Husband and Wife Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Many wedded couples decide to solidify their marriage with matching or correlating husband and wife tattoos that convey their connection as well as their eternal love for one another.

These are the types of matching tattoos that bring with them a wealth of meaning since both people are pretty sure that whatever designs they choose to get will be extremely meaningful to them for the rest of their lives. Below we will take a look at why so many married couples decide to get husband and wife tattoos and some of the designs many couples choose to get.

The permanence of the husband and wife tattoo can be daunting for some, but a strong and secure bond between two people in love is often celebrated with couples’ tattoos. That’s important to keep in mind because people get these kinds of tattoos not just because they like the look of the designs but more importantly, because they feel that the designs do a fantastic job of defining their feelings for one another. That can make the process of choosing designs a bit trickier, but well worth it at the end of the process.

Receiving tattoos in place of wedding rings is a modern approach to marriage that has become more and more popular. The possibilities for design are endless with some images made to resemble a wedding ring and others that use names or initials. If you want to get this type of husband and wife tattoo, then you’ll want to decide if the tattoos will replace the rings, add on to the look of your real rings, or go under your rings.

Names and initials are one of the most commonly used designs for husband and wife tattoos, where the couple will tattoo their significant other’s name onto their left ring finger. This is a simple enough and meaningful enough concept, but it’s not as simple as just putting the name or initials on your finger. You have to figure out the perfect font to use and you will have to decide how large or small you want that text to be. Ideally, you and your husband/wife can come up with a font and design that you both love.

Small hearts or other significant images are often added to husband and wife tattoos as well to emphasize the love and connection between the two. This will come down to personal tastes and whether or not you want to add in any additional meanings to your tattoos. Just know that the more you add to your husband and wife tattoos, the more visible it will be to anyone who meets you; that could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you are.

The wedding date, often in Roman numerals, or the date that the couple first met, is another minute image that can be tattooed onto the finger or elsewhere. These actually work quite well in tattoo form since you can very easily wrap the dates around your finger. Some people will combine these dates with a ring design, while others will use the dates themselves as their primary husband and wife tattoos.

Other aesthetically pleasing designs are used as well along with minute icons or animals. These images are generally very small, having to fit on or around a ring finger and usually do not contain much detail. In reality, you can go in many directions with these extra images but ideally, you’ll find some that look great in silhouette form so as to not distract from the rest of the design. There are usually quite a few all-black options for any animals or symbols you’re looking to use.

Male and female animals are often used, such as a lion and lioness or doe and stag. These not only look great with most husband and wife tattoos but they also add additional meanings that you can use. If both people like the meanings that are attached to these animals, they can get matching husband and wife tattoos. Otherwise, the focal point of the tattoos can be the same with different animal designs surrounding that main image.

Celtic designs are often chosen for husband and wife tattoos because of their visually intricate yet delicate appearance appropriate for a smaller area of skin. Among these designs is the Celtic Cross, which works exceptionally well as a finger tattoo since you can very easily make it fit going vertically up your ring finger. If you want a more elaborate design, consider getting two ring tattoos with the cross just above those rings.

Celtic knots, sometimes rendered in the form of a ring around the finger, are ancient designs that convey Irish heritage or roots. Obviously, these are perfect for married couples with Celtic blood, though you could get one of these designs if you find them to be significantly meaningful for both of you.

A padlock and key are a symbol of the interconnectedness of the couple who create a perfect fit when brought together. There are also masculine and feminine associations with the lock and key that symbolize the couple but also the energies of husband and wife. Some couples will get both of the images, while others will split them up to show that one is pretty useless without the other. These types of husband and wife tattoos do not have to go on the finger; they work quite well as matching wrist or forearm tattoos.

King and queen symbols, crowns or playing cards, are popular as well. The strength of a new family bond is emphasized with the regal imagery, assigning great significance to each other. These are some of the better medium-sized husband and wife tattoos that can go pretty much anywhere on your body. As with the key and padlock designs, both people can get matching king and queen tattoos, or one can get the king and the other the queen. These can be very fun to design, especially if you get customer tattoos.

Husband and wife tattoos, or couple tattoos regardless of gender, are often placed on the forearm or another highly visible area other than the ring finger. This allows for larger images with more detail and diversity. These show that what the tattoo represents is so important to you that you are proud to wear it on a very visible part of your body. You’ll want to design these types of husband and wife tattoos so that they look great on their own, but look even better when both people are showing their designs.

Besides the design itself, many couples have a hard time figuring out where to place their husband and wife tattoos. Many designs look great in many different places on the body, so it can be a bit tricky to come up with the perfect location. Our advice is to think of different locations as you’re coming up with the design and then test multiple designs out in that location. You might end up finding out that one location works a lot better than the one you thought you’d end up using.

Regardless of the husband and wife tattoo you choose to get, you absolutely have to find an artist who you can trust to do the work for you. This highly ups the chance that you will be satisfied with how the designs end up looking on both of your bodies. The worst thing that you can do is go into the first tattoo shop that you see and hope that the tattoos end up looking the way that you want them to. To ensure that you end up being a happy customer, take some time to research some local artists and pick the one who is considered to be the most respected.

As you can see, there are a lot of different directions you can go in with husband and wife tattoos. What’s great about these designs is that people very rarely end up regretting them, unless of course, the couple ends up splitting up. Just take your time during the design process and work together to come up with a design that you both love. Chances are you will end up with husband and wife tattoos that you will be quite proud to show off to family, friends, or whoever else happens to see them.

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