God Gives His Toughest Battles To His Strongest Soldiers Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers, this is a phrase that most commonly is seen as a tattoo. If you are one that is looking for an inspirational, spiritual, and religious uplifting phrase as a tattoo, this one is perfect for you.

This religious take on an inspiring phrase tattoo can even be used as what is known as a military deportment tattoo. A military deportment tattoo is a tattoo that is gotten by either a loved one of the military being brought into battle or the soldier himself/herself. This is a reminder to the individual to stay strong, even when the tough times come.

Tattoo Placement

‘God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers’ is a hefty statement! With nine words total, choosing a spot to get this inked could be a challenge so placement is crucial with this one. A phrase such as this should be written in a spot that won’t stretch out and wear out too much during the course of time, this is because it is a tattoo with many letters and words which the individual should be able to read and make out for as long as possible.

Another thought to have in mind is whether or not the place in which you get this tattoo will be visible to others or not. Is this a tattoo that you hold dearly and only want to remind yourself of? Do you want everyone to be able to see this tattoo? These are questions you should consider before going to your tattoo parlor. Something else to keep in mind would be the size of the text and which text font is best for you.

Tattoo Font

The font in which you have this tattoo styled also says a lot about yourself. Will the text be an elegant cursive or a bold normal times new roman? There are literally hundreds of styles you can choose from; the question is which will look best on you? A quick Google search of different font lettering and styles can be done to give further reference. When you have found the style, you may think you want, try to envision it inked on your body to make a final decision.

There are numerous ways you can get this phrase inked out. One of the most popular styles is getting the phrase three words at a time underneath each other. Nine words are in this phrase, with columns of three and rows of three, the phrase fits in nice and snug. Writing the text out in this way also keeps the phrase together and makes it easier to read, not only for yourself but for others to see as well. Getting the phrase tattooed like this is best seen going down the upper arm or even the forearm. Colors can also be added to this phrase for a more unique feel.

Meaning and Interpretation

The phrase ‘God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers’ is a long, but powerful message. This phrase can be used to describe oneself as a soldier of God or it can be used to describe someone else, more than likely a loved one, to be that soldier of God. With words such as God, tough, strong, and battle, this tattoo has a lot of meaning and significance to it.

More than often, ones who get this phrase tattooed have been through a long emotional and/or physical battle in their life. Much like the other popular phrase ‘what does not kill you, makes you stronger’, a soldier and warrior of war have already seen tough battles, for it is said to be believed in the Christian religion that no task made by God is impossible to overcome in the hands of man.

Perhaps you have been able to tell a tale of a near-death experience that may even still seem to rattle you one way or another. Maybe you went through a bad breakup, an abusive relationship that wore you down. This simple phrase tattooed on your skin is a reminder that no matter what happens, you will live to see the light of day once again. You have already lived through the tough parts of life and this reminder tells not only yourself that you will prevail, but a word to others that you are not one who can crumble easily.

An Image and a Phrase

Tattoos of inspirational and meaningful phrases are often accompanied by images or graphics of something that pertains to the phrase. Seeing how the phrase ‘God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers’ is obviously a religious tattoo, images of crosses or praying hands are always good choices. Butterflies and birds have always been a symbol of life and freedom.

A bird, feather, or even wings could represent this tattoo in a way of overcoming those battles. Shields and swords drawn together could represent the battles you have overcome as one of God’s strongest soldiers in his fleet of angels. Another concept for this tattoo would be to get the phrase ‘God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers’ across the top of the back with angel wings underneath as if they are ready for flight. Hearts are another strong, significant symbol to almost anyone.

A heart symbolizes love and affection, compassion and understanding. The phrase with the symbol of a heart can not only show this, but it shows strength, courage, integrity, and a willingness to fight for what you care for most. Adding color to one of these images with the phrase in black ink catches the attention of many and is a great conversation starter.

Inspiring phrases such as this one hold a special meaning to the individual holding the text. A powerful phrase tattooed on oneself with such great meaning is bound to hold many stories. This tattoo can be done in so many ways and always relays the same beautiful message. Also keep in mind, if you need a recommendation for a tattoo, let us know and we’d be happy to help.

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