Honeycomb Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

There are few geometrical tattoos more popular than the honeycomb tattoo and for a variety of reasons. These designs look fantastic on the skin more often than not, and there also happen to be multiple great meanings that they can represent.

On this page, we will take a look at what makes the honeycomb tattoo so special to people and some of the ways that you can get one designed.

What you’ll usually find is that people who have the honeycomb tattoo not only like the look of the design, they also happen to be fans of bees. After all, the honeycomb is considered to be the bee’s best creation, so it just makes sense that people like everything about it. In fact, you will sometimes even see people include a bee or two on their honeycomb tattoo designs.

Another reason why someone might get the honeycomb tattoo is because they have always been a fan of putting honey on their food. This is a great way to tell just a little bit about who you are while also getting a very attractive tattoo. Of course, this tattoo will have even more meaning if you have shared honey with family members or romantic partners in the past and want to use the tattoo to remember all of the good times.

Honey is extremely sweet, so some folks might opt to get the honeycomb tattoo to show that they themselves have a sweet side. This is one of those traits that people should take a lot of pride in since it is the type of thing that will allow you to have more friends than the average person. In these designs, it’s important to actually show some honey on the honeycomb to make your meaning that much clearer.

The most common meaning associated with the honeycomb tattoo is fertility since it is from within the honeycomb that the honey bees procreate. This can be a meaning to use if you want to show your pride in your femininity or even to show that you are proud to be able to have children. What’s great about this meaning is that you don’t have to tweak your honeycomb design at all for it to be clear.

Another meaning that a lot of people like to attach to their honeycomb tattoos is cooperation since the honeycomb itself is one of the most brilliantly put-together structures in nature. If you think teamwork is essential in life and often try to get people to work together, this might just be the perfect tattoo for you. A way to make this meaning come through a bit clearer is to show the bees creating part of the honeycomb in your design.

Persistence is yet another very commonly used meaning with honeycomb tattoos since the bees will do anything to complete it. This is an excellent motivational tattoo when this meaning is used since you can look down at it and remember to never give up on going for your goals. It’s also an excellent meaning to use if you already are a determined person and want to show pride in that trait.

Believe it or not, you have a lot of design options when it comes to the honeycomb tattoo. The classic way to get these designed is to surround the arm in the honeycomb’s hexagons. However, these days people like to make their honeycombs their own by making major or minor tweaks to the classics. Really, it’s completely up to you how you have one of these designed, but you will want to make sure that people can actually recognize what it is.

Some people will opt to make their honeycomb tattoos as realistic looking as they possibly can. These tattoos will usually go around or up the arm since the owners want everyone to see the design work that went into it. These designs can just have the honeycomb or they can include one or more bees working on the honeycomb.

Considering how popular sleeve tattoos are right now, it won’t be surprising if honeycomb tattoos continue to rise in popularity. They are the type of designs that were made to work as sleeves, so if the meanings work for you and you were looking to get a sleeve anyway, definitely consider getting a honeycomb tattoo.

Another cool way to get your honeycomb tattoo is to get it in all black and grey ink, which can work a bit better with some skin tones. This could also be a great option if you don’t like the look of color ink on your skin or if you simply want to make sure that any future tattoos that you get blend with the honeycomb. Obviously, this is also a great choice if you want to save a little bit of money on your tattoo since black ink is generally cheaper than color.

Regardless of how you get your honeycomb tattoo designed, you should work with a good artist who can not only apply the tattoo for you but also help you figure out the best place to put it on your body. That second part is important because a small shift in placement can make a world of difference and only experienced artists will recognize where those shifts should happen.

There’s a pretty good chance that the artists you might work with have never made a honeycomb tattoo before, so look in their portfolios for any type of geometric work to see if they will be able to do the job well for you. This extra bit of research could be the difference between getting an average and a great honeycomb tattoo.

We hope you now have a better idea of what honeycomb tattoos are, the reasons why so many people pick them, and the types of designs you can get if you choose to get one of these tattoos. They have excellent meanings, they can look fantastic on the skin, and they are the type of tattoos that people very rarely regret getting.

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