Infinity Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Infinity tattoos are steadily on the rise with many people opting to get these in one form or another. The symbol holds multiple meanings, some that have been around for centuries and others that have popped up in recent decades.

The infinity tattoo can be a great option for people who want to get a meaningful symbol that can fit just about anywhere on their bodies, and it can also work quite well as a last piece in a larger tattoo.

If you are thinking about getting an infinity tattoo, you should be sure that it is the right fit by getting to know the meanings that can be attached to it. You might find that there are two or more meanings that make perfect sense for you, or you could even find out that it’s not the best fit for you and your personality. On this page, we will be going over some of the most popular infinity tattoo meanings as well as some great ways that you can get these tattoos designed.

Popular Infinity Tattoo Meanings

The infinity symbol, often used in mathematics, represents a never-ending loop and is depicted as a number 8 on its side. In the tattoo world, this can be seen as a symbol of never-ending or limitless possibilities. This is easily the most common meaning attached to the infinity tattoo since many people feel like they have the potential to do great things and they use the symbol to encourage themselves to go out and make something of their lives.

Some cultures also believe the infinity symbol represents rebirth or reincarnation. This is a fantastic meaning to use if you have gone through tough times in your life and you want to get a tattoo to show that you are past the darkest days and ready to do more. In these cases, people will usually put their infinity tattoos on their wrists, forearms, or hands so that they can have that regular reminder to keep moving forward rather than falling back into their past bad habits.

Historically, the infinity symbol is similar to mythological creatures such as Ouroboros; the snake which consumed its tail and became a creature without end. Often when people get their infinity tattoo for this reason they are showing that they are both into mythology and that they like the creatures that the symbol represents. These aren’t the deepest meanings for the infinity tattoo, but they can always attach more meanings to the design later on or even add in other imagery to make the design more personal.

The endless loops and circles that comprise the infinity symbol can also be likened to the seasonal cycle which endlessly repeats year after year. In this way, the infinity tattoo could mean that the person wants to keep their eye on the ball no matter what time of year it is. It could also mean that they don’t necessarily have a favorite season, but instead choose to enjoy their lives regardless of the time of year it currently is. Yet another meaning that can be taken from this is that the owners love life at all times, not just during specific seasons.

The double infinity tattoo can also represent a complex relationship. It is the perfect tattoo for partners to get when they have significantly different personalities. It shows that while they are on their own unique paths, they somehow intersect and are meant to be together. This infinity tattoo is one of the best ways to express that opposites attract and that people can make their relationships work no matter how different they are.

Some people will get their infinity tattoos to show that they feel connected to everything on Earth. This is close to the original meaning that was attached to the symbol, but these days it seems to be most popular with humanists. They want to show that regardless of cultures and beliefs, they are connected in a strong way to everything on the planet and take great pride in being part of all communities.

Creating an Infinity Tattoo Design to Accentuate Its Meanings

Infinity tattoos, while simple, can be customized in a variety of ways. Sure, the classic design is still the most popular and can represent all of the meanings we’ve pointed out so far, but it’s very easy to customize a design to really bring out all of the meanings that you want to use. It’s all about knowing the exact infinity tattoo meanings that you like and then working with a designer or an artist to come up with a tattoo that really speaks to you.

Popular choices for this type of tattoo include a word or phrase inside the loop, such as “love”, “life” or “friendship”. These of course signify a relationship that will never end and are often used as matching tattoos for two or more people. The words themselves often match the overall look of the infinity symbol to give it a more unified look.

Infinity tattoo designs could also be made with flowers covering the outside of the loops to further give the meaning of love. What’s great about adding flowers to a tattoo is that each type of flower brings with it its own set of meanings. You can easily customize this type of design to really define who you are or who you and your partner are as a couple. These types of infinity tattoos can look just as great in black and grey ink as they do in color, so it really just comes down to personal preference.

One can even add additional symbols such as hearts, stars or other embellishments to add to the flair of the design. The fact is that the infinity symbol itself is a bit bland unless it holds a lot of meaning to you, so many people decide to surround it with other images that make the meaning come to life a bit more. As always, it comes down to the tastes of the person getting the infinity tattoo and if they are able to find a design that works well with the infinity symbol.

The infinity tattoo itself might just play a small part in a much larger design. For example, someone might get a huge heart tattoo and then add in an infinity tattoo to show that the love they have is going to last forever. While the infinity design will not lose any meaning by doing this, it will no longer be the focal point of the tattoo.

When using a religious infinity tattoo meaning, a cross can intersect the looping lines to reflect one’s never-ending faith. It works very well with this meaning since people will immediately see the cross and know its religious connotations, but then the infinity symbol will give the meaning even more depth. This is yet another case of the infinity tattoo adding a huge amount of meaning without necessarily being the focus of the design.

Another choice, made popular by the ABC series “Revenge”, is that of two infinity symbols interlocking. This can be seen as meaning “forever and ever” or can depict the love of two souls being together forever. The interlocked symbols are reminiscent of Celtic knot work making them seem more intricate than they are.

Interestingly, sometimes people decide to get an infinity tattoo that breaks off in some way. An example of this is making one part of the loop a bunch of little animals (birds are popular) or stars. When someone uses this infinity tattoo design, they are showing that they are not going to get “stuck in the loop” and will make the choices that they want in their lives. This is a great design choice for people who want to make changes in their lives after being stuck in a rut for a while.

The infinity symbol tattoo design can hold great meaning to the wearer no matter where they hail from. The concept of infinite time or endless possibilities is incredibly intriguing to most and can add to the appeal of this type of artwork. The meaning doesn’t change too much when people add to their infinity tattoos, but that’s kind of the point of getting this type of tattoo. It has a bunch of clear meanings, which makes it easier for others to understand the owners of the infinity tattoo.

Choosing Your Infinity Tattoo Meaning(s) and Design

As you can see, there are a lot of great infinity tattoo meanings and design options that you have should you choose to get one of these tattoos. That is a great thing for a lot of people, but others find it intimidating or daunting when they have too many options with tattoos. It’s important to take some time to know exactly what you want your tattoo to represent before you commit to a design.

Before you even get into coming up with a great infinity symbol design, you really should get to know the meanings and make sure that the symbol is perfect for you. Remember that there are hundreds of great tattoo symbols that you can get and you might find that another one works better than the infinity symbol. If you do find one or more infinity meanings that you know you’ll always love, only then should you start designing the tattoo.

The infinity tattoo design itself is all about packing in all of the meanings that you want to use in the most pleasing way possible. Some people do find that the classic loop is the most satisfying design, while others choose to change it up a bit so they end up with a more unique design. What really matters is that you pick a design that you’ll still love many years down the road, which means that you shouldn’t get anything too flashy unless you are sure it will be a style that you will always like looking at.

Lastly, you will want to figure out where you want to place your infinity tattoo. If the meaning you’re using is very personal, you might not want to have it placed on a very visible part of your body. Of course, if the tattoo is meant to inspire you, you will probably want to have it placed where you can always see it. You’ll want to ensure that the size is right so it goes along the natural lines of your body; your artist should be able to help you out with this part of the process.

If you take your time when choosing infinity tattoo meanings and then work hard on the design, there’s a great chance that you will end up with a tattoo that you are proud of. The infinity tattoo continues to be one of the most popular symbol tattoos out there today, and for good reason. It has meanings that most people can relate to and the symbol itself is something that most people find very satisfying to look at.

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