Hipster Tattoos

As hard as it is to define what a hipster is, it’s possibly even harder to define what hipster tattoos are. Some say hipsters dress a very specific way, while others say that hipsters dress in all sorts of ways. One thing that most people agree on is that hipsters like things that are currently popular (and possibly in a slightly different way), and that is the same with hipster tattoos. On this page we will take a look at some examples of what hipster tattoos are and some of the ways that you can get them designed.

There are thousands of great tattoo ideas out there, and hipster tattoos seem to blend some of those ideas into new forms. Even though you can get just about any type of tattoo that is a new type of tattoo idea and call it “hipster,” in most cases a hipster tattoo is going to fall more into the trendy category. For example, when heart tattoos were all the rage, anyone who got one could be considered a hipster because they were following the latest trends.

Sleeve tattoos are quite popular as hipster tats because they give people a large enough canvas to experiment with multiple ideas in a single design. So in this case the sleeve tattoo idea can be considered hipster, but the individual design gives each person a chance to show off who they are as people. These sleeve tattoos might even include other designs that are currently trendy, but they are usually designed in a unique way.

Another popular hipster tattoo type is to blend a symbol with a single word or two words. These are great ideas for anyone that wants a minimalist tattoo that has a lot of meaning. For example, you could include an infinity symbol with the name of your favorite band to show that you will always be a fan. These designs take just a few lines to make and very little skin space, yet they tell a lot about who the person is and what they like.

Movie and TV show characters often find their way into hipster tattoos. These designs usually make the characters recognizable but they are designed in different ways than people are used to seeing them. These obviously take some artistic skills to make, so if you are thinking about getting one you should either hire an outside artist to make it or see if a local tattoo artist can create and apply the tattoo.

Feather tattoos seem to be huge in the hipster world right now not only because the feathers can be easily manipulated in the designs, but also because they are quite meaningful. Feathers can represent fertility, travel, speed, and they can even hold the meanings of the birds they came off of. The truth is that just about anyone can get a feather tattoo (hence, why it’s “hipster”) since there can be so many meanings attached to them. Plus, they look really nice pretty much anywhere you place them and they work just as well as small tats as they do in larger designs.

One type of tattoo that is popular with hipsters and non-hipsters alike right now is the dreamcatcher tattoo. Dreamcatchers are not only supposed to be used to keep the good dreams in and the bad ones out, they are also seen as excellent good luck charms. On top of that, dreamcatchers are also quite attractive in tattoo form, so it’s no surprise that plenty of people want these tattoos.

Geometric shapes are also quite popular right now, and they easily fit in the “hipster tattoo” category because those shapes are often designed to form some other shape, such as the owner’s favorite animal. These tattoos just make sense to us when we see them, so people will naturally stare at your tattoo for a while if you have one of these designs. They have to be perfectly designed, though, so you want to put in the time to ensure that whatever you are creating has perfect lines and forms whatever you want them to form.

One particular tattoo design that many people think of as the ultimate hipster tattoo is the finger mustache design. This humorous design can be made in multiple ways, but the point of it is always to get some laughs. It’s also the type of tattoo that people will get even if they’re not that into tats since it is hidden away on the inside of the finger. Obviously these mustache tattoos aren’t for everyone, but if you’re a hipster and proud of it, this is a great way to show it.

Other than a few of the examples mentioned above, most hipster tattoos are quite complex so they need to be made by experienced tattoo artists. One of the keys to any hipster tattoo is that it looks great and it is the type of design that people want to look at. A good pro artist will be able to see your vision and will even be able to guide you along the way during the design process. You can pretty easily figure out who the top artists in your area are by making a quick search online and checking out some of the reviews that other people have written about them. You most definitely do not want to just go into a random shop and hope that you walk out with exactly what you were hoping for; that rarely works out and usually leads to regrets.

We hope you now have a better idea of what hipster tattoos are and why they are actually some very cool designs that plenty of people would be happy to have. There are plenty of tattoo types that fit into the hipster category, but the key is to find out what’s hot right now and then find a way to make those types of tattoos your own. If you are thinking about getting a hipster tattoo, be sure that you don’t rush through the designing process and that you get an artist you trust to do the work for you.

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