Illuminati Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

There are a lot of great-looking illuminati tattoos, but most people get these designs because of the meanings that are attached to them. Some of those meanings are pretty dark, some are meant for people who spend a lot of their time thinking about conspiracies, and some are just different ways to define who the owners of these tattoos are. On this page we will take a look at some of those illuminati tattoo meanings and some of the ways that you can get these tats designed.

Centuries ago, the Illuminati served as a semi-secret organization of the wealthy, elite, and powerful investors in Western Europe who were determined to influence the public surreptitiously. Some people will get their illuminati tattoos as a way to show that they have high ambitions, while others will get these tats to show that they have some kind of respect for that old organization.

The original organization’s goals were innately concerned with maintaining a just and fair society, although any action or progress made by the group has never been seriously noted or proven. You could almost look at some illuminati tattoos as ways for people to show that they are always on the lookout for ways to keep the government and society in check. Some people will also get these tattoos as a way to show comradery with everyone else who tries to keep the streets safe and clean.

The Illuminati’s influence remained mostly in Bavaria in the eighteenth century, but it has since become a much larger conspiracy theory, indicating the Illuminati’s impact on the world is much greater than history can tell. This mysteriousness is yet another reason why so many people choose to get the illuminati tattoo over all of the other designs out there. The symbols make people question things and the owners of these tattoos will often be creative and interesting.

The most recognized symbol of the Illuminati is the triangular “all-seeing eye” that hovers above a pyramid serves as a representation of their purported omnipotence in society. What’s great about this illuminati tattoo is that it can fit absolutely anywhere on the body and it has a very cool look to it. Sure, some people see the eye as having negative and maybe even evil connotations, but most people would agree that it is a very interesting looking symbol too.

The eye of the Illuminati is supposed to have many perspectives, taking account of society’s ills. In some cases people will have their illuminati tattoos looking out in many different directions or they will give their design a somewhat optical illusion look. It is an excellent symbol to get if you are the type of person who is always on the lookout for trouble or you like to root out bad influences.

The pyramid is a metaphor for the public and how far the majority lie from the prestige of the Illuminati. This is the more “elitist” meaning that most people associate with the illuminati tattoo, though many people don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing. They use this version of the tattoo to motivate themselves to reach the highest of the social classes so they will be able to provide for their family for the rest of their lives. Getting this tattoo does not necessarily mean that you look down on people from the middle and lower classes, but it does mean that you want to reach a higher level in your life.

This illuminati icon is seen on the American dollar bill, representing the government. Although in this case, it is known as the Eye of Providence and is a symbol of God. The fact that the symbol is found on official American currency has led some conspiracy theorists to believe the government is actually controlled by this specific group of wealthy elites.

The all-seeing eye is the most popular illuminati tattoo design, often pictured on its own or framed by a triangle filled with a lined background, representing light beams. These designs can be made to fit on the finger or they can even be blown up to cover the entire back of one’s body. Some people like to stick with the dollar-bill green color, while others will get creative with the colors in their designs. There are a lot of ways that you can get the eye designed and just as many meanings that you can attach to these illuminati tattoos.

The frame of the illuminati tattoo can be embellished with line work to create an appearance like the frame of a mirror. This can add even more mysteriousness to the design and can add in a cool effect to an already very cool tattoo.

The illuminati tattoo can be adapted in hundreds of different ways to create a more unique design. For example, flowers and animals can be included in the tattoo to make the meaning more personal. You can also create a more artsy or abstract image simply by changing up the line work a bit. These are the types of tattoos that people like to get creative with since they are already looked at as bizarre images.

The illuminati eye is often placed in the center of a mandala-like design, creating a modern-looking geometric image. Clock faces or compasses are sometimes introduced into an Illuminati design, serving as a symbol of control along with the supreme insight and perspective of the all-seeing eye.

Pagan imagery can be added to the design as well. The horned beast or horned goat heads are often placed in the background with the all-seeing eye imaged on top, in the foreground. While the Illuminati have had little connection with pagan ritual and are not associated with Satanism, the iconography of the two is often mixed. This is an indication of the secrecy of the group and their alleged power.

What a lot of people like about the illuminati tattoo is that it can be designed in just about any size they want. The base image could be looked at as a vector image since it can easily be stretched out or shrunken down to any size without losing any meaning. Of course, if you create your own illuminati tat with a lot of detail, you will probably want to have it large enough where all of that detail can shine through.

Another thing that people love about illuminati tattoos is that they can look nice on just about any part of the body. Some people will get their tattoos on their feet, while others will include these designs as part of sleeve tattoos. It really depends on the type of illuminati tattoo design you choose to get and the final shape of the tattoo.

If you are thinking about getting an illuminati tattoo, you’ll want to decide how public you want your tattoo to be. Do you want everyone to know that you have it, or is it more of a personal tattoo? What’s great is that the most common triangular illuminati tattoo can work just as well on the chest as it does on the wrist or hand. You will want to think about how public you want to be before you start working on the design.

Since most people like to be a bit creative with their illuminati tattoo designs, it’s usually a good idea to have a very experienced tattoo artist work on these pieces. Illuminati tattoos generally have a lot of shading work, and a good artist will know exactly how to shade these designs to make the finer details stand out.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of what illuminati tattoos are, why people get them, and some of the ways that you can get them designed. They are definitely some of the more interesting tattoos that a lot of people like to get, and their popularity only seems to rise as the years go by. If you are planning on getting an illuminati tattoo, be sure to take your time to get the design right, pick a great place to put the tattoo on your body, and then hire an artist you can trust to make the illuminati tattoo design look amazing.

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