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Intenze Advanced Tattoo Ink is a high quality brand of bright and bold ink created with high levels of true pigment that results in vivid and dimensional tattoo designs. It all began in Austria in 1987 with experiments with ink recipes at home and developed from there when the founder Mario Barth moved to the United States. First created in 2002 when the artists found themselves unsatisfied with current tattoo inks available, Intenze Tattoo Ink came on the market as a tough competitor against other, lower quality inks.

One of the first to ship their products worldwide, the company created a 54-color set, one of the very first larger sets of ink available and then expanded their brand to multiple lines of flesh tones, grey wash, bright hues, and the blackest blacks. Intenze Advanced Tattoo Ink is a top-of-the-line ink brand that is renowned for its dark darks and vivid colors utilized around the world by famed and ordinary tattoo artists.

Intenze Tattoo Ink offers more than 250 shades of ink to their consumers in various sizes, including a single-use sterile cap so that the ink purchased is exactly what is needed, leaving no waste. They also offer a 19 color set with a 30 day money-back guarantee to allow artists to test Intenze ink without risk. Intenze guarantees the quality of their ink and is certain that once an artist uses the product, they will remain an exclusive customer. The safety and sterility of Intenze Ink is of the highest importance to the company, leading them to test and retest all of their products which are first created in a clean room. They treat safety regulations as their responsibility to the consumer and the consumer’s clients and refuse to cut corners when it comes to their products.

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