Fox Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Many people are surprised to find out just how much meaning gets attached to each fox tattoo. Sure, they usually make for some very attractive pieces, but without those excellent meanings, there would be a high chance that people would regret getting these tattoos.

On this page, we will take a look at some of the reasons why fox tattoos are so popular these days and some fox tattoo meanings that you can use with your design.

The most common adjective associated with the fox is swift. This can be a great meaning to use if you are known for being fleet of foot or even if you are known for having that rare ability to consistently make good, quick decisions. To make this fox tattoo meaning a bit clearer, you can get the fox designed in a way that makes it look like it’s running across your skin.

Foxes are a powerful symbol of cunning and wit. The truth is that there aren’t too many other animal tattoos that can represent both of these traits, so the fox tattoo is certainly a great one to get if you are known for being a bit wittier than the average person. To make this meaning come through, you can give your fox a human-like witty grin; it doesn’t have to be cartoony, though.

Foxes are an immediate symbol of trickery, craftiness, and skill. Obviously, this makes fox tattoos great choices for anyone who practices magic or has a very high interest in it. They also work quite well for the goofballs out there since foxes are often looked at as some of the goofiest animals around when they’re in that type of mood.

Most often used as a pedagogical figure in mythology, the fox is a trickster who often teaches important life lessons. They have that innate ability to look at things like no one else does, which is a trait that many people are proud of. As with some of the other fox tattoo meanings mentioned above, with this meaning, you will want to focus a bit more on your fox’s expression to make sure that the meaning comes through a bit clearer.

Foxes are common to Aboriginal mythologies in North America as well as Asian folklore and European fables. This is why you will sometimes see them included in Native American tattoos and larger tattoo designs from other cultures. In fact, many people include these little guys in their heritage tattoos simply because the animal was and continues to be an important symbol in so many different cultures.

In Japanese folklore, the Kitsune are foxes with supernatural abilities. They are spirit animals that are incredibly smart and are able to transform into humans. Their hypnotic and fantastic powers allow them to trick and tease selfish or proud people. Even if you don’t have Japanese blood in you, this can be a meaning that you can use if you find that you have the ability to see through people and not buy into their lies.

The bewitching powers of the fox emphasize its significance as an instructive figure. Believe it or not, plenty of teachers will get fox tattoos since they take a lot of pride in being able to connect with people with all sorts of different personalities. This is very much a fox trait since they are known for being able to be themselves and “teach” whoever they come across.

In the English fables, many of which were compiled and retold by Geoffrey Chaucer, the fox is a trickster figure as well but rarely virtuous. The fox consistently attempts to trick and manipulate other figures within the tales, sometimes getting his way, sometimes not. In these tales, the fox serves as a symbol of quick wit and intelligence, strategically plotting and scheming.

The swiftness of the fox is seen again in the Greek myth of the Teumessian fox, a creature that could never be caught. This is a fox tattoo meaning that could be great for anyone who has found that they have been able to run away from and avoid bad influences in their lives. It’s a blend of cleverness and quickness not found in any other animal tattoo.

North American Aboriginal mythology paints the fox as a trickster figure as well, as a constant companion to the coyote. The fox is cunning and crafty but often performs acts of malevolence rather than being helpful. Contrarily, the fox can bring cryptic messages from the spiritual realm and serve as an omen of the future.

Above all else, the red, white, and silver fox is a symbol of intelligence, cunning, and craftiness. Obviously, that makes the fox tattoo absolutely perfect for anyone who shares those three traits with the animal. In these cases, the person who gets the fox tattoo does not have to alter their design at all since they pretty much embody all that the fox represents. Of course, you don’t have to share all of these traits with the fox to get a fox tattoo.

Often acting on their own agenda, the mythological fox is an image of the trickster, out-smarting others with ease. The fox in nature represents an innate knowledge of the earth, a wisdom that allows the fox to elude the hunter.

If you do plan on getting a fox design, you’ll want to think long and hard about whether you want to use mythological or realistic fox tattoo meanings or a little bit of both. It comes down to who you are and what you want your fox design to represent.

There are many ways that you can go about designing one of these tattoos, and you can even design them in a way to brings out each fox tattoo’s meaning. A lot of people stick with the classic fox look in their designs, but even in those cases, it can take quite a bit of time to come up with a design that fits perfectly on the body.

We suggest having multiple fox tattoos drawn up and then picking the one that you think will both look great on your skin and will bring out the meanings that you choose to use. It’s absolutely vital that you are patient through this process so you can ensure that you end up with a fantastic fox tattoo.

Your fox tattoo design (and the meanings you use) will help you to determine where you will place your tattoo. Do you want to get your fox in a running motion to show off its swiftness? Or do you prefer to give it a bit of a smirk to show off its craftiness and trickery?

You can go in many different directions with your fox tattoo design and you should first nail down that design before you come up with a place to put it on your body. Ideally, the whole design will look great from all angles and will work well with any other ink you have on your body.

You’ll also want to work with a tattoo artist who has a lot of experience making animal tattoos. The great ones will recognize that it is more than just an animal that you’re putting on your skin; it’s a symbol of who you are as a human being. A good idea would be to check out reviews of local artists and then go into the best ships to get a feel for how they do their work. That extra effort will most definitely pay off in the end.

As you can see there are a bunch of great fox tattoo meanings to choose from, so if one or more of them makes sense for you, definitely consider getting one. These, like many other great animal tattoos out there, do a wonderful job of defining who someone is while also giving them a very cool tattoo to look at.

We highly recommend fox tattoos for people who share personality traits with these lovely animals.

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