Family Crest Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Family crest tattoos give people a great way to show their pride in their families with a nice-looking piece of art to put on their skin.

These crests come in all sorts of shapes and colors, but the one thing that is always true is that they represent the owner’s family and they find the family bond to be an important part of their lives.

On this page, we are going to take a look at some of the reasons why people get their family crest tattoos as well as some of the design options that you’ll have should you choose to get one of these tattoos.

Family crests have been around for hundreds of years and are found in most first-world countries around the globe. They have a number of different styles that have been passed down through the generations, but they all share most of the same meanings. Chances are your family has or had a crest, but they are sometimes a bit harder to find for some people.

Obviously the primary reason to get a family crest tattoo is because you are proud of your family heritage and you want everyone to know it. It’s a great idea for anyone who wants to get a family tattoo and also wants something that has a bit more detail than the more commonly used family tattoo designs.

Sometimes these crest tattoos are placed on the skin by themselves, while in other cases they are found next to or surrounded by other family tattoos. It really comes down to personal tastes and how much space you have for the design.

The family crest tattoo really does make it obvious what the design represents, but there’s definitely nothing wrong with adding more symbols and images to make the meaning that much clearer.

One of the other main reasons why people choose to get family crest tattoos is because they know that they will end up with a unique tattoo. Since tattooing has become so huge in the last decade or so, it has become more of a mission for people to find designs that they truly can call their own and that’s exactly what you can do with the family crest tattoo.

Sure, someone else in your family could end up getting the crest, but you will not find a stranger who has the same tattoo.

Some people really like the idea of getting a family crest tattoo because they can be placed just about anywhere on the body. Where you can place your family crest tattoo depends on the size that you want and the overall shape of the design, but those are the only limiting factors.

If you want to get the crest on your wrist, you can design the tattoo to fit perfectly there. If you want a large back tattoo, you can just as easily design it to fit there.

Another reason why a family crest tattoo can be a good idea is because the person getting the tattoo loves history and loves the idea of showing their own family’s history through the tattoo. When someone gets this tattoo for this reason, they may even include portraits or other historical items from their family’s history to give the overall design a very cool look.

One of the newest versions of the family crest tattoo that people like these days is the ripped skin version. The idea is to make the crest look like it is really part of your skin and can’t be taken off. These look amazing when done by top artists, though we only recommend them to people who like that torn-skin look.

Family crest tattoos also work quite well as matching tattoos if you happen to have a sibling or parent who is also interested in getting this type of piece. With matching tattoos two or more people will get a design (or a similar design) placed on the same parts of their bodies.

The reason for doing this is to show that you have someone you really care about in your life and to show your specific connection to them. Family crest tattoos are special for this reason because the two people are showing that they share the same roots and are both very proud to be part of that family.

Many people choose to get their family crest tattoos in black and grey ink, but they can definitely work in color too. The black and grey version works so well because it can easily work with any other type of tattoos that you already have on your body or plan to get placed on your body later on. However, most family crests do have color in them, so a lot of people want to make them look as authentic as possible.

Family crest tattoos are obviously going to be very important to the people getting them, so most will choose to hire a top tattoo artist to create the piece for them. These days you can pretty easily find out who the top tattoo artists in your area are by simply looking them all up online. A good idea is to try to find an artist who has done family crest tattoos in the past and choose the one whose style you like the most.

As you can see, there are a bunch of great reasons to get a family crest tattoo and they are the types of tattoos that people are proud to wear on their skin. You can get a very small and simple design or you even have the option to make your crest look super-realistic.

Regardless of the design, this is the type of tattoo that people very rarely regret getting since there’s a great chance that it will always mean a lot to them.

If you are thinking about getting a family crest tattoo to show pride in your heritage, be sure to find an artist who will help you out during the design process and make the design look amazing on your skin.

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