Japanese Flower Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Flower tattoos have long been some of the most popular out there, and that’s definitely true for Japanese flower tattoos. If you’re interested in getting one of the many great Japanese flower tattoos, then this is the page for you!

Part of what makes Japanese flower tattoos “Japanese” tattoos is the way the flowers are designed, but it usually comes down to the meanings that people choose to use. However, you will find that there are some very specific design methods that go into many Japanese flower tattoos, but it’s up to you if you want to use those styles or your own.

There are dozens of great Japanese flower tattoos to choose from, but only some of those rank near the top of the list of the most popular flower tattoos. Below we will take a look at some of those very popular Japanese flower designs and the meanings that are attached to them.

The Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossom, also known as the Sakura, is a popular flower tattoo all over the world for a number of reasons. It’s a beautiful pink flower that often reminds people that spring has arrived, which brings with it meanings of its own.

The Japanese cherry blossom tattoo meanings can be both positive and slightly negative. This is important to know since people often think of the cherry blossom only representing positive things.

The cherry tree has come to represent the fragility of life, which makes the cherry blossom sometimes symbolize the fragility of life itself. This is a great meaning to use if you want a design that tells you to live life to the fullest because you don’t have too much time on this planet. It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that the cherry blossom also symbolizes beauty.

If you’re looking for a tattoo that represents renewal, then you might find the cherry blossom to be the perfect choice. It’s an excellent Japanese flower tattoo for anyone who is trying to turn the page on their old life and move on to bigger and better things. It’s also a great tattoo meaning for anyone who simply wants to motivate themselves to do more with their lives.

The Peony

Another beautiful pink flower, the peony is mostly known for being the top flower in China, but it also has a rich history in Japan. Not only is it seen as one of the more gorgeous Japanese flower tattoos, it also comes with a number of positive meanings.

Anyone looking to get a tattoo to celebrate their marriage might find the peony to be the perfect centerpiece of the design. It is the Japanese flower tattoo that is meant to be a good omen for anyone entering into marriage and it is seen as representing a happy relationship.

The peony also symbolizes prosperity, which makes it a fantastic Japanese flower tattoo idea for anyone who aims to make as much money as they possibly can in their lives. There are a lot of “good fortune” tattoos out there, but you’ll want to get the peony if you were looking to add a flower into a larger design or if you just wanted a beautiful image to symbolize your hope of good fortune.

The Lotus Flower

Many people choose to get a lotus flower tattoo simply because it has such a unique and stunning look to it, but it also has some fantastic meanings. It has long been associated with the Buddhist religion, which gave the flower many of the meanings that people in Japan and throughout the rest of the world use today.

One of the many popular lotus flower tattoo meanings is wisdom. This makes it a great Japanese flower tattoo for anyone who prides themselves in being knowledgeable and helpful to those in need.

Transformation is another popular lotus flower meaning. It works well on its own to represent change or conversion, but if you want the meaning to be clearer to outsiders it might be a good idea to include a butterfly, which brings with it a similar meaning.

If you have seen a lotus flower, then you won’t be surprised that it also symbolizes purity. Those who wish to live clean and pure lives probably won’t find a better Japanese flower tattoo than the lotus flower to show that.

Even though there are so many great lotus flower tattoo meanings out there, no one would blame you for getting a lotus tattoo for its looks alone. In fact, it also represents beauty, so you’re getting a nice tattoo meaning with it even if you didn’t plan on it!

The Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum is one of the only Japanese flower tattoos that symbolize friendship. That makes this flower a great one to get if you plan on getting matching friendship tattoos or you simply want to share with the world that you take pride in the relationships that you have.

You can also get the chrysanthemum in tattoo form if you want your design to represent long life. If you take pride in healthy living and desperately want to see your children grow old and get to see your grandchildren grow up, then the chrysanthemum might just be the perfect Japanese flower tattoo for you.

The chrysanthemum is also the flower of choice to give as a gift to mothers, so you could use it in a memorial tattoo for your mom. In most cases, the chrysanthemum is one part of a larger memorial tattoo, but it also works as a smaller tattoo, such as on the wrist, if you want the design to be more private.

If you do want to get a chrysanthemum tattoo, then you’ll want to think long and hard about the color(s) that you want them to be since the colors add extra meaning. Red chrysanthemums represent love, yellow represents sorrow, and white represents loyalty. Of course, you can mix all of them together if you really like all of those meanings.

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