Half Sleeve Tattoos

The 2000s have brought a lot of new ideas to the tattooing world, but one trend that blew up early on in this century and never slowed down is the half sleeve tattoo. The half sleeve tattoo wasn’t quite as popular as the tribal tattoo early on in the 2000s, but it is easily the more popular design these days, and has been for a while now.

First, let’s go over exactly what a half sleeve tattoo actually is. The majority of half sleeve tattoos come in two forms: those that start at the shoulder and go down to the elbow area, and those that start on the back or in the chest area. Either way, they are considered to be half sleeves because they do not cover the entire arm. If someone has a tattoo that starts near the top of their arm and makes it all the way down their wrist, then it is considered to be a full sleeve, or just “sleeve,” tattoo.

One of the main reasons why the half sleeve tattoo is so extremely popular is because it gives the artist a huge canvas to work on. They have a lot more skin to work with and can therefore get a lot more detail into the tat than they would if it were in just one small location. Also, because it wraps around the arm in most cases, they know that there will usually be many more elements inside of the tattoo since it is going to look different depending on the observer’s perspective.

The cylindrical shape of half sleeve tattoos also allows the owners to get a bit more creative with their tattoo designs. An example of this is the very popular snake sleeve tattoo, which wraps around the arm rather than simply going from the top of the shoulder down to the elbow. This gives potential half sleeve owners a world of possibilities, which adds even more excitement to the process.

For working professionals, the half sleeve tattoo allows them to get the big tattoo that they always wanted without it sticking out when they’re wearing their work shirts. Since the tattoo is going to end around their elbows, they can still roll up their sleeves while working and no one would be the wiser. Many employers still don’t want their employees showing ink, so the half sleeve tattoo can be a great way to both have a big tattoo and keep it hidden during the workday.

What’s great for those same working professionals is that the design still sticks out when they have their shorts off or when they are wearing a shirt that allows them to show off the tat. Let’s face it, part of the reason why most people get tattoos is so they can share them with the world. Sure, you might need to keep them covered up during work hours, but it’s great to be able to show off tats like the half sleeves when you’re out and about.

Even though anyone can get a half sleeve tattoo, it is a tattoo type that has come to be known for being one of the best for people with large biceps. Obviously this type of tattoo is going to bring attention to the arm since it covers so much of it, so it’s no surprise that many of the people who are confident enough to get them are also very proud of their biceps. Of course, you absolutely do not have to be ripped to get a half sleeve tattoo.

The one complaint that some people have about the half sleeve tattoo is that it can look like an unfinished design. Our brains tell us that the tat should keep going, so the bottom of the half sleeve tattoo can look a little odd at first. Some people get past this by getting a wrapped tattoo that is not complete filled in.

As far as what designs you can get for a half sleeve tattoo goes, it really is up to you. You could get a cyberpunk-style tattoo, or you could get a picture of a loved one. Any tattoo that you could get anywhere else on your body could be a good fit as a half sleeve tat.

Since half sleeve tattoos are generally very large, many people want to get a tattoo that is as realistic as possible. This is why mechanical half sleeve tattoos, for example, have become so popular in recent years. If you like realistic tattoos, then the half sleeve design could be the right one for you.

What’s interesting is that the classic tribal tattoo has kind of died off over the last 10 or so years, but those who like tribal designs have plenty of options to choose from if they want a half sleeve tattoo. In fact, the tribal half sleeve tattoo is currently one of the most popular half sleeves around right now.

If you ever wanted a tattoo design that had a “wrapping around” effect, then you simply can’t do better than the half sleeve design. Whether it’s an animal or a big design that won’t work on the side of your shoulder or anywhere else on your body, you’ll probably end up very happy with it as a half sleeve tattoo.

Not too long ago we probably would have told you that the half sleeve tattoo is for guys only, but that simply isn’t the case anymore. Plenty of women now have half sleeves because there are so many options to choose from these days. These are tattoos that can look fantastic regardless of whether they’re on men or women.

As you can see, your options are pretty much endless if you decide to get a half sleeve tattoo. That’s exactly why they have grown so much in popularity over the last decade or so and there are no signs of it slowing down. Sine it is such a large, eye-popping type of tat, we highly recommend checking out plenty of tattoo designs and their meanings before you commit to one.

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