Filigree Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Making a tattoo a filigree tattoo isn’t necessarily going to add any meaning to your design, but it can potentially give it a very special look. It’s also a style that isn’t too popular right now, so you can be sure that you will end up with a unique tattoo should you choose to implement this style.

On this page, we are going to take a look at what filigree tattoos are and some examples of designs that you can make using this style.

The filigree style that was popularized in the mid-1600s is one in which gold or silver (or sometimes both) was used in jewelry but in a different sort of way. The metals were twisted together by wires or beaded up and combined together to make interesting pieces. It gives pieces an almost three-dimensional look and is still pretty popular in some African countries.

With filigree tattoos, people want to bring that style that has been around for hundreds of years and modernize it a bit in their tattoo designs. What’s cool about using this style in tattoos is that you can make it work in completely new ways. It used to be that only jewelry and a few other items were made this way, but in tattooing you can make just about anything into a filigree design.

In most cases, people who decide to get a filigree tattoo want to give their designs a more polished and perhaps a more distinguished look. Sometimes this style is used to make an image look more realistic, while in other cases people use it to make their designs look a bit aged. You’re only limited by your artistic skills here, but even if you aren’t an artist most tattooists will be happy to help add a bit of this style into your tattoo idea.

Clocks and watches have long been known for looking great in the filigree style, and they also happen to look amazing as filigree tattoos. The clock and watch faces themselves are usually left untouched while the area around the faces has this style. It makes the clocks and watches pop a bit more or even gives them a look like they were made inside of your skin.

Believe it or not, animal tattoos can also look great as filigree tattoos, and this is also a way to ensure that you end up with a unique-looking animal design. This style will give an animal tattoo an ornamental look, which can look pretty amazing on the skin. Even though these designs do look different than the typical animal tattoos, you can still use the exact same animal tattoo meanings that you can with the more traditional designs.

The original filigree items were pretty much all jewelry, so it’s not too surprising at all that a large percentage of filigree tattoos are jewelry designs. Some people will love the idea of turning a normal jewelry design into something that looks more aged and distinguished. This is an especially good idea if you are already planning on getting your tattoo in gold or black ink.

What’s pretty great is that you can turn just about anything into a filigree tattoo, though certain types of images seem to look a bit better in this style. You probably wouldn’t want to get a cartoon image in this style, but you could turn just about anything realistic-looking into a great filigree tattoo design.

We recommend having multiple versions made up so you can see what your idea looks like before and after the filigree style is added in. Chances are you will end up loving the filigree one if you already like that style.

A lot of people assume that a filigree tattoo has to be created in a way that has every inch of the design using that style, which definitely is not true. Sometimes these tattoos look best when only the outer edges are created in the filigree style, while in other cases modernizing the outside and filling the inside with the filigree tattoo design is the best way to go.

Of course, you can get a tattoo that is 100 percent created in the filigree style but don’t think that you have to go all in with this style.

Even though you can get a filigree tattoo created in any colors that you want, in the majority of cases people like to stick with the classic gold or silver colors. You can definitely make these tattoos look great in any color, but that classic look seems to be more appealing to people who already love the look of filigree items. If you want to make your filigree tattoo look as authentic as possible, you should probably have the filigree parts of your design created in gold or silver.

Filigree tattoos are still a relatively new type of tattoo, so you will really want to hire a tattoo artist who knows how to make these types of designs look great on the skin. It’s not essential that you find a person who has made these types of tattoos in the past, but you should look through their past work to see if they have the potential to make a great filigree design.

Most of these tattoos are quite detailed even if they aren’t very big, so you will want to find someone who you feel you can trust to do a great job on your tattoo.

As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons to get a filigree tattoo and we suspect that this style will continue to gain in popularity as the years go by. No matter what type of tattoo you are thinking about getting and no matter where you want to place it, we highly recommend at least considering implementing this style into the design.

If you know that you are going to be getting a filigree tattoo, you should make sure that it looks beautiful and that it means something to you so you’ll always be proud to have it on your body.

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