Flower Tattoo Ideas

Below we’ll take a look at some of the most popular flower tattoos and some of the design styles that are popular with these types of tattoos.

The rose

Even though plenty of other flowers have been charging up the ranks in recent years, the rose is still the most popular flower tattoo in the world. It is the epitome of love, so people who want to get any type of love tattoo will often at least consider including a rose in the design. These days it seems like just as many people get their rose tattoos in other colors besides red (black, orange, yellow, etc.), so you can go in plenty of directions with your rose tattoo.

The lotus

The lotus flower is known for being one of the most meaningful flowers on earth and it’s also quite beautiful. That combo makes the lotus flower tattoo perfect for those who want a very meaningful tat that jumps off of the skin. If you’re a deep thinker or simply want a flower tattoo that can represent your enlightened side, then you would be hard-pressed to find a better one then the lotus tattoo.

The hibiscus

The hibiscus flower tattoo is the one you’ll want to get if you want to show off your gentle side. Interestingly, it can also represent power, so some people might find it to be the perfect tat to get when they want to show off their two very different sides.

The dogwood

The dogwood flower has a bunch of different great meanings, but the one that many people use these days is “rejuvenation” since plenty of people want to find the strength to get past the tough times in their lives. We recommend getting the dogwood flower tattoo if the meaning works for you and you’re looking for a big flower tattoo since this one looks best when it covers a larger area of the body.

The cherry blossoms

This is yet another flower that both looks great on the skin and has a fantastic meaning. If you get the cherry blossoms tattoo, then you are the type of person who is comfortable with your mortality. The cherry blossom is the perfect flower to represent mortality because they don’t stay in bloom for a very long time, as the blossoms are known to fall when just a little bit of wind.

The lily

The lily flower is creeping up on the rose for the top spot in the most popular flower tattoo rankings. The lily has quite a few different meanings, including compassion, virtue, or even femininity itself. While these meanings are very powerful, the flower is so beautiful that some people decide to just get the flower tattoo for its looks alone rather than attaching any meaning to it.

The orchid

If you are looking for a flower tattoo that symbolizes strength, then you simply will not find a better one than the orchid tattoo. What’s great about the orchid is that there are hundreds of species out there, so you shouldn’t have any trouble coming up with a unique design idea while still keeping the classic look of this beautiful flower. You can even narrow down your orchid tattoo to a location that you love to bring even more meaning to the design.

The chrysanthemum

Like the cherry blossoms, the chrysanthemum is a very popular Japanese flower that people from all over the world love to get in tattoo form. The chrysanthemum is known in many parts of the world as the “happy flower,” so you could get it to show that you’re a happy person or that you are striving to find happiness in your life.

The made-up flower

If you really want to go all-out to show how creative you are, make up your own flower tattoo! You can go in basically any direction you want with this type of tattoo. You can start with a real flower and add in some interesting new elements, or you can combine two or more existing flowers into a brand new one! It’s a good idea to think about the exact meaning(s) that you want your tattoo to represent before you begin the design process.

The 3D flower

Tattoo artists have great skills these days, so more and more people want to get the most intricate flower tattoos that they can. That is why the 3D flower tattoo design has blown up in recent years. These 3D effects make the tattoo look like it is jumping off of the skin. You can get pretty much any flower tattoo in 3D, though some look a bit better than others. It’s a good idea to go over many design ideas before you commit to making your flower tattoo a 3D design.

The skull(s) with flowers

Regardless of what you think of them, skull tattoos are still as popular now as they were 20 years ago; maybe even more so. When flowers and skulls are mixed in one design, they represent love and death, which is an odd combo but one that also makes sense to some people. Some of these designs have the skulls separated from the flowers, while others will have the flowers make up the outline of the skulls. You can go in plenty of different directions with this tat.

The flower outline

Rather than getting a classic flower tattoo where you basically just get the flower the way it looks in nature, a cool direction you can go with it is to just get the flower’s outline. Not only will you have a unique flower tattoo, you can even add in some meaning simply by leaving out some of the color.

The flowers with a color bleed effect

The color bleed effect usually doesn’t add in too much meaning to a flower tattoo, but it is a very pretty effect. If you get a flower tattoo that has three or more different colors, at least think about adding in a color bleed effect to make the image pop a bit more.

The pressed flowers

This is a very cool idea for flower tattoos. People love to preserve the look of flowers when they’re at their best by pressing them, so giving that same pressed look on your skin could give your tattoo a nice look and even more meaning.

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