GRL PWR Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

In current times, our society has come a long way in terms of women’s’ rights. Compared to years ago this is true, however, there is still a long way to go. Women face new challenges these days and most people don’t seem to care.

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau of 2016 shows that women are 35% more likely to live in poverty than men. One in eight women lived in poverty as of 2015 as well as one in three single mothers. In addition, more than half of the nation’s 14.5 million children that are poor live in families headed by women.

Much of the reasoning behind these statistics is because women are more likely to be over represented in low wage jobs, under compensated and more likely to take unpaid jobs for caregiving. In order to start changing some of these issues we have to start investing in employment initiatives, support systems and education.

This shows you some of the struggles women face and it is no surprise that women have banded together for support and to make changes. There are many ways this act of togetherness has happened. We’ve seen women come together for the Women’s March on Washington D.C. We’ve seen women come together to raise awareness through different groups and organizations as well.

One thing we are seeing women do to raise awareness along with these other great ideas is getting tattoos that represent girl power. The girl power tattoo or shortened as GRL PWR tattoo is something that has really taken off as of late and we are happy to see it. As fans of tattoos and seeing women treated fairly, these GRL PWR tattoos are right up our ally.

In this post, we will talk about the GRL PWR tattoo and the history behind it. We will talk about where it came from and why so many women are running to get this tattoo. We also discuss some of the different variations and placements of this tattoo, so you feel more informed about this idea and make you a bit more comfortable when you go get your very own GRL PWR tattoo.

GRL PWR Tattoo Origin

What some people might not know (even women getting this tattoo) is that GRL-PWR is a non profit organization. This group is dedicated to using group activities and strong role models for building self esteem for young girls. The group is primarily focused on elementary aged girls to offer them week long camps and an empowerment course.

The goal of these courses is to give young women the tools needed to be successful and confident. Whatever life throws at them, they will be better prepared after being involved with the GRL-PWR program. All girls, regardless of age, are susceptible to self-esteem issues and the goal is to help these girls love themselves.

Now that we know what this non profit does, we also want to mention that the GRL PWR tattoo is a symbol of modern day feminism. The definition of feminism revolves around a range of ideologies, social movements and political movements that all share a common goal. The goal is to create an equality of sexes by way of achieving personal, political and economic equality.

The movement of feminism continues to campaign for women’s rights. These rights include the right to hold public office, to work, to vote, to earn equal wages, receive education and own property to name a few. The issues being fought aren’t just ones we face in the United States but all over the world. As surprising as it is, women in other countries aren’t even allowed basic human rights.

GRL PWR Tattoo Meaning

As you can guess, the GRL PWR tattoo is a symbol that represents all the women fighting for these issues we mentioned above. To get the GRL PWR tattoo is a symbol of solidarity and we love to see people coming together to fight a common cause. In addition, these types of acts are great examples to set for young women growing up in a new world. Women may be able to vote and drive cars but there are plenty of other issues that are still being faced.

The GRL PWR tattoo is also very discreet if need be. The small words can be placed in a place where employers won’t be able to see as many businesses aren’t fans of tattoos in general. Even if that is the case, you will know you have it and that’s what matters.

GRL PWR Tattoo Variations

The GRL PWR tattoo can be tattooed in a few different ways. Most women tend to get this tattoo inked the in the plain text, but you tend to see other objects added to the tattoo to add to the idea. Below are few variations of the GRL PWR tattoo.

GRL PWR and Hand Tattoo

One of the versions of the GRL PWR tattoo we tend to see a lot of is the text with a hand in the form of the rock and roll symbol. By this we mean the index and the pinky fingers being the only fingers extended. We can only assume this gives the GRL PWR tattoo a bit more of a bad ass feel.

GRL PWR Tattoo with Eyelashes

The GRL PWR tattoo with eyelashes is just another way to give the tattoo a feminine vibe. Long eyelashes have been associated with a feminine quality and to add this image to the GRL PWR tattoo just enhances the power of the feminine.

These are just a couple examples of the way you can get your own GRL PWR tattoo. However, we think you should do whatever empowers you and what gives that tattoo the edge you’ve been looking for. If you are having trouble deciding on a design, sit down with an artist and work together to find something that works. If you need help finding an artist that works for you, let us know because we would love to give you a recommendation.

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