Iris Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The fact that there are over 300 different types of iris flowers around the world today makes it pretty clear why the iris tattoo is such a popular option among those who want to get flower tattoos.

They are beautiful flowers, they can be easily manipulated within the designs to fit perfectly on the body, and there are dozens of fantastic meanings that people can attach to these tattoos.

On this page, we will take a look at some of those iris tattoo meanings as well as some of the ways that they can be designed to look amazing on the skin.

There are a lot of meanings that can be used with iris tattoos, but it seems like most people choose to use “wisdom” as their primary meaning. Obviously, everyone would love to be wise, but this is a meaning meant for people who truly do have that trait or find joy in helping others through their own past experiences.

It’s also a great meaning to use if you are known as a patient and understanding person, which are even greater meanings that plenty of people take a lot of pride in and would love to attach to their tattoos.

Faith is another common meaning attached to the iris tattoo, especially for people who are looking to add a flower to their religious tattoos. You can even just get the iris itself as your religious tattoo, though the meaning will only be known to those who have learned about flower symbolism. Most commonly, though, people like to include one iris in their larger religious tattoos or surround their images with multiple irises.

Those who are looking for a unique symbol of hope, well, the iris tattoo represents that meaning too! This could be hope for yourself and your future, hope for everyone around you, or anything else you have hope for. This is yet another example of a way that an iris can be included in a larger design since you can include one or more of these flowers with other symbols of hope.

The iris is also the birth flower for those born in February, so it could work for you if you were born during that month even if you can’t find another meaning to attach to it. This is actually a perfect iris tattoo idea for those who don’t want to say too much about themselves in their tattoos, but still want a design that is personal. This also allows people to get their iris tattoo designed any way that they want it without having to worry about if it is depicted in a way that works for the meanings they want to use with it.

As with all flower tattoos, some people choose to get their iris tattoos simply because they think it is the most beautiful flower in existence. That is a completely understandable reason to get one of these tattoos since it obviously makes you happy and that in and of itself means a lot. In fact, you can combine the iris with other beautiful things from nature and that type of design really will tell others something about who you are.

As we pointed out up top, there are hundreds of different iris varieties in nature, so you have a lot of color and style options to choose from. That can be a bit of an intimidating task for those who go into the process not knowing what they want, but it’s also a rewarding process. It’s good to look at the full selection of irises before you commit to one so you can be sure that you end up with the one that you find most attractive. You could even pick one based on its color since the colors themselves have meanings that could work for you.

It seems like it’s a pretty even split between those who get a single iris tattoo and those who decide to get a bunch of irises in their designs. In most cases, this decision will not alter the meanings attached to the designs at all, so it really comes down to personal tastes. You could get a smaller tattoo with multiple irises included in the design, or you could get a larger iris tattoo that only has one flower. It’s completely up to you to decide how many flowers you want and how large you want it to be.

Those looking to get a sleeve tattoo might find that the iris is one of the best flowers to use in these designs since there are so many colors to choose from and their shape works well in larger designs. Iris sleeves look amazing with some grass or other nature images to make the flowers stand out that much more. You could even opt to get a black and grey version of the sleeve, in which case you don’t even need to include other images.

As always, we highly recommend that you get an experienced pro to create and ink your iris tattoo for you if you decide to get one of these flower designs. They will make sure that the flowers stand out on your skin in the best of ways and they will help you to tweak your design to fit wherever you want to put it. You definitely do not want to just walk into a random shop and hope that they have someone there who will do a perfect job; that rarely results in a positive outcome.

It should be pretty obvious by now why the iris tattoo is one of the most popular flower tattoos in the world. Your options are only limited by your creativity, and most tattoo artists will be happy to help you out even if you can’t come up with a design on your own.

We’re not saying that the iris tattoo is the best flower tattoo out there, but for many people, it is the best way to show exactly who they are through a tattoo design.

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