Helix Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

We are always seeing new trends in the tattoo industry whether it is getting a tramp stamp, Chinese characters or barbed wire tattoos. These were trends from the 90’s that didn’t seem to last. However, there are some recent trends that don’t seem to be going anywhere for a while. The one we are talking about today is the helix tattoo and this is one that is unassuming and cute.

In this post, we are going to talk about the helix tattoo and why it is a trend that isn’t going to go away anytime soon. We are also going to talk about the different variations of the helix tattoo that we have seen and talk about the meaning behind those tattoos. We hope you feel a little more comfortable with this trend that is taking over when you are done reading this.

What is the Helix?

The helix is the top part of your ear that curls over a bit. In more scientific terms, the helix is the main rim of the auricle. A small tubercle is seen sometimes where the helix turns down posteriorly.

Why Get a Helix Tattoo

The thing about the helix tattoo is that it just looks really cool. It is small enough to not be extremely noticeable but looks great when you do see it. This tattoo will not go out of style and is really popular on sites like Instagram right now. But don’t let the popularity of this tattoo be the only reason you get it.

The key is to determine what trends are going to fade out and what trends transform from trend to just another way to get a good-looking tattoo. We think this will last because it is minimalistic and it can look both ancestral or futuristic which gives it a timeless quality.

It’s also very subtle. We have all seen the big full-sleeve tattoos that either make you stare in awe because of their beauty or because it is bad. This placement of a tattoo is unimposing, subtle and elegant. However, it is still hard to ignore and that is a great thing in a tattoo.

It is also very adaptable. With this tattoo, you can show it off by wearing your hair up or you can put your hair down to hide it if you have important things to do and you don’t want anyone to see it. You can also match outfits with this tattoo as it can give an elegant feel to whatever you are wearing and there isn’t a person on the planet that can tell you this tattoo is inappropriate.

This tattoo is also very sexy. Ears are very sensual and anything that would draw attention to this little area of the body only helps to enhance that idea of sexy. Whether you are single or not, this tattoo will stand out as a very cute tattoo that brings positive attention to a sensual part of your body.

It is also a great tattoo to put over an old piercing. Myself including, many people get the helix piercing and some of us want to move on after a period of time. This isn’t to say that everyone wants to cover up their helix piercing but for those that do, the helix tattoo is a great way to do so.

Helix Tattoo Variations

Below is a list of different variations of the helix tattoo. We want to share a few examples of helix tattoos for you to see. This should give you some great ideas for your next helix tattoo and if you want to get creative, you can do your own thing.

Tribal Helix Tattoo

The tribal helix tattoo is a very subtle way to show off your Polynesian pride. With small straight lines or island designs, you can get your point across by having a tribal tattoo without filling your entire body.

Floral Helix Tattoo

The floral helix tattoo is probably the most popular style of tattooing for the helix. From wildflowers to roses, having small flowers running up the helix of your ear is a very sexy and dainty tattoo that looks great and isn’t obnoxious. The floral helix tattoo is a really beautiful tattoo and if you are considering a helix tattoo, think about flowers.

Astrological Helix Tattoo

We really like the astrological helix tattoos. It’s such a creative and fun way to tattoo the helix. You can go with small planets or little stars but you can give yourself a look that is “out of this world.” It is also very unassuming even while getting your point across that you are a fan of outer space.

Vine Helix Tattoo

The Vine Helix tattoo is a very whimsical-looking tattoo that gives you the feel that you are really into nature. We see this and we think of Lord of the Rings or elves. You might not get the same vibe but overall, the feeling of appreciating nature is there with this helix tattoo.

Expanding Art Helix Tattoo

When we say expanding area, we are talking about a tattoo that hits the helix but is also on the inside of the ear as well. We’ve seen a lot of mandalas tattooed in this way and it covers a large portion of the ear. If your artist has a steady hand, this tattoo will look great and it stands out.

Three Dots Helix Tattoo

The three dots helix tattoo is one of the most unassuming tattoos that you can have on the helix but also packed full of meaning. Generally, this tattoo symbolizes “My crazy life” or “Mi vida loca”. This is a tattoo that speaks of your lifestyle and if you want it to, you will barely be able to see it.

Little Paws Helix Tattoo

A cute version of this tattoo that we’ve seen is the paws helix tattoo. It really is a great tattoo for the dog lover and it is still a very fun and sexy tattoo. For the avid dog lover who wants a helix tattoo, think about this one.

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