith” and infinity symbol tattoo where the words sit on opposite loops of the symbol. This conveys a strong connection to family and heritage rather than a particular religious tradition. What’s great about the family and faith tattoo is that you can get it as a small tattoo, such as on your wrist, or you can add it to a much larger family tattoo. You can also make it even more unique by choosing your own colors and font types.

Something that is true in just about all cases is that faith tattoos are extremely personal. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that owners of these tattoos want to keep them hidden from the world, but it often does mean that they look at their faith tattoo designs for comfort and motivation. If you decide to get a faith tattoo, you will have to think about just how personal your design is. Do you want everyone to be able to see it at all times, or do you want to get it placed in a location on your body that only some people will be able to see?

If you decide that you want to show your pride in your faith by getting your faith tattoo in a public place, then your forearm, hand or even neck might be the right location for it. Before you commit to one of these spots, though, you should make sure that your workplace will be okay with your having a visible tat showing at all times.

If, on the other hand, you want to get a faith tattoo that only you and a select few will be able to see, then there are plenty of locations for you to choose. For example, if you want one of the many large faith tattoos out there, then maybe your back, chest or stomach might be the right spot for it. If it’s a smaller faith tattoo design, then you can easily hide it away on your shoulder, collarbone, leg, foot, or a bunch of other places on your body.

Even though many people decide to get just a single image for their faith tattoos, you don’t necessarily have to go that route. It really depends on how large you want your tattoo to be. If you find multiple faith tattoo designs that mean a lot to you, then by all means find a way to make them work in a single tattoo. In fact, in most cases, people are happier when they are able to come up with unique ways to design their tattoos, and that includes folks who get faith tattoos.

After you’ve chosen a location for your faith tattoo, you will want to choose an artist to do the actual job of putting the design on your skin. Even though most tattoo artists recognize that faith tattoos are extremely important to people, you still want to do your due diligence and find one that will make your design look exactly as you want it to.

It’s easy to see why faith tattoos are so popular these days. There are so many different designs that people can choose and alter to make their own. If you do end up choosing to get a faith tattoo, then you can expect it to be very important to you for the rest of your life as long as you are patient in the process of picking a design and you work with a well-regarded artist.

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