Futurama Tattoo

Along with shows like the Simpsons and American Dad, Futurama has become one of the most well known animated series to ever grace the airwaves. With the fame that this show has garnered, it’s no surprise that many people love to get versions of Futurama tattoos. By getting a Futurama tattoo, you are showing your allegiance and love for the show. There isn’t a better way to let the world know you love Futurama than getting a tattoo.

In this post we will talk about the origins of Futurama and different variations of the tattoos one can get. The Futurama tattoo can be displayed in different ways and it can have specific meaning to the person wearing it. There are so many inside jokes in this show that we may not understand what the tattoo means but as long as the person wearing it does, that’s all that matters. We hope that by the end of this post you have a better idea of the different ways the Futurama tattoo can be created.

About Futurama

Futurama is an animated series created by Matt Groening and aired on Fox. The story follows Philip J. Fry and the adventures he gets into. However, Philip is cryogenically frozen and wakes up finding himself working for Planet Express which is an interplanetary delivery business from a futuristic 31st century.

Matt Groening created the concept of this show while working on the Simpsons and went from there to create another hit show. Fox was hoping for another hit in the 1990’s and Groening delivered. In the creation of Futurama, Groening David Cohen researched many science fixing films, books and TV shows. With all the research compiled Groening and Cohen crated many characters and storylines and in 1998, they pitch the show to Fox. Groening said they went overboard when creating Futurama but that didn’t stop Fox from ordering thirteen episodes.

However, Fox started second guessing some of the episodes fearing they weren’t fit for TV and they might have been a little “too much”. Fox said they wanted some creative control for Futurama, but the only way Groening did business was by having full creative control. It was essentially a battle of wills, but Groening ended up winning out in the end.

The first season aired in 1999 and the last episode for the Fox network was aired in 2003. After that Comedy Central picked up the show when Fox decided to not buy anymore episodes and from there, it aired from 2009 to 2013.

Futurama Tattoo Meaning

The Futurama tattoo meaning is up to the person with the tattoo. Many tattoos revolve around the characters and their personalities, so the meaning depends on which character you choose. Many people are just fans of the show and want a tattoo showing their support. Others will take specific moments in the show to have tattooed on their body. These scenes might have pop culture meaning or even political symbolism. In all honesty, the meaning of the Futurama tattoo is on a case by case basis.

Futurama Tattoo Variations

As far as Futurama tattoo variations, there a lot. Most of the tattoos revolve around the characters of the show who are all very unique in their own ways. Below we will talk about some of the main characters and their personalities. Fans of the show relate to specific characters. This makes the characters popular topics for tattoos and we will talk about some below.

Philip J. Fry Tattoo

A Fry Tattoo is one of the more popular ones to get for the show as he is the main character. Fry was cryogenically frozen in 1999 and was revived in 2999. He became a Planet Express delivery boy. Fry is a lazy guy and spends most of his time drinking Slurm and watching television. He’s also immature and gets himself in bad spots often which requires Leela to come rescue him. Even with all his bad qualities, Fry is a good-natured person and cares deeply for his friends. A Fry tattoo might having meaning in the sense of having loyalty to your friends.

Bender Tattoo

Bender is probably the next most popular character on Futurama which leads to many Bender inspired tattoos. Bender was a robot that was created in Tijuana, Mexico. To recharge, Bender consumes a lot of booze and will show signs of intoxication when he isn’t drinking. Bender is everything that a “good” person strives to not be. He frequents hooker robots, he gambles, smokes and watches an insane amount of porn. In addition to the many features of Bender, one funny part about him is that he is equipped with Gaydar which is supposed to let you know if someone is a homosexual. However, Benders version claims that everyone is gay. The Bender tattoo is one that represents the rotten parts of Futurama but also some of the funniest scenes.

Leela Tattoo

Leela Turanga-Fry is the captain of the Planet Express ship. She is beautiful, strong and sexy. The Leela tattoo is representative of strong women and you will see female fans of the show with a Leela tattoo. She is also the wife of Fry and he is lucky to have her.

Zoidberg Tattoo

Zoidberg is was born on Planet Decapod 10. His look is unique as he has the claws and color of a crab, but his nose looks like four fingers hanging down. Needless to say, Zoidberg is very recognizable. Zoidberg moved to earth so he could practice medicine. He speaks with a heavy Yiddish accent as all his people do and he is famous on his home planet as he is the nephew of Harold Zoid, the movie star. He claims to be an expert on humans but often fails in his diagnoses and has conducted many failed surgeries. Because of this, Zoidberg seems to not be the brightest but he actually very knowledgeable in alien anatomy.

There are many other characters on Futurama and each of them have their unique personalities. If you are interested in getting your own Futurama tattoo, make sure the artist you are going to see has experience in cartoon tattooing. If you need help finding that, let us know and we would be happy to help you find the perfect artist for you.

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