H2Ocean is a skincare product line made for the aftercare of tattoos. The company sells both aftercare products as well as tattoo supplies, indicating that they are heavily involved in the tattoo industry, selling to both artists and tattoo clients. Their line of creams, ointments, and soaps can be used alone or together in order to maintain vibrant tattoo color and healthy, moist skin.

H2Ocean’s Ultimate Tattoo Care Kit is a three-piece system that contains an ointment to be used for the first couple days following the tattooing process in order to prevent loss of ink from the tattoo. Keeping the skin moist after the initial process is critical for maintaining a smooth, supple surface while the skin heals. When skin dries and begins to crack, the design can become less vivid and start to scab and itch. Using the ointment and then the thick cream will prevent itching and scratching which can draw the ink from the skin and result in a faded appearance. The kit also includes a foaming soap that cleanses as it is used to help protect from bacteria that may cause an infection. The cream can be used for as long as desired, beyond the healing process, to keep the skin hydrated.

The foaming soap product contains aloe in order to work effectively as a moisturizing agent as well as benzalkonium chloride which works as a gentle antimicrobial additive that prevents infections as it cleanses. The Aquatat ointment is a petroleum-based product with lanolin which means that it is non-organic and not vegan like many other tattoo aftercare lines available. The advantage is the heaviness of the ointment and the ability to instantly moisturize as it is absorbed into the skin. The Ocean Care cream, made for use after the ointment, is made with coconut and vegetable glycerin as well as moisturizing jojoba oil, rose hip seed oil, and aloe vera gel. The ingredients work together as a hydrating product that is guaranteed to significantly reduce the healing period.

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