Jesus Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Jesus Christ, born in Bethlehem over two thousand years ago is a figure synonymous with righteousness and pure morality. And those are just a couple of the most popular Jesus tattoo meanings, of which there are many.

On this page, we will take a look at why the Jesus tattoo is so popular these days and some of the meanings that you can choose to use if you do decide to get one of these great tattoo designs.

The global image of Christianity, Christ is most often pictured in light-colored robes with a gentle expression and a halo of light encircling his head. This adds a Jesus tattoo meaning of patience, gentleness, all-knowingness, and quite a few more.

It also shows that Jesus was completely willing to die for what he believed in and would not let his suffering affect what he knew to be true. In tattoo form, this can be both beautiful and striking since people would expect a look of pain and are instead greeted with a very powerful look of calmness.

Promoting goodness and faith in the Christian God, the father of Christ, various images of Jesus relate different aspects of his life and miracles preformed on Earth. The Jesus tattoo meanings that come with these images completely depend on what they depict; this is where you come in.

You should pick an image of Jesus that means the most to you, perhaps adding meanings that directly relate to your feelings and your life. You could have Jesus feeding the poor, rising up to heaven, with his apostles, or in any other scene from the Bible. The image you choose is up to you, but it’s very important that you choose one that has a meaning that you will always hold dear to your heart.

He is often pictured with a lamb to emphasize his role as The Shepherd of the people of Earth, guiding them to perform good acts and treat each other with kindness. This is a fantastic Jesus tattoo meaning both for its obvious symbolism and because it works for people who are trying to constantly be good in their lives.

Even if you have had a rough past, this is a great Jesus tattoo to get since it shows everyone that you are willing to put in the work to be the best person that you can be.

Fish is another popular image that accompanies the figure of Jesus as he multiplies a single fish into enough to feed thousands of people. This might be the Jesus tattoo meaning to use if you find that giving to others is one of the best things people can do in their lives. You can also use it as a motivational tattoo so you can keep others in your thoughts even when life throws you curveballs. This, like many other Jesus tattoos, is often a large image and fits best as a back or chest tattoo.

Healing the blind is another miracle Jesus often bestowed upon the world as well as the healing of lepers, resurrection of the dead (Lazarus particularly) and the healing of bleeding women. A common theme in all of these designs is healing, which might be some people’s favorite thing about Him. Those who use these images and these Jesus tattoo meanings might be healers themselves, such as doctors and nurses.

Along with the imagery of His miracles, Jesus as a figure alone immediately conveys all of His goodness and miracles with the illuminated halo that constantly surrounds his head. The halo alone brings with it many great Jesus tattoo meanings. It represents his holiness as well as his ability to be good despite all of the terrible things that happened to him. A lot of people look to the halo for motivation since they want to be able to stay positive regardless of the hardships they face.

Majorly, Jesus Christ is depicted with the crown of thorns and Five Holy Wounds (holes in the wrists and feet as a result of being nailed on the cross as well as the hole in his right side caused by the lance that was pierced into him). Jesus in this form immediately represents the extreme suffering of Christ to recompense the sins of humanity on Earth.

The meanings here are obvious and in a way, these tattoos are a powerful memorial to the man that some people love the most. These designs can be simple, but many people opt to get the image of Jesus and the crown of thorns in great detail to show how much the image means to them.

The image of Christ with the crown of thorns shows a devotion to the constant remembrance of this suffering and a humbling of oneself. The tattoo can help people get perspective when they think the world is against them or that things are as bad as they can get. Looking at Jesus’ suffering as he did jolt people back into the reality that if He could get past that kind of suffering, they can get past any problems they currently face.

The Baby Jesus is most often shown with the Madonna, Mary the Mother of God. The true purity of Jesus is shown in His infancy along with the innocence of his spirit. The main Jesus tattoo meaning here is innocence, which is something that many adults miss in their lives once they have filled it up with adult obligations. Looking at a tattoo of Jesus as a baby can help people to not take life so seriously and to gain back some of that innocence from their childhoods.

The image of Mary is common among Catholics who often defer to the Saints and the Mother of God for prayer in the place of or with Jesus Christ. This can be a great Jesus tattoo for people who want to honor both Jesus himself as well as their own mothers. It is also a way to simply show respect for the woman who brought the holiest man in Christianity into existence.

The image of Jesus and the Madonna has also been known as a criminal tattoo among prison inmates and can convey that the prisoner is dedicated to their friends and associates. Sure, this Jesus tattoo’s meaning isn’t as positive as the others, but it’s one that plenty of people have used and continue to use.

The image of Jesus is a consistent symbol of purity. This is the Jesus tattoo meaning you’ll want to use if you take pride in living a pure and clean life. It also works quite well for those who want to turn their lives around and be more like Jesus. Just about any Jesus tattoo design can be used for this meaning.

Loyalty is yet another meaning that can be used with most Jesus tattoos. As most people know, there aren’t too many people in history who even came close to being as loyal to his followers as Jesus was. If you take pride in being a good, reliable friend to people in your life, then this is a great meaning for you to use. You could also use this meaning if you aspire to be a better friend.

Another great Jesus tattoo meaning is righteousness. As far as morality goes, none rank higher than Jesus in many people’s minds. And that makes sense considering every story ever told about Jesus tells a story of a man who would do absolutely anything to avoid sinning. If you think of yourself as an overall good person and take pride in that, then this might just be the best Jesus tattoo meaning for you.

As a tattoo, Jesus is a reminder to emulate His actions on Earth and to treat others with kindness. Possibly more than any of the other meanings listed here, this is the one that people want to come through in their Jesus tattoos. No matter what the image depicts, they want others to see Jesus and be reminded that He was always kind and went out of his way to try to make the world a better place.

There is quite a lot to think about when coming up with a Jesus tattoo design and the meanings to attach to that tattoo. Regardless of your choices, chances are you will be very happy with your design and the Jesus tattoo meanings that you end up settling on.

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