Harry Potter Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

There are literally millions of Harry Potter fans around the world, so it’s not too surprising at all that plenty of folks are interested in getting Harry Potter tattoos.

There are small symbols that work great pretty much anywhere on the body, and there are huge, detailed images that you can get to show off your fandom. The point is that if you like everything, Harry Potter, you can very easily come up with a cool design to put on your skin.

On this page, we are going to take a look at some Harry Potter tattoo ideas and some of the many reasons why people choose to get these designs.

The Harry Potter novels written by J. K. Rowling have sparked an enormous fandom of people of all ages. The magical world of wizardry is captivating and fantastic as well as rich with imagination. Each character represents multiple traits that fans have been drawn to over the years and the meanings attached to the characters and symbols can work quite well to personalize your ink.

Images and symbols taken from the novels and subsequent films convey all of these qualities as well as an admiration for the story. With seven dense novels and lengthy movies, there is a plethora of iconography that is authentic to Harry Potter.

If a fan of Harry Potter happens to see a Harry Potter tattoo on someone, there’s a pretty good chance that those two people will hit it off. The books and movies did an amazing job of bringing like-minded people together, and that magic will probably continue to be a thing for years to come.

Obviously the most common reason why someone might choose to get a Harry Potter tattoo is because they want the world to know that they are fans of the stories. In most cases, people who have these tattoos love Harry Potter more than any other novel or series of novels around, and they feel as if that will never change. Fans can always look at their tattoos and be cheered up immediately regardless of what’s going on in their lives.

Of course, even people who are just casual fans of HP can get these tattoos too, especially if a symbol or character represents something very important to them. The fact is that there is so much in these books and movies that it just makes sense that something in them strikes a chord with most people who have read or watched them.

One of the most common tattoos is the Sign of the Deathly Hallows. It’s composed of three components, a triangle, a vertical line, and a ring that come together to form the symbol. In the final novels of the series, the sign becomes an important aspect of the plot line.

The symbol is a representation of three magical objects, the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Invisibility Cloak, that come together to create formidable power. The entire series is brought together with this symbol, as the individual objects are mentioned throughout the novels. When the objects are united, as the symbol illustrates, one becomes the “Master of Death”, a being who has truly accepted the inevitability of death.

Another popular image is the fraction 9 ¾, which references the terminal used to access the Hogwarts Express at the train station. This is a great idea for any HP fan who wants to get a smaller tattoo design that holds a lot of meaning to fans of the stories.

A single lightning bolt and the outline of Harry’s round glasses is another iconic image that immediately points to Harry Potter. Anyone who loves the titular character might find that this is the perfect HP tattoo design for them. Plus, there are a lot of ways that you can design the lightning bolt, and you can easily combine it with other designs.

The single word “Always” is also exclusive to the saga because of its representation of an eternal and pure love held by the series’ anti-hero. This is one of the most famous quotes from the books and movies because it came from Snape, who usually only had negative things to say. It is a great love tattoo to get if you’re looking for a love design and are a fan of Harry Potter.

The characters’ “patronus”, a spell emitted from their wands, represents a critical key to each character’s personality. These images are also popular tattoos because of how closely linked they are to the true identity of the character. The patronus serves as a guardian and most often is rendered as a type of majestic creature, molded from pure, white, and glistening light.

Harry’s charm, the stag, shows his bravery and connection to his father while Dumbledore is a goat, steady, noble, and wise. The imagery is beautiful and works well to incorporate the key aspects of the Harry Potter saga; heroism and friendship.

Anyone who has a favorite character from the books or films can get a detailed portrait of that character as their Harry Potter tattoo. This is an especially good idea if you happen to share a lot of traits with that character. Obviously, these are the types of tattoos that people should get only if they want to get a larger design and they love the characters so much that they would be willing to cover a lot of skin with their likenesses.

Short and long quotes from the Harry Potter books and movies can also work quite well as tattoos. If there is a specific moment that really hits you hard, you might find that one of these text tattoos is the best option for you. What’s really great about text tattoos is that you can use any font that you want to and make little tweaks to ensure that you have a unique Harry Potter tattoo.

Choosing which Harry Potter tattoo to get will come down to your budget, how much skin you want to cover, and the meanings you want to convey through your ink. This can be kind of tough for people who have a lot of ideas and aren’t completely sure how large they want their tattoos to be. A good idea is to have multiple Harry Potter designs drawn up for you so you can have a better idea of what they will end up looking like on your skin.

Some people will have a tough time figuring out where to place their Harry Potter tattoos. This will come down to how personal the tattoo is and whether or not you want everyone to know about your fandom. Smaller Harry Potter designs can work just as well on the ankles and feet as they do on the forearm and wrist.

Larger designs can be great as sleeve tattoos, back tattoos, or even chest designs. Again, you should come up with multiple designs to have an idea of what they will end up looking like in different areas of your body.

Regardless of the size and detail of the Harry Potter tattoo you want to get, you absolutely have to hire a good artist to do the work for you. They don’t necessarily have to be Harry Potter fans themselves, but you do want to hire someone who can recognize your passion for the subject and who will take extra care to ensure you end up with exactly what you wanted.

Ideally, you’ll find an artist who has made Harry Potter tattoos in the past, but what’s more important is that he or she has a great track record for making beautiful designs.

As you can see, there are a lot of great Harry Potter tattoo ideas out there for those who love the Harry Potter books and movies. They range from the extremely tiny to the large and epic, so it’s pretty easy to find a design that is the right size for you and that you will be proud to have on your skin.

If you think a Harry Potter tattoo is right for you, be sure to take your time while coming up with the perfect design and then find a tattoo artist to ink the design on your skin.

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