Fern Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The fern tattoo may look like a simple plant tattoo, but it can hold very important meanings to owners of these cool designs. There are multiple ways to get them designed and you will find that their meanings can work for just about anyone.

On this page, we will take a look at why so many people choose to get the fern tattoo over all of the other types of ink available to them.

One meaning that many people like to attach to their fern tattoos is determination, which is not a meaning you’ll get with many other plant tattoos. This is an excellent one to use if you are the type of person who is resilient and is not thrown off course by any of life’s ups and downs.

What’s interesting is that the fern can also be used as a motivational tool for people who want to stay more determined and can use the fern to stay focused during tough times.

Another fern tattoo that plenty of people use is relaxation since the fern is mostly found in tropical climates. In most cases, people who use this fern meaning will give their ferns a “flowing” movement on their skin to represent it blowing in the breeze. One cool idea is to turn the fern into a hammock, which is yet another great relaxation symbol.

A meaning that can be used with the fern tattoo or just about any other plant design is growth, for obvious reasons. People use the growth meaning to show that they have moved on from their pasts and are new and better individuals. It could also mean that you are proud of the way that you have grown up over the years and the fern is worn as a symbol of pride.

Ferns have also been used as medicine throughout the centuries, so some people will get one of these designs to show that they are healers. You will sometimes see them included in much larger “healer” tattoos, though they can also be used on their own. Just be warned that most people will not recognize this fern tattoo’s meaning unless there are other images that make the meaning a bit clearer.

The fact that ferns can be found pretty much all over the planet makes them excellent symbols of adaptation. This is one of those meanings that most people would love to use since we all want to be able to adapt as we move forward in our lives.

Some people use the fern to show that they are the types who can easily adapt, while others will get their ferns to show that they want to have that ability. It’s an excellent meaning for people who do not want their lives derailed by change but do not want to fear change either.

What’s great about the fern’s natural vertical shape is that it can work as a tattoo in just about any area of the body. It is most commonly worn as a forearm tattoo since it can easily be designed to stretch both vertically and horizontally to cover this area. It can also work equally well as a leg tattoo, rub tattoo, or even as a tattoo that runs straight down the back.

Chances are if you think of a place that you want your fern tattoo to go, you won’t have a problem placing it there. It’s just a matter of getting the size right and then having it designed to look great wherever you want to put it.

Another great thing about fern tats is that you can get them as detailed or as simple as you want them to be. You might find that less detail actually makes the fern look better on your skin, or you might want to get every little hair on the leaves to show in your design. A good idea is to have multiple types of fern designs drawn up before you commit top one. Regardless of the design, you can use any of the meanings listed on this page.

The fern tattoo can also easily be added to a larger design to make the tattoo even more personal and meaningful. As we pointed out above, you really can get your fern designed in any size and it can very easily be tweaked to fit into any tattoo you have in mind.

The key is to make it blend well by using the right coloring techniques and by making each element of the tattoo look like it was meant to be in the design. While most people do choose to get their ferns by themselves since they hold so much meaning to them, it’s actually not very uncommon to see one combined with one or two other images to give outsiders a more complete description of who the owner is.

One decision that can be tough for some people is whether to get their fern tattoos in their natural green colors or as a black and grey tattoo. This really does come down to personal tastes and will not affect the meanings attached to these tattoos at all. You might find that you simply like the look of black ink on your skin more than green, or you might like the natural look of the green leaves a bit more.

One thing you definitely shouldn’t do is pick black ink simply because you’re on a budget; it’s better to wait a little while to get the exact fern tattoo that you want.

As you can see, there is a lot more to these fern tattoos than most people initially think. They are usually quite beautiful and they have that added benefit of fitting pretty much anywhere you want them to on your body.

They are also extremely meaningful tattoos that people are very proud to have on their skin. If you are thinking of getting a fern tattoo, be sure to take your time while designing it and then find a good artist to apply it for you.

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