Gecko Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

There are a lot of animals and insects out there to have tattooed on your body. Generally, the person looking to get tattooed will find an animal or insect that is cool looking or has a specific look.

Tattoo enthusiasts will also look for animals that embody the characteristics or traits that they either believe they possess or ones they hope to attain at some point in their lives. I have done the same thing but there are some animals that I never really gave a second thought to in terms of getting a tattoo of the animal. That animal is the gecko.

The gecko is one of those animals that sort of fly under the radar but we are here to tell you that you shouldn’t sleep on the gecko. The gecko is a very symbolic animal and many people use this slick little fella as their spirit animal. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to us that many people have chosen to get the gecko tattoo inked on their bodies.

In this article, we are going to dive right into the symbolism of the gecko and the gecko tattoo meaning for those who have chosen to go that route. We will talk about different variations of the gecko tattoo and discuss if the meaning of the tattoo changes with different variations.

Finally, we will talk a bit about the gecko so we can understand some of the characteristics this animal displays and why it has the reputation that it has earned. By the end of this post, we hope you feel more informed about the gecko and understand that geckos are more than a mascot for a national car insurance company.

Gecko Tattoo Meaning

Reptiles are fascinating creatures and have special symbolism to many people. The reptile is a very powerful and strong symbol in many countries. They are living dragons on this earth and there is a lot of lore that follows them.

In this case, we are talking about the gecko and what the gecko tattoo means. The gecko is a lizard and they are known for having a very strong intuition. They are also known to be very skillful and extremely agile. Depending on the culture, lizards take on different meanings.

Lizards are extremely alert and careful. Because they are smaller, they have to be much more aware and pay attention to the thousands of predators they have. Because they have evolved to be very elusive, reptiles know how to handle almost any situation and they are generally likened to self-defense and readiness. For us with a lizard tattoo, it reminds us to follow our instincts and intuition.

When specifically talking about the gecko and the gecko tattoo meaning, we have to talk about the characteristics of the gecko. In general, the meaning of the gecko tattoo is very similar to that of the lizard tattoo in that the gecko has many of those same characteristics. They have adapted to all of their surroundings and these colorful little lizards survive all over the world.

For the most part, people find reptiles, no matter how big, a little bit creepy in nature. However, geckos are totally harmless to humans and this is why many people look at geckos as charming and even cute.

First of all, the gecko tattoo represents speed and agility. Geckos are small, skilled and fast. Their ability to climb is uncanny and evolution has made them really fast and agile. Their little hands are made with sticky fingers so they can stick to almost any surface.

There agility is, in part, to have a skeleton that can fold down almost flat. They can escape through small passages and avoid barriers that might have had them stuck and eaten by a predator. Your gecko tattoo will hopefully conjure some of those traits for you.

The gecko tattoo is also representative of flexibility and adaptability. Most lizards adapt easily to their environmental conditions and geckos are the same way. They may be even more flexible and adaptable because of the way their paws have evolved. The gecko is used to climbing different terrains and surviving in different climates.

The gecko tattoo is also symbolic of camouflage. This doesn’t only apply to physical attributes either. Your flexibility and adaptability might come to you in other ways in your life. The way you can roll with the punches or turn a bad situation into a good one.

Regeneration and transformation are two other traits that your gecko tattoo might symbolize. Lizards have long been associated with the power to change. Because they are so adaptable, it comes naturally to them. Geckos are a powerful symbol of change. Their skin even changes periodically which is another powerful symbol of change. Your tattoo might represent any of these traits including rebirth and renewal.

Gecko Tattoo Variations

As far as gecko tattoo variations, most of them revolve around just getting the gecko tattooed but we have seen a few different ones that we thought would be fun to mention. Below are just a couple of examples to check out.

Tribal Gecko Tattoo

The tribal gecko tattoo is a popular one amongst those of the island cultures and indigenous people who see them more often. The tribal gecko tattoo is inked to express a deep connection to the Polynesian people.

3D Gecko Tattoo

The 3D gecko tattoo is cool in nature. This style of tattooing is used to give the gecko tattoo the look of almost jumping off your skin. It takes a talented artist to really nail this style of tattooing but when done right, it will look great.

Outline Gecko Tattoo

The outline is a great way to get the gecko tattoo if you are more into the symbolism than anything else. The outline of the gecko is a great tattoo to hide somewhere on your body that will only be visible when you choose to do so. At the same time, you are getting all the symbolism of the gecko tattoo that you would get from a full-back piece.

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