Jackalope Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

The jackalope is a mythical creature believed to have originated in North America in the 1930s. Jackalope tattoos can symbolize hope, fun, and playfulness. They may also represent a person’s love of humor and practical jokes. Lastly, the jackalope tattoo can signify a mix of masculine and feminine attributes.

In this comprehensive article, we’ll look at the different meanings of the jackalope tattoo and learn why people choose this creature for their tattoo.

What is a Jackalope?

In North American folklore, the jackalope is a creature that has the body and head of a jackrabbit along with the antlers of an antelope. The jackalope was made famous in the 1930s in Douglas, Wyoming by a pair of hunting brothers. They began putting pairs of antlers onto rabbits using taxidermy methods and selling them to people in the town.

The jackalope became so popular that the town of Douglas would eventually issue a proclamation naming the town the official home of the jackalope. The town has the creature featured on their city logo and they even host a festival in the summer called Jackalope Days. There are statues and billboards throughout Douglas featuring the creature. 

It is believed that the legend of the jackalope may have originated from something called the rabbit papillomavirus, which can result in tumors growing from the head that resemble horns. Today jackalopes are featured in books, films, television shows, and video games. There are humorous tales about them drinking whiskey and singing, though they are also said to be dangerous.

Jackalope Tattoos

There is quite a range of jackalope tattoos that range in size and design. Some are done in color, while others are black and gray. Many jackalope tattoos feature the image of a realistic rabbit and are rather innocent looking. However, some tattoos show a jackalope with a more fearsome look, sometimes including red or glowing eyes.

Some jackalope tattoos show the creature in the forest, either with trees or flowers around it. Not all tattoos show the whole body of the animal but rather just the head and antlers. Those tattoos that do illustrate the entire body tend to show the creature in motion, jumping or leaping. 

Masculine and Feminine

The antlers of the antelope are thought to represent the masculine nature, while the fur of the jackrabbit symbolizes the feminine. Having these elements together in the jackalope shows a type of duality where both masculine and feminine characteristics are integrated together.

Some see the jackalope as a symbol of androgyny and someone may choose this tattoo as a representation of their gender identity or expression. The jackalope can also show an understanding of the importance of the balance of qualities in nature and a recognition that both are needed.

Humor and Playfulness

The legend of the jackalope depicts this creature as being a fearsome yet humorous being. The entire idea of the mythical creature is quite playful and suggests creativity and imagination. Those who continue the legend through storytelling and other means generally have a lighthearted nature themselves.

A person who opts to get a jackalope tattoo may do so as a way of displaying their sense of humor or jovial nature. Perhaps they are a bit of a practical jokester themselves and can appreciate the comical nature of the legend. The jackalope tattoo is a good choice for someone who wants to display their whimsical and mischievous disposition.


In some ways, the jackalope is representative of having hope. Since this creature is mythical, those who continue its legend do so as a way of creating a story that belongs to another world. All myths and legends are in some ways using imagination to create a world that is better than the one we live in, which can provide hope that there is something better.

An individual who chooses a tattoo of a jackalope might do so because they are dissatisfied with the current state of the world. The jackalope may represent a different sort of existence where things are magical and playful and hopeful. For someone who is struggling, this creature can be a symbol of hope and change.


With the legend of the jackalope originating in Wyoming, this tattoo can represent a person’s origins. People who are born or grow up in Wyoming no doubt know that they live in the ‘Home of the Jackalope,’ particularly if they live in the town of Douglas. Many people feel a strong connection to their hometown and a tattoo can be one way of expressing that.

Jakalope Band

The Canadian band Jakalope was formed in 2003 by Dave Ogilvie. They released their debut album ‘It Dreams’ in 2004, the cover of which featured an image of a jackalope. This art won a Juno Award in 2005 for the Best CD or DVD Artwork Design. Fans of the band Jakalope may get this tattoo to show their love for the music.

Odessa Jackalopes

In the North American Hockey League, there is a junior team called the Odessa Jackalopes. Based out of Texas, the team’s logo features a rather intimidating-looking jackalope. Current or former players, as well as fans of the team, may choose to get a jackalope tattoo in recognition of the team’s mascot.

Good Luck

Since the jackalope is a mythical creature, some see it as a symbol of good fortune. Those who believe in the legend of the jackalope may think that spotting one will bring them good luck since they are so rare and elusive. The animal might also be viewed as a bringer of good fortune because it led to success for the Wyoming brothers who created it.

Someone who is hoping to have more luck or prosperity in the future might choose to get a jackalope tattoo for this reason. Perhaps the individual has been having a rough time and experienced some unfortunate events–they may feel that having this image of the jackalope will bring them good fortune.

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