Flower Of Life Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

One of the oldest symbols that we have, the flower of life still holds plenty of meaning to people throughout the world. The flower of life tattoo holds both ancient and modern connotations, which means that you get a very meaningful tattoo that also happens to be extremely cool looking.

On this page, we will take a look at what the flower of life tattoo actually is and some of the designs and meanings people choose to use.

The flower of life tattoo, like the ancient symbol, is a collection of concentric circles combined together to make a single unified symbol. There used to be a standard design that everyone used, but as time went by an assortment of symbols popped up and are now collectively seen as the flower of life.

All that matters is that they have those circles and that each circle is of equal size. If you do plan on getting one of these tattoos, we highly recommend taking a look at some past flower of life designs before you make your own.

Classically, the flower of life was seen as a magical symbol that held every bit of information about living things and the universe itself. In this way, you could say a flower of life tattoo represents everything and everyone simultaneously, which is pretty amazing. You honestly could get just one of these flower-of-life tattoos and attach just about any meaning you want to it.

This makes it an excellent choice for anyone who only wants to get one very meaningful tattoo; of course, you should also like the look of the flower of life.

One of the most common meanings that people like to use with their Flower of Life tattoo is enlightenment. This could mean that the owner of one of these tattoos feels that they are enlightened themselves or, as is usually the case, they are open to learning about new things every day. It’s an excellent meaning for anyone who enjoys analyzing things. This is yet another meaning that can come through in these designs even if you don’t include other symbols of enlightenment.

You could also get a flower of life tattoo to show that you have an interest in how every living thing is structured. The flower of life helped scientists and philosophers discover formulas and the basic parts of many organisms simply because of the way it was designed. If you can find beauty in everything because you know that a lot goes into each thing’s make-up, then this is definitely a great tattoo idea for you.

A flower of life tattoo can also mean that the owner of the tattoo is very religious or spiritual. There is a lot of shared history between religions and these symbols since leaders around the world would use these geometric patterns to help them build their holy temples and churches. You will actually see flowers of life or a variation of these patterns in buildings today.

Most people go all-out with their Flower of Life tattoo designs by making sure that every part of it is geometrically correct. The truth is that if you don’t put in the extra work to ensure that each shape is just right, you actually lose quite a bit of the meaning attached to the Flower of Life tattoo. Not only that but they also look quite a bit better when they are accurately done. It doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect, but you certainly want to come as close as you can.

Even though all Flowers of Life tattoos have circles, those circles can be arranged in a number of different ways in the design. You could push all of the circles close together to form one larger circle, or you could opt to spread them out a bit to make a different shape. The key with any flower of life tattoo is that each side is a reflection of the other, which adds in the extra benefit of drawing the eye to the design. When people look at these shapes, they just make sense to them, and there’s a sense of satisfaction in that.

Placement of a flower of life tattoo can be pretty difficult if you don’t plan ahead. In just about all cases you will want each part of the shape to be seen, so you have to think about the size and the exact shape that you want to use before you commit to an area of your body to place it. The easiest ones to place are the perfect circles, which can go anywhere from your back to your wrist. The more complex shapes usually work best on a flat part of the body, such as the upper chest or the back.

Since most people want their Flowers of Life tattoos to be as geometrically accurate as possible, it’s vital that you work with an artist who will take their time to ensure that every circle in your design is perfect.

You might find that your local artists don’t have much experience with these designs, but that’s okay as long as they have a steady hand and don’t rush through the design. If you do your research and find an artist who has received rave reviews for very complex designs, then you can be pretty confident that they can create an amazing flower of life tattoo.

It’s actually pretty surprising that the flower of life tattoo isn’t more popular than it is considering how cool and meaningful these designs can be. Just about all of them are attention-grabbers and they fall into that very popular “minimalist design” category that everyone seems to love these days.

Obviously these are not the types of designs for people who don’t like abstract images, but we highly recommend them for everyone else. As long as you take your time throughout the design process and find the perfect place to put it, chances are you will end up loving your flower of life tattoo.

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