Forget Me Not Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Forget me not tattoos are becoming a very popular tattoo amongst those looking to have a floral tattoo or add to an already existing floral sleeve.

Forget me not flowers are turquoise or light pastel blue flowers that have a little yellow circular interior. Forget me not flowers start to bloom in the spring.

They are typically seen as a symbol of beauty, elegance and eternal love. Many people have their own special meaning behind love me not tattoos but the most common meanings are love and being courageous. Another reason to get a forget me not tattoo is to show the loss of a loved one and not want to forget the memories you have shared with that individual.

This unforgettable and graceful symbol is believed to be in the old days a sign of everlasting love and a way to symbolize how much one means to a person.

Forget Me Not Tattoo Meaning

For the most part, but not always the case, forget not tattoos are mostly seen on women. This is because they are not only meaningful but elegant and graceful as well. The flower goes very well with the curves of a female body and can be placed on the hip or shoulder and accentuate the figure as well.

Designs for the Forget Me Not tattoo come in large varieties. They can be large back pieces that have the words “forget me not” or they can be a little flower on your finger to help remind you of that special someone. They can be in full bright colors or in black and gray. The forget me not tattoo can be tattooed as a single flower or as a cluster or bunch of flowers. Again, these different designs can be placed in a wide variety of places on the body so be sure to know where you are looking to place the tattoo before you decide which design you would like.

Although these tattoos can be commonly seen among women, they are not only for women. Men are becoming ever more present when it comes to getting floral tattoos as well. Men may choose to get the forget me not flower as a stand-alone piece to show their grace and confidence in their masculinity. They may also choose to get their forget me not with more masculine features such as swords, guns or stars. Since the Forget Me Not tattoo is extremely meaningful, it is not limited to one sex or the other.

Those who are considering getting a forget me not tattoo should keep a few things in mind. The first thing to keep in mind is what your meaning will be. The second thing would be placement. The third would be whether you would like the tattoo to be full color or in a more simple black and gray design. As with all tattoos, they are permanent and making sure you pick out your correct style is important. One nice thing about floral designs is that they are a lifetime design that will always be recognized forever.

The forget me not tattoo is usually placed on the hip, shoulder, back or foot. Where you choose to place your tattoo is up to you and should always hold a special meaning. Sometimes your favorite artist may recommend a place where the tattoo may go well with your body’s curves and bends. It is always wise to listen to the advice of your tattoo artist, but always remember that the final decision is ultimately yours and should be strongly considered before jumping into any major work.

Although the most common color of the tattoo is blue, this is not the only color that the flower is grown as. Other common colors of the Forget Me Not tattoo are yellow, white pink and rose. If you do decide to go with a color design, a selection of a few or all of these colors could be to your advantage. Some of these colors may go with other colors you have in other tattoos on your body.

The colors in your Forget Me Not tattoo can also hold a special meaning to you as well. For example, if you want to get a forget me not tattoo to symbolize your best friend that you lost and their favorite color was pink, then don’t be afraid to go outside the norm of getting a blue forget me not and go with the pink to symbolize them.

There are many legendary stories that depict the forget me not flower and its passion for love and memories. Before you get your forget me not tattoo, it may be worth your while to look up some old stories about the flower and find a good meaning for you. It is also good to do your research on the legends of the flower so you are getting a tattoo that means something other than what you intend to get it for.

Remember that remembering, love and grace are some of the most common symbols of this flower and subsequently this tattoo.

Forget Me Not tattoos can be inked with a background accompanied by the words “Forget Me Not.” They can also be tattooed in a bunch possibly with a bow or ribbon tied around them. Keeping the forget me not flower as the centerpiece of the tattoo is key even when including background or other images such as butterflies, birds or leaves. They can also be inkey with the initials of that special someone who you want to never forget.

Other quotes can be added to your forget me not tattoo design as well. Even with all these options of background and additional images to add to the design, sometimes the best choice is to just get simple, stand-alone forget not fully bloomed flower. Whichever style you decide, just make sure that it means something to you.

That is the most important part of your tattoo design. Keep in mind that the forget me not tattoo is about grace, love and most importantly remembering someone who holds a special place in your heart.

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