Freedom Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Ah, the freedom tattoo. Regardless of the design, these are pretty much always very meaningful tattoos to their owners since they represent such an important part of their lives. What might surprise you is that there is quite a lot to think about if you’re thinking about getting one of these tattoos.

If you are giving some thought to getting a freedom tattoo of some kind, then this is the page for you! Below we will take a look at some of the most popular freedom tattoo meanings and designs.

You might think that there are only one or two meanings for the freedom tattoo, but there are actually dozens of great ones. This is important to know since you might be able to add even more meanings to a design that you thought would only have one. Of course, if you find just one specific freedom tattoo that you like, then by all means stick with that one and forget about the rest. Still, it’s important to know all of these meanings since you might find that your freedom tattoo represents even more to you than you previously thought.

Obviously the most common freedom tattoo meaning is when the owner takes pride in living in the free world. They recognize that not everyone has the freedoms that they do and they don’t take that right for granted. People who use this freedom tattoo meaning look at their tattoo to encourage themselves to make the most of each day because they have that freedom to do so. It’s just about as motivational as tattoos can get considering the extremely deep meaning behind the design.

Another reason why people get freedom tattoos is because they want to show the world (or themselves) that they have broken free from their pasts. This is a great freedom tattoo meaning for those who have had to work hard to overcome hardships in their lives and they finally feel like they can breathe and enjoy life. The tattoo not only reminds people of where they came from but also to make the most of their newfound freedom.

Some people like to get their freedom tattoos not because they feel free but because they want to attain freedom. This is a fantastic freedom tattoo meaning for anyone who has felt trapped in their lives for a long time and wants to put in all of the work that it takes to break free. In a way, everyone feels a bit trapped in one way or another, so this freedom tattoo meaning could work at some level for most folks.

Those who think of themselves as being very adventurous might find the freedom tattoo to be perfect for them. When you’re out rock climbing, sky diving, or anything else like that, there is a different feeling of freedom. These freedom tattoos often include a bunch of images to show off the owner’s adventurousness and their pride in reaching those different levels of freedom.

After you have chosen a great freedom tattoo meaning that works for you and your personality, then you’ll want to think of a great freedom design. This part of the process can sometimes be much tougher than finding the meaning because you want to find the perfect image to represent this very important aspect of your life. Don’t worry, though, because the suggestions below should give you a head start on choosing a great freedom tattoo.

Easily the most popular freedom tattoo is to simply get the word “Freedom” tattooed somewhere on your body. If you decide to go this route, then you will want to think long and hard about the font that you want to use and where you want to get it placed. Text tattoos need to work with the lines of your body, and you will need to decide if you want to alter the text in any way to add even more meaning to the design. Of course, you can also combine the text with other images if you think that would make a more complete freedom tattoo design.

Another popular freedom tattoo design is the hot air balloon tattoo. Hot air balloons have long represented freedom because, for a short time, you are completely away from the world while you’re riding around in the sky. As far as specifics in the design go, that is completely up to you. It’s usually a better idea to make a unique balloon, but you can always use one out of your artist’s book and then tweak it a bit to suit your tastes.

Americans will often get a bald eagle tattoo to represent freedom since it is the national bird of the United States. These designs are often accompanied by the American flag, but that’s not totally necessary. Most people who see a bald eagle that recognize what that means even if there are no words or other images around it.

Even though the bald eagle is the most popular freedom symbol in America, it’s most definitely not the only bird. In fact, you can get a tattoo of almost any bird (or even a bird silhouette) and chances are one of its meanings will be freedom. If you do get a bird tattoo to represent freedom, then you should definitely get it with its wings spread rather than perching since showing it flying will make the meaning a bit clearer.

As you can see, there are plenty of things you need to think about before committing to any type of freedom tattoo. What’s great is that any of these designs can be placed just about anywhere on your body as long as they work with your body’s lines.

No matter what design you get and no matter what meaning(s) you use, you can be sure that the freedom tattoo is one of those rare tattoos that you are pretty much guaranteed to be proud of for the rest of your life. Just be sure to take your time so you pick the best design and meaning for you.

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