Hydrangea Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

You’re not going to find the hydrangea tattoo listed in the most popular flower tattoo rankings, but the fact is that it is a very meaningful tattoo to get and on top of that, it is a very attractive flower. Of course, you should know more about this interesting plant before committing to a tattoo of it, so take a look at the information below to see if the hydrangea tattoo is the right flower tattoo for you.

The meaning most commonly attached to hydrangea tattoos is gratitude, which means that it makes an excellent addition to any tattoo that is meant to honor one’s ancestry or a family member. Actually, the hydrangeas can be the lone image in one of these tattoos, though the meaning might be lost on some people. One design that is very popular right now is getting a bushel of flowers in the design with the name of your family or a family member right above the flowers.

The hydrangea tattoo can also symbolize a person’s ability to tap into their emotions whenever they need to without any fears of outside opinions. This is a great way for men to show that they have no problem letting their emotions flow when they need to. It’s also a great way for anyone to show that they live emotionally happy lives thanks to their ability to always express how they feel, no matter how good or bad those feelings are.

If you are proud of your instincts and want to show that in tattoo form, then you might find the hydrangea is one of the top flower tattoos for you. This is a unique meaning to this flower, so anyone who has good instincts and uses those instincts to get more out of their lives is the perfect candidate for a hydrangea tattoo. Again, this meaning will not be obvious, so if you want others to know what your tattoo means you will probably want to add in another symbol or two that represent having good instincts.

If you are looking for a unique way to show that you take pride in your beauty and/or gracefulness, then definitely consider getting a hydrangea tattoo. Sure, there are a lot of other images you can get to represent these meanings, but the hydrangea tattoo gives you a tattoo that most people don’t even consider when they want to use these meanings.

Those hydrangea tattoo meanings that we’ve pointed out do not have to be used all together. You can use one, two, or all of them if you want to, but in reality, most people will find one or two that define a little bit of who they are. It’s important with any type of flower tattoo that you find something that truly defines who you are, so you really shouldn’t expect all of the meanings to work for you.

However, if you do find that the hydrangea tattoo has multiple ways of defining who you are, then chances are this is a perfect match for you and you will be proud to wear it on your skin.

As far as design goes, you will find that more people get bouquets of hydrangeas in their designs rather than a single flower. That’s not necessarily to make the design larger but instead, it’s because you will find that hydrangeas grow this way and it’s the way that people are used to seeing them.

Plus, getting a full set of hydrangeas in your tattoo will allow you to make some very cool and interesting design decisions that you can’t do with a single flower. With all of that being said, if you want to use all of the hydrangea tattoo meanings but only want a single flower, then don’t hesitate to do just that.

The hydrangea is also a very popular sacred geometry tattoo thanks to its unique shape, so some people get one or more hydrangeas and add geometric lines to it for a very cool design. This type of design not only shows that you appreciate the natural lines of the flower, it also makes for a tattoo that will turn some heads. You can make one of these types of designs in a bunch of ways, including drawing connecting circles or triangles that make up the shape of the flowers.

Regardless of whether you get a lot of flowers in your hydrangea tattoo or just one, you should find a tattoo artist who specializes in flower tattoos to do the work for you. Most artists do have at least some experience with flower tattoos considering how popular they are, but you will want to get a tattoo artist who has consistently made beautiful flower designs. It’s much easier to find a good artist these days, though, since in most cases you can do a quick search of local shops and find some reviews of everyone that works in them.

Placement can be a bit tricky with hydrangea tattoos, but that’s actually not a bad thing since you will want to end up putting it in a place where it can look amazing. You can decide on placement before or after you come up with a design that you love, but in both cases, you will probably need to tweak the design to make it fit perfectly.

Your tattoo artist can help with this part of the process, but it’s best if you figure it out on your own so you don’t second guess your decision later on.

As you can see, the hydrangea tattoo is both beautiful and meaningful, so it makes for an excellent tattoo for people who like its look and find that the meanings are perfect for them. If you have always been drawn to hydrangea and one or more of the meanings we listed above work for you, then get to work on a design that you can be happy with and find a great artist in your area who can make it come alive on your skin.

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