His and Her Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

These days there are plenty of couples who are trying to find her tattoos that they will be happy with for the rest of their lives.

On this page, we will take a look at some great tattoo ideas and who they’re best for.

The Matching Hearts

This is one of the most popular his and her tattoos because the full meaning of love comes with it and you can get it placed practically anywhere. You also have a bunch of different design options to choose from. One person could the top half of the heart and the other gets the lower half, or you might decide to both get the exact same heart tattoo. Either way, every time someone sees your matching hearts they will know that you have love in your life.

The I Love Him/Her

If you like the idea of getting text tattoos, then the I love him, I love her tattoos could be the perfect his and her tattoos for you. If you do decide to go with these, then take your time and come up with a font that you both like. You also will want to think about how exposed you want the text to be so it’s easier to figure out a place to put it on your body.

The King and Queen

Here’s yet another classic his and her tattoo that people still love to get. The key with these designs is to get crowns that you really like. You don’t necessarily have to get heavily detailed crowns, but you should both like the look of the designs. If crowns aren’t your thing, another popular king and queen tattoo is to get the king and queen from playing cards inked on your skin; in these cases, you can both get the king and queen or one of you can get the king and the other the queen.

The Initials

Couples who want to keep their tattoos a bit smaller might find that getting each other’s initials to be the best option. You can get initials placed pretty much anywhere you want to, including your fingers and your toes if that does it for you. Once again, the main thing you’ll want to think about with any tats that have lettering is the font that you choose to use. An extra benefit to getting initials tattoos over all of the other his and her tattoos is that you can easily cover them up in case you ever regret getting them.

The “Love”

Want to make you’re his and her tattoos as obvious to outsiders as humanly possible? Then you’ll each want to get the word “love” tattooed on your skin somewhere. This is a great option for people who don’t necessarily want others to know who the love tattoo is about but do want to get his and her tattoos together. Most folks jazz up their love tattoos a bit by adding in extra symbols and other decorations, but that’s really not necessary if you want to keep it simple.

The Special Date

If you have some type of significant date with the person you’re getting his or her tattoos with, then maybe that is the best way to show your love for each other in tattoo form. These don’t have to be super bland tattoo designs, either, as you can use Roma numerals or some other font to make it really jump off of the skin. Many people get date tattoos of their anniversaries or some other significant date in their relationship’s timeline.

The Special Location

Did you both have a fantastic time on a vacation you shared? Or maybe you’ve always had a place that you like to go to get away from the world for a while. Either way, getting matching tattoos of that location might be a fantastic his and her tattoo idea for you. You can get the coordinates of the place you met or fell in love, or you can go all-out and get an actual image of that place.

The Lyrics

Matching lyric tattoos is absolutely fantastic when you both happen to love a certain song and the meaning of the words in those lyrics. Lyric tattoos make excellent rib or forearm tattoos, so if you already knew that’s where you wanted to get your designs placed, then this might be the perfect idea. If the lyric works cut in half, then definitely consider getting half on one of your arms, and half on the other person’s.

The Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast tattoos have blown up in recent years. Not only do they look really cool and remind us of our childhoods, they also bring with them great meanings. Both of you can get both characters tattooed on your skin, or you can split them up. We recommend only getting these designs if you both really do love this movie, though; otherwise, it would make much more sense to go with another his and her tattoo idea.

The Other Person’s Name

This is a his and her tattoo that has been around pretty much since people started getting tattoos. Let me just warn you that plenty of people have regretted getting an ex’s name on their skin in the past, so really think this one over before you commit to it.

If you know you still want to, then come up with a cool font for the name and you should both get your tats in the same places on your bodies. If you want to keep them private, then think about getting them on your backs, your chests, or even your legs.

Favorite Cartoon Characters

For the goofier couples out there, cartoon characters can be a fantastic tattoo idea. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the most popular, but you really can go with any characters that you both like. You don’t even have to get fully detailed characters; you might decide that you like the look of silhouetted characters more.

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