Girly Tattoo Ideas

On this page we will take a look at some of the most popular girly tattoo designs and why they might work for you.

The lotus flower

Sure, the lotus flower and the lotus flower tattoo have pretty girly looks to them, but they are also quite meaningful. If you get this tattoo, you will have a tat that represents beauty, spirituality, and purity. Regardless of the size of your lotus flower tattoo, the design will be quite intricate, so you will want to work with a tattoo artist who can make this image really pop on your skin.

The queen of clubs

If you think of yourself as a very positive person, then the queen of clubs might just be the perfect girly tattoo for you. Not everyone knows this tattoo meaning, but what it shows is that the owner will stay strong even through the toughest times and will stick up for herself. What’s great about the queen of clubs tattoo is that you can place is just about anywhere on your body, including on your finger.

The butterfly

The butterfly might just be the most popular of all of the girly tattoos, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. The fantastic thing about this design is that you can tweak it anyway that you want, including giving it unique colors or getting it in 3D. These little insects represent the owner’s transforming either from a child into a woman or from a tough situation into a better one.

The bird silhouettes

Fully-detailed bird tattoos don’t necessarily fall into the “girly tattoo” category, but multiple bird silhouettes surely do. This simple design looks fantastic anywhere on a woman’s body and symbolizes the owner’s ability to get past tough challenges in her life, or it can just mean that she loves to fly. A popular way to get the bird silhouettes tattoo is to have the birds flying around your ankle or wrist.

The watercolor

If you are looking for an artsy style of girly tattoo, then you can simply get it with a watercolor look. The watercolor style does not usually add in any more meaning to a design, but it can make some images look much cooler. Some people choose to get the main design in all black ink, and then get a slightly messy watercolor look over the top of it.

The flower sleeve

Rather than just getting a single flower tattoo, why not go all out and get a full sleeve! While these are not girly tattoos by default, you can easily girly them up by choosing flowers that have a clear feminine look to them. The key here is to choose a flower or flowers that have strong meanings and that match your personality. In most cases you will want to find other tattoo designs that compliment your flowers, so definitely take your time when designing a flower tattoo sleeve.

The ankle bracelet

The ankle bracelet tattoo is shooting up the ranks of popular girly tattoos these days since artists have learned how to make them look fantastic. These designs allow women to either permanently get their favorite anklet tattooed on their skin, or they can combine a bunch of cool, meaningful gems to their ankle tattoo. This can be a simple design with just a string and one or two other elements, or you can make it a larger piece that includes three or four different meaningful features.

The stars

Yep, stars can work very well as girly tattoos. You can go with a classic star outline tattoo, or you can be creative and design stars that no one else has. These tattoos work well for just about everyone since most people want to achieve their goals. This is still one of the best motivational tattoos out there and it’s yet another design that you can place anywhere on your body. This is one of the only girly tattoos on this list that can very easily be combined with other tattoo designs.

The dragonfly

If you are looking for a great girly tattoo design that represents your ability to change emotionally, then you might find the dragonfly tattoo to be the perfect fit for you. One of the advantages of getting the dragonfly design over a butterfly design is that the dragonfly usually looks quite a bit better as an all-black tattoo. If you know that you want to get a black or black and gray girly tattoo and this meaning works for you, then you’ll probably love the look of the dragonfly tattoo.

The cute heart

The heart tattoo is a classic and it has ranked near the top of the girly tattoo list for decades now. You could get the heart tattoo to represent romantic love, family love, or just a love of life. What’s great about the heart is that it has the same meaning regardless of how detailed it is, so you can do whatever you want with your heart. Some people decide to get a very tiny heart that they can hide away on their bodies, while others get realistic-looking hearts and add in more design elements.

The arrow

The arrow might look like a very simple girly tattoo, but it has some very powerful meanings. You can get a single arrow tattoo to act as your protector from harmful outside forces, or you can get two arrows to symbolize a strong friendship in your life. This is yet another design that you can make as simple or as complex as you want. It can also be placed pretty much anywhere on the body, though most people get the arrow going along one of the lines of their arms or legs.

The favorite cartoon character

Want everyone to know a bit more about you without you saying a word? Then the cartoon character tattoo might just be the best girly tattoo for you. Right when someone sees it, they will know you are a fan of a specific animated character and they’ll have a good feeling if you guys would get along. Of course, this could also be a very personal tattoo, so you can hide it away on your foot or back.

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