Hustle Butter is a unique line of tattoo skincare products that not only provide protection following the tattooing process but can be used before and during tattooing to create the best results possible. Hustle Butter Deluxe salve is used both during tattooing to ensure that the needle glides smoothly around the skin and afterwards, to promote fast healing. It has a thick, butter-like consistency that works well into the skin as it warms on contact. When used by the client before receiving the tattoo, the salve allows for a soft and smooth canvas on which the artist can easily work. Used during tattooing, the cream allows for a more comfortable experience without erasing the stencil applied beforehand. It can be then used immediately after to keep the skin supple and eliminate the drying and cracking of skin that leads to scarring and loss of color. It is an effective multiuse product for both tattoo artists and their clients.

Hustle Butter Deluxe is also available in a residue remover that helps to smooth away sticky substances from the freshly tattooed skin. Gunk is often left from tape that held a bandage in place over the new tattoo is easily removed as well as any bodily fluids that are often secreted during the healing process. The balm helps to easily wipe away these substances in order to promote faster healing while lessening the likelihood of infection. For the use of tattoo artists, and benefit of their clientele, Hustle Butter offers a 5% lidocaine foaming soap that works to numb the skin and provide a less painful experience.

The ingredients of all of the Hustle Butter products are completely vegan and cruelty-free, using only natural and herbal additives such as shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, green tea, and much more. The deluxe salve is both petroleum and paraben free which helps to eliminate the risk of clogging pores as well as the instruments used in the tattooing process. This three-in-one product is used globally by artists and clients who seek a natural and effective skincare solution.

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