Forest Tattoo Meaning

As long as there has been man, there have been forests. With that in mind, it should be obvious that there are many forest tattoo meanings that you can choose from if you decide to get one of these designs. They also happen to be very nice-looking and attention-grabbing tattoos, so there are a lot of reasons why people decide to get them. On this page we will go over some of the most popular forest tattoo meanings and some of the cool designs you can get.

Trees have been worshipped by a number of different cultures throughout the centuries, so some forest tattoos have a very spiritual meaning to their owners. They see the trees in those forests as being sacred, which adds an assortment of other meanings to the tattoos. Sometimes the cultures being represented will impact how the tattoo is designed, but that isn’t totally necessary.

Tree worship isn’t as popular as it once was, but some people do like their forest tattoos to hold at least a little bit of spiritual meaning. For example, many cultures saw (and still see) forests as symbolizing rejuvenation and serenity, which are just two of the many meanings that you can use if you get one these tats.

Forests are known for being able to stand tall no matter what type of weather is thrown at them, so some people will get a forest tattoo to represent strength. Obviously we have to be strong in many events throughout our lives, so it makes sense that some people would use the tattoo as a source of motivation.

Forest tattoos can also symbolize that the owners are strong people and they are proud of that quality. This could be strength of character, physical strength, or it could even represent someone wanting to be stronger when facing adversity. Strength is one of the most commonly used meanings in the tattooing world, but forest tattoos give people a unique way to use it.

Trees take a beating throughout their lifetimes, but they are able to heal themselves enough to stay tall for a very long time. Trees also have healing properties, which is why some people will get a forest tattoo to represent healing. These people could be healers themselves, or they could need healing following a tragic event in their lives.

Forest tattoos can also represent protection for a number of different reasons. Not only do we stand under trees to protect us from the elements, we also use their wood to build protective enclosures. In tattoo form, people often use their forests to show that they are proud protectors of those around them. You can also get a forest tat to symbolize your need for protection, whether from other people or to help you when times get tough in your life.

One thing that many people think about when they see a forest is the mystery that lies inside those trees. For this reason a very popular forest tattoo meaning is mystery. The owner might have a very mysterious side or they just want others to know that they are more than what they appear to be on the outside.

The forest tattoo symbolizes mystery a lot better than a single tree would. While you can use just one tree to represent this, it’s better to show a forest in most cases since it’s when people are looking at dark forests when they start to wonder. If you are going to use this meaning, it might be a good idea to show darkness beyond the trees to make your “mysterious” meaning clear.

Sometimes forest tattoos can represent life itself. After all, it was the trees that first came to life on this planet, so you might even call them the ultimate symbols of life. When this meaning is used, the owner of the forest tattoo will use it for confidence in everyday life. While this isn’t necessarily a cool meaning for the forest tattoo, it is a very strong one and one that anyone could use.

A nature lover might get a forest tattoo simply because they have always loved the look of a group of trees bunched together. In these cases, the owners will usually personalize their tattoo designs so the forests are exactly what they picture in their minds. It might be a part of a forest that they saw when they were younger, or it could be some other forest that brings back great memories.

With the forest tattoo meaning you choose to use in mind, you can begin to come up with ways to design one of these tattoos. It’s not always easy with these tattoos since you want to make sure you choose the right amount of trees, the right size, and any extra images to spruce up the tat. These are the times when it’s good to have a friend who is an artist or a nearby tattoo shop with some friendly tattooists.

Something that is pretty unique to forest tattoos is that you can very easily add in additional meanings simply by including other elements into the tattoo. Think of any nature painting you’ve seen and you’ll probably remember seeing more than just trees in the image. What you want to do is make your forest come to life without doing too much to it.

One example of something you can include in a forest tattoo is an animal that has a significant meaning for you. Bears, wolves, deer, and other forest animals are the ones that people usually pick, but you can go with whatever makes the most sense for you.

Sometimes the types of trees found in forest tattoos have their own meanings. For example, aspen trees are known for “dancing in the wind,” so someone who got an aspen forest tattoo might love to dance. This can make the tattoo a bit tougher to create since you will need to get accurate representations of your trees, but it also makes it that much more personal.

It’s a great idea to pick out specific trees when getting a forest tattoo since it will only add more meaning to the design. Believe it or not, just about every tree in existence has its own symbolism, so you can pretty easily find meanings that work for you. This is a great idea if any of the meanings listed above don’t work for you but you still want to get a forest tattoo.

You can also add to the meaning of your forest tattoo simply by adding weather into the scene. Snow can be a bit tough since white doesn’t look great against most skin tones, but it can work against a dark background color. Rain takes a bit of skill to pull off, but it can look amazing in these tattoos when done right.

Even though adding in additional design elements might be great for some people, it’s definitely not necessary if you want to stick with a meaning or two from the forest itself. In these cases all you have to do is pack two or more trees together with some grass and you’re good to go. In fact, you can simplify it even more by just showing the outlines of a couple of trees spaced out a bit.

When coming up with your design, you’ll want to think about how you situate everything included in the tattoo and whether you want it to be realistic or a little cartoony. All of this depends on the overall mood of your design. If it is a serious tattoo, you’ll want to get a minimalist version or a very realistic scene. If there are lighter meanings being used, you can go with a natural look or something a bit more animated.

Regardless of the tattoo meanings you choose to use, you will want to come up with a great place to put your forest tattoo design on your body. The back is the most common place for larger forest designs, while the upper shoulder and the shin areas are pretty common for medium-sized forests. Really, you can place your forest tattoo anywhere you want to as long as it fits and it looks good from every angle.

Forest tattoos are the types of designs that should be completed by great tattoo artists since they usually have quite a bit of detail and mean so much to their owners. Like we mentioned earlier, not only can a good artist give you a nice looking tat, they will also be there to help you out during the design process. You should definitely pay a bit more if it ups your chances of getting the exact design that you had imagined.

We hope you have a better idea of the forest tattoo meanings you can choose from and some of the ways that you can get these designs inked on your skin. Forests are always going to be cool tattoos to get because they look great and everyone can relate to them, making them excellent conversation starters.

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