Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The ginkgo leaf tattoo has absolutely skyrocketed in popularity in recent years thanks to its unique look and wonderful meanings.

There are literally hundreds of great plant tattoos that you can choose from these days, but none of them have the appearance of the ginkgo leaf and you’ll find that most have no meanings in common with these cool designs. Below you will find out why the ginkgo leaf tattoo has become so trendy and reasons why it might be a good tattoo idea for you.

One of the reasons why the ginkgo leaf tattoo has become so popular in recent years is because it gives people a unique symbol of peace and hope to use. The truth is that there are many different images that have these exact same meanings, most notably the peace sign, but the ginkgo leaf is the one to get if you like the look of the leaf or you just want a symbol of love and peace that most people know nothing about.

Because the ginkgo tree is one of the oldest in existence, the ginkgo leaf tattoo can often represent the owner’s wisdom. You can even include the tree in your design to make this meaning come through a bit clearer, though that isn’t totally necessary. This is definitely the meaning you’ll want to use if you are thought of as the wise one amongst your family and friends.

Another very cool meaning that you can use with a ginkgo leaf tattoo is survival, seeing as the tree has been able to survive in the world for so long. This is a great meaning to use if you are the adventurous type or you simply want a symbol to represent your ability to get over life’s toughest hurdles. This is often considered a very personal meaning to use, so you don’t have to include any other survival designs to make the meaning more obvious.

The ginkgo tree has also long been used for its medicinal properties, which makes the ginkgo leaf tattoo an excellent design to represent good health. It could also mean that you work in medicine, whether as a doctor, nurse or in another medical profession. You can even include the red cross in your design if you want outsiders to understand what your tattoo means.

If you want to get a tattoo that symbolizes love but doesn’t want to use one of the cliché symbols, then you might find that the ginkgo leaf tattoo is absolutely perfect for you. This actually looks very cool when you get the design in all-black ink and then add in other, smaller love symbols also in black. You don’t have to include other symbols, but it can make the meaning a bit more recognizable to anyone who doesn’t know what the ginkgo leaf symbolizes.

As is the case of any plant or flower tattoo, you absolutely do not have to use every meaning that comes along with the ginkgo leaf tattoo. For example, some people will want to get their tattoo to represent survivors but don’t want to use it to symbolize love. You don’t have to tweak the design at all in these cases; the meanings that you want to use are the only ones that will be represented in your design regardless of what it looks like. It’s your tattoo after all!

Unlike most other plant tattoos, the ginkgo leaf tattoo is often made in black and grey ink. The fact is that the ginkgo leaf in its natural form does look like quite a few other leaves out there to the untrained eye, so getting it in black, grey, or black and grey can make it stand out from the pack. Plus, many people love getting black tattoos these days since they often look great on the skin and they seem to fade quite a bit slower than those that are in color.

No, having said all of that, you most definitely can get your ginkgo leaf tattoo in its natural green color if you like that look. Actually, you should get it in green if you like the color or if it works well with other tattoos on your body.

The ginkgo leaf tattoo is also one that can be placed just about anywhere on the body. It works excellently as a forearm or wrist tattoo, and it also can look great along the collarbone, especially if you get one on each side of the collarbone. You’ll just have to decide how large you want your ginkgo leaf to be and then find a place on your body where it fits. Or, you can choose the location first and then design your ginkgo leaf tattoo to fit there.

Regardless of the ginkgo leaf tattoo design that you end up choosing to use, you should definitely do some research before you hire an artist to do the work for you. These leaves do look like simple enough designs to make, but the fact is that they take some tricky line work to pull off in most cases, so you’ll want an artist with experience to make it look as good as possible. Most good artists will also help you with designing the leaf and figuring out the perfect place to put it on your body, so there are plenty of reasons to hire a good one.

Hopefully now you can see why so many people have decided to get the ginkgo leaf tattoo over all of the other plant and flower tattoos that are out there. With this tattoo you can create an excellent design that can symbolize love, wisdom, health, and so many other great things. On top of that, it’s an attractive plant tattoo that people are proud to wear anywhere on their bodies. Just be sure to take your time with your ginkgo leaf tattoo design, pick the perfect place to put it, and then hire an artist you trust to make it look great on your body.

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