Foot Tattoos

Foot tattoos are excellent for people who are looking for a place to get a smaller tattoo design or a more private tattoo that they don’t want to place in a visible area of their bodies. Below are just some foot tattoos that could be perfect for you.

The skulls

Skull tattoos have long been near the top of the list of most popular tattoo designs, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that they are great foot tattoos. You aren’t even sacrificing too much detail if you decide to put your skull tattoo on your foot since most people prefer their skull tats to be the classic image that has been used for generations. Of course, you can get a larger skull tattoo and get it as detailed as you would if you got it on your arm.

The flower

This is yet another classic tattoo design that looks as good on the foot as it does anywhere else on the body. In fact, the flower tattoo is one of those rare designs that looks fantastic if it covers the foot. You’ll still need to think about what type of flower you want to get the most meaning out of the tattoo as possible, but you can be sure that any flower you get will look nice on your foot no matter what size or color it is.

The favorite cartoon character

We’re not sure why the foot became an extremely popular place for cartoon tattoos, but it most definitely is. You can stick with a single cartoon character on one foot, or you can get one on each, such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse matching tattoos.

The feather

Feathers represent hope, speed, fertility, and inspiration, among other things, and they work very well as foot tattoos. The reason why these designs look so great on feet is because they go with the natural flow of the foot. Many people decide to get their feather tattoos directly down the center of their feet because they have a nice, symmetrical look.

The favorite quote

Text foot tattoos are all the rage these days, and for good reason. The foot is an excellent place to get very personal tattoos, which quotes usually are. That doesn’t mean your quote tattoo has to be extremely personal, but plenty of people like keeping the text to themselves rather than having to explain what the words mean to them. What’s great about the quote foot tattoo is that you can get it on your toes, the top of the foot, or even down the side of your foot.

The owl

If you work with the right artist, you can get a heavily detailed, beautiful owl tattoo on your foot. The owl represents wisdom, mystery, freedom, and many other great things, so it’s no surprise that many people choose to get one of these birds when they decide to get a foot tattoo. Many people decide to get a branch drawn on the side of the foot and have the owl in or near the middle of the foot.

The dragon

If you want a design that can cover your entire foot, look no further than the dragon tattoo. You can go in many different directions as far as design goes, but it is pretty safe to assume that it will look fantastic on your foot. One popular design is to have most of the dragon’s body on the top of your foot with its tail wrapping around your ankle.

The anchor

This is another great foot tattoo design that looks nice directly in the center of the foot. The anchor represents loyalty, honor, and military service, among other things, so plenty of people will find this to be the perfect design to go on their feet. The anchor can be extremely small down the side of your foot, or you can get one that reaches from your ankle all the way to your toes. This is also one of those rare tattoo designs that is equally beautiful in color or as a simple black tat.

The heart

This one should come as no surprise since the heart tattoo continues to be at or near the top of the list of most popular tattoo designs. If you have or want love in your life, the heart is a great way to show it. This is actually a great idea for people who want a very small foot tattoo with little detail. Of course, you could go all out with your heart tattoo and have it cover your entire foot, too!

The x-ray

X-ray tattoos have really blown up in recent years, but the x-ray foot tattoo might be the best of the bunch. When done by a great artist, you can get the look of your foot appearing inside-out. These tats usually don’t have extremely deep meanings, but they certainly look cool. This is one of the larger foot tattoos that you can get since you will want to have it reach from your ankle to near your toes.

The seahorse

The seahorse represents intuition and many other great things, so it can be a very meaningful foot tattoo to some who get it. It also looks great! You definitely have some design options to go through, too, since the seahorse can look great as a whole-foot tattoo and as a smaller black and gray tat.

The butterfly

Butterfly tattoos are quite as popular as they were a decade ago, but people still get them because they are universally seen as pretty and they have quite a few excellent tattoo meanings, with transformation being the one that most people like to use. Most people like to have their butterflies “flying” on their feet, so they will include other design elements that give the illusion of movement.

The stars

If you want to go with a more simplistic design that looks amazing on the foot, then you’ll probably be happy with one or more stars. You can design the stars however you want and have them on any part of your foot. Stars have dozens of great meanings, so even if you just get them for the look at first, you can always attach a great meaning to them later on.

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