Hope Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The word ‘hope’ is a four-letter word that has an incredible amount of power behind it. To hope for something is to desire with anticipation of that particular thought or object.

Hoping for an object or an idea is one thing, to give hope and wish for hope is more about faith. Hope is a word that automatically says you are not giving up in whatever struggle your life encounters. It is a sign of good faith and fortune.

To have hope and to have faith means that you are expecting a certain outcome in a situation that could either end well, or it could conclude to something in nobody’s favor. This simple word holds dear to just about everyone, some even more than others. Below are examples of this tattoo, reasons why others may get this inked, placements, and different design concepts/styles.


Depending on how you decide to get this faithful word tattooed on you, the meaning behind it is endless. Certain people get tattoos such as this for different reasons, one thing is clear throughout all ‘hope’ tattoos however, they all exhibit a certain means of faith and belief.

Those who exhibit the idea of hope are often strong and courageous people. To wish for and to believe in destiny with a good outcome such as the word hope, proves that the one who ‘hopes’ has been put through a lot of trials and tribulations in their days.

Whether you are an individual who has seen failure or not, hoping for and wishing for a better outcome of a certain event does no harm. Having this word as a tattoo is a reminder not to give up their faith even if it seems as if the outcome will be disastrous, those who wish for hope are always on the optimistic side of things.


This concept for the ‘hope’ tattoo can be done in many different ways. A few things to keep in mind when coming up with this design would be whether you want an image to go along with the word, or just the word itself. Will this tattoo be as simple as just the word, or will you take it a step further and express what you hope for? The font for the text is another important part of the tattoo.

One of the most popular styles of getting this tattooed is having it written in cursive. This gives the word a kind of classy, elegant look and vibe. Maybe you even have other words accompanying this. Powerful words such as strength, faith, and love go great with the word hope, as these are all positive words, Having a group of inspiring words is another option many have taken the route of.

Images such as hearts, birds, and even flowers go along well with the word ‘hope’. Since this word falls into the category of inspiring words, images such as these give the tattoo more meaning. One example is the word hope written in cursive, with instead of writing out the ‘O’, it is replaced by a small heart.

Writing ‘hope’ within the frame of a heart is another way to express this tattoo. As previously mentioned, having a group of inspiring words such as strength, love, and faith along with ‘hope’ formed together in the shape of a heart is another creative idea.

Perhaps you or a loved one have survived medical miracles where the odds were not in your favor, but with hope and prayer, the tables turned in your direction. Those who have had things such as this happen to them or someone they are close to tend to embrace those particular moments.

A good way to represent this is to have the word ‘hope’ written out as if it were an electrocardiogram which is the line that represents the rise and fall of your heartbeat and pulse on the heart monitor screen.

Mostly everyone knows somebody who either has cancer or has passed away due to cancer. This horrible disease is unfortunately very common in our society and takes the lives of millions of people every year all around the globe. As a way of representing the struggle and even successes of those who have or have had cancer, a thoughtful way of representing this is the pink ribbon tattoo.

Even without the tattoo, the pink ribbon has been a representation of the battle of cancer for a long time. Having the words ‘hope’ spelled out in a way that it looks as if it were a pink cancer ribbon is a design that many people have gotten.


Once you have established how your ‘hope’ tattoo will look, the next step would be to decide where on your body you will want this tattoo located. If you are going with the classic and simple ‘hope’ written in a cursive text, or whatever other text you choose, this design is one that you can pretty much put anywhere you like.

The simplicity of just the word itself can be written in any size you would like, most often, this tattoo designed in this style is done in a spot where it is easily seen and recognized. The wrist is a popular place to sport this tattoo as well as the forearm, feet, and ankle.

You decided that you want this inspirational word tattooed along with a graphic of something instead. If this is the case, having this word along with an image of your choosing should be placed in a spot where you will have enough room for the entirety of the graphic.

Tips to keep in mind would be to either print out the image of your idea or have your tattoo artist come up with whatever you have in mind. Once this is done, take the image and fit it accordingly to the area you are thinking of getting it. Medium-sized to larger tattoos such as this look great on the upper arms or even on the upper and lower legs.


Adding color to this tattoo is entirely up to you. If the concept you have in mind is colorful or involves different colored ink other than black, it can add to the creativity of the tattoo.

Since this is an inspirational word that reflects your faith and positivity, it would only make sense to have this word written colorfully across your skin. If you get an image along with this word, adding color to that is always an option as well.

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