Hanger Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Hangers, or clothes hangers, are a tool that is used by almost everyone who likes to keep their clothes in good condition. The main purpose of a clothes hanger is to hold your shirts, jackets, coats, dresses, pants, and any other garment that should be free from wrinkles.

The coat hanger hangs from a support beam and has a hook at the top. The lower half of the clothes hanger, the part that holds the clothes, is in a triangular shape. This shape allows the shirt or whatever is being held up to keep its form without causing a bunch of wrinkles.

The two bottom angles of the triangular coat hanger are wide enough to go under the shirt to hold up the shoulders of the shirt. Doing this allows the shirt to be spread out and gives it enough airflow for it not to wrinkle up or get a musty smell.

There are a couple of different versions of the clothes hanger. The one that is most commonly used is a thing of metal wire that is twisted and contorted into the object that we all know. Another version of this object has the same triangular shape, but at the bottom of the corners are clamps.

These clamps are used to hold articles of clothing without having the clothes hanger inside of the clothes. These clamps are mostly used for clamping pants to the hanger instead of having the pants draped through the triangle, causing unwanted creases. These are used especially with dress pants.

If you have ever seen a clothes hanger tattoo and wondered what it means, you are not the only one. Depending on who is wearing this tattoo, it can mean a number of different things. Everyone has a story that goes along with their tattoos, for the most part, the clothes hanger tattoo can be pretty specific. But yet again, just like any tattoo, they all have a special meaning to the individual sporting it.

Some fashionistas decide to get the clothes hanger tattoo as a way of representing their love for clothing. Others, however, have a much different reason for this. If you decide on getting a clothes hanger tattoo, this is something vital you should know before doing so. If you are a pro-life/pro-choice advocate who believes in having the right to have a safe abortion, this tattoo is right up your alley.


Yet again, whatever you get as a tattoo is your tattoo, it has its own meaning. The recent popularity of the clothes hanger tattoo however has changed the game up a little bit. Pro-life/pro-choice advocates have been getting tattoos on clothes hangers as a way of protesting against those who try to take away their rights to have abortions.

A woman’s body is something she should be able to do whatever she wants. Unfortunately, there are people out there who are strongly against this. Since the beginning of time, there have been women who have felt it a better choice to not have the child they may be born.

Laws and people fighting against women having abortions have led women to do horrible and unsanitary things, such as having ‘back alley abortions’ with clothes hangers. This way of abortion is horrible and it

is an awful event that some women have been forced to do because of laws against the procedure. Getting a tattoo of a clothes hanger lets others know that you are with them in their struggle against needing an abortion that the law says otherwise.


If you are a pro-life/pro-choice advocate and have decided to represent that, being proud of who you are and your freedom of speech to speak out against such topics, the clothes hanger tattoo may be a good choice for you. Although a clothes hanger is pretty basic and typical, there are other ways to heighten the creativity for a more eye-catching piece.

Down below will be examples of the clothes hanger tattoo, along with the different styles and designs some have gotten. Placement is also another important part of this tattoo, that will also be discussed.

Hang in There

The phrase ‘hang in there’ is perfect for this particular piece. Not only is it a clothes hanger on which clothes are hung up, it is an inspiring message to those who are pro-life/pro-choice.

Having this phrase at the bottom half of the clothes hanger; almost as if the wire of the hanger is spelling the words out themselves, ‘hang in there’ can be written. This adds to the creativity of the clothes hanger tattoo and it also sends a clear message about what the tattoo is signaling.

Those who see this tattoo and are going through the same struggle will feel as though it is a message, it gives them just a little more strength. Those who have had to suffer the loss of an unborn child can get this as a tattoo as a daily reminder to keep their head up.

A tattoo such as this is pretty simple in design, thus making it a tattoo you can get just about any size and any place you would like. The phrase at the bottom etched into the wiring of the hanger however may be difficult to get done in small words. This particular piece should be big enough for others to see the message.

Clothes Hanger Heart

The typical and simple design of the clothes hanger is the most popular tattoo of this sort. If you want to add to its uniqueness and send an inspiring message that is noticed in all languages, the design of a heart within the clothes hanger or the clothes hanger wires forming a heart is a great idea.

As mentioned above with the phrase inside the clothes hanger wires, the heart is done in the same fashion. More often on the bottom half of the clothes hanger, the heart can be etched in.

The symbol of the heart on the curved hanger part itself is also an option. Having a heart and a clothes hanger together sends a signal of hope and inspiration to those who are also pro-choice/pro-life.

\This heart piece inside the clothes hanger is a great piece in the fact that it can be understood in all languages from all over the world. This tattoo is so simple that it can be as big or small as you would like. A suggested spot for this tattoo, if you want it to be visible, would be on the wrist.

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