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Tattoo Artist Rhyno
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About Rhyno:

Rhyno is best known for his Japanese tattoo work. When it comes to traditional Japanese tattooing, you won’t find many more that have more experience than Rhyno. No only does Rhyno specialize in Japanese tattooing, he is able to cover a wide variety of other styles as well. Just reach out and Rhyno will accommodate you.

Whether you are talking koi fish, dragons or oni masks, Rhyno is the one for you. He has years of experience in traditional Japanese tattooing. If you are looking for a tattoo to pay homage to your Asian heritage and want to get a tattoo from Rhyno, make sure you reach out to him via email.

Rhyno practices safe tattooing in a sterile and clean environment. Not only is he talented but you feel extremely comfortable working with him.

Solokill Japanese Tattoo Artist 1
Solokill Japanese Tattoo Artist 2



About Solokill:

Solokill is not only a fantastic tattoo artist but she has been an artist for as long as she can remember. She started tattooing in 2009 and really took a liking to the style of Japanese tattooing. Solokill is able to draw and tattoo just about anything, however, her love is in the art of Japanese tattoos. She was always drawing and painting these images and now it is all she loves to tattoo. She is great at it too!

Most people think of a Japanese piece to be a dragon or a koi fish but Solokill will tell you that you can ask for anything in this style. She can use the Japanese style and flow to create a custom image and tattoo for you that you will love for your entire life. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Solokill generally works on large scale pieces so if you are going to have her ink you up, make sure you are ready for a big and beautiful tattoo. Her style tends to revolve around full color, custom pieces with a heavy background of black.

The best part about Solokill is that she is always learning so you aren’t just getting your run of the mill tattoo artist with her. You will be in the hands of a tattoo artist that is humble and always learning. What else can you ask for.

Cory Kruger Japanese Tattoo Artist 1
Cory Kruger Japanese Tattoo Artist 2

Cory Kruger


About Corey:

Corey has a wide range of tattooing skills. He handles tattoo styles from new school to traditional to what we are talking about today, Japanese tattooing. Corey works for one of the most reputable tattoo shops in the area and you can see why they love him there. He is really talented in most forms of tattooing, but he has a special talent with Japanese tattooing.

Corey offers a safe and clean environment to be in while you are getting tattooed. The most important think is that you are comfortable, and Corey will keep if fun and playful.

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