Garter Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Garters and garter belts are fashionable, sexy, and timeliness, so it’s really not too surprising at all that garter tattoos are so popular. Anyone can get one of these tattoos, but the majority of them are worn by women since garters and garter belts are traditionally a woman’s garment and these designs have many meanings associated with being a lady.

On this page, we are going to take a look at some of the reasons why you might choose to get a garter tattoo and some of the many ways that you can get garter tats designed.

One of the main reasons why the garter tattoo is so popular is because it can be designed in so many different ways. You can get one that looks like a garter that you own, you can get one that is of your own design, or you can even get one that is designed like a garter but has a completely new look. You can be as creative as you want with garter designs.

In some cases, women choose their garter tattoo designs based on their own personal fashion choices, which has the added benefit of matching most of what they wear. This might actually be why these tattoos are so popular. It’s nice to be able to make your own fashion tattoo that you know you will always be a fan of. Not only does it ensure that you are in control of the design process but it also greatly lowers the chances of you regretting getting the tattoo later on in life.

One very common design element added to garter belt tattoos is a bow, which implies that the tattoo and the owner are “gifts” that some lucky person might get. It’s meant to be sexy and to say that the owner of the tattoo is a gift to the world and the person who gets to “open” that gift is an extremely lucky person. It in no way implies that the person who gets to see the tattoo or be involved with the owner of the tattoo “owns” that person.

Another popular design element added to some garter tattoos is a flower. This is a great idea for anyone who wants to personalize their tats since every flower comes with its own unique meaning. Most people will first look for flowers that match the colors of their designs and then will find one in that color that also happens to have meanings that work for them. Flowers can even look great on garter tattoos that are done in black or black and grey ink.

Butterflies also work quite well as design additions for garter tattoos. Butterflies have some of the best meanings out there, too, so you will be getting a very meaningful and sexy tattoo, which some see as the total package. Butterflies represent transition, transformation, and beauty, among other things, so they really can be great additions to these tattoos for plenty of people.

One reason why some women get their garter tattoos is because they want to feel sexy all the time. Just knowing that the design is on their leg gives them that extra boost of confidence that they need even when they are not feeling at their best. If you are looking for a tattoo design that can lift up your spirits when it seems like the whole world is trying to bring you down, you might find that the garter tattoo is a great option for you.

Many women get their garter tattoos not only for their sexy looks but also to show their pride in being women. The garter could be looked at as one of the best symbols of femininity since they are mostly worn by women and gives women a real feeling of control. Garter tattoos can also easily be combined with other feminine tattoos by simply including those other elements in the garter design.

One misconception of the garter tattoo is that it implies the owner of the tattoo is promiscuous. While that could be true in some cases, the fact is that the garter simply shows that the woman is comfortable in her own skin and that she likes feeling sexy. It doesn’t imply anything except for what the owner of the tattoo wants it to represent. You definitely shouldn’t avoid getting a garter tattoo simply because you are worried about what others will think about it.

There are plenty of reasons why women choose to get their garter tattoos, but one that seems to be pretty common is the fact that they can be hidden away during the day and “let loose” whenever they want them to be. They normally go high up on the thigh, so the only time that they will be visible is when owners want them to be visible. These tats also happen to look great with shorter skirts for women who want to get an even sexier look to those outfits.

If you are thinking about getting a garter tattoo, you will want it to be absolutely perfect. To ensure that you get what you imagined, we highly recommend seeking out a tattoo artist who has experience with that type of design. The good ones will take every bit of the line work seriously to ensure that there is a nice, uniform look to the design. This is one type of tattoo that you definitely want done by a pro since you want it to look just as great on the back of the leg as it does on the front.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why women choose to get their garter tattoos and a plethora of ways that these tattoos can be designed. If you are looking to get a tattoo that is both sexy and meaningful, this might just be the best idea for you. Just be sure that you take your time to make sure you get the perfect design for you and then have a top artist create it for you.

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