Jewelry Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Most tattoos are very noticeable as the subjects of these tattoos tend to be objects in our daily lives that generally wouldn’t be on human body. For example, fire tattoos or animal tattoos or flower tattoos are examples of things that occur in nature or the world and wouldn’t be on the body. However, there are some things that could be on the human body and therefore, a tattoo of this image might seem like it fits right in.

In this case we are talking about jewelry. Jewelry can be all over the body and has been worn for centuries as a way to make one look more beautiful. From crowns to necklaces, bracelets to rings and belly chains to earrings, these pieces of jewelry have been known to make their way onto a tattoo enthusiasts body via ink. In this way, the jewelry never goes out of fashion and never leaves your body. You don’t have to worry about hiding it when walking in the dark or getting it polished.

In this post we are talking about jewelry tattoo meanings and the different ways that people like to use these tattoos as decoration on their bodies. We will be also talk about the different choices of jewelry tattoos and some popular variations of these with their meanings as well. We want to give you some options if you are thinking about getting your own jewelry tattoo for yourself.

About Jewelry Tattoos

Tattoo designs that appear like jewelry can be both feminine or masculine, depending on the desired appearance. They are more convenient than tangible jewelry because the tattoo does not need to be removed or replaced and does not cause the irritation that can occur with the use of cheap metals or materials rubbing against the skin and cannot be lost. The tattoo will obviously require diligent forethought and the necessary healing period, but following the application, the permanent jewelry does not need to be given a second thought.

Often, jewelry designs are feminized and made to appear like delicate necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, or larger pieces across the collar or underneath the breast. Intricate lace designs connected with thin chains resemble Victorian-style jewelry and highlights a classically feminine quality.

This is emphasized when placed across the clavicle or collar bone, representing a Victorian type of female dress. Tattoos of multiple rings or bracelets is reminiscent of a gypsy-like appearance, giving a modern, Bohemian look. Rosaries are often used as well, not always as a symbol of Catholicism, but also as a trendy image.

String of pearls can be placed anywhere on the body, as a necklace or bracelet, around the ankles and feet or even around the waist or hips. The pearls are a classic symbol of the feminine and can be rendered in greyscale, with white ink for a realistic appearance or in any other color or tone. They can be incorporated into other jewelry designs as well, adding another element of traditional beauty to a larger piece.

For a less feminine design, thicker chains resemble more masculine pieces of jewelry. The addition of medallions or pendants can work well with any jewelry image, although the larger the pendant, the less delicate it appears. Symbols are frequently added to medallions made to look as if they are hanging from a chain or cord and can represent personal heritage or a culture significant to the individual.

Jewelry Tattoo Variations

There are a lot of different variations of the jewelry tattoo that we’ve seen. Below are examples of pretty cool ones that we wanted to share and talk about. We hope that with these examples and the pictures below, you will have a really good idea of some jewelry tattoos for yourself.

Rosary Tattoo Meaning

The rosary is a classic piece of jewelry used by people in the Catholic church. Every bead on the rosary symbolizes a new prayer that must be said. Many times, these rosaries are used in trying times. You might have seen this tattoo around the neck of someone or maybe even tattooed around someone’s foot. The rosary can be made of hematite, pearl, wood, rose petals or glass as a few examples.

The rosary tattoo is said to represent our faith in God and helps us to focus on this life and the next. Some say that you should be tattooed but that never stopped anyone from representing their faith via the rosary tattoo.

Bracelet Tattoo Meaning

The great thing about the bracelet tattoo is that you can add all sorts of charms to it to make it mean whatever you’d like. These days, you see a lot of those pandora bracelets with the little charms so why not do that with your bracelet tattoo on your body. Many people will get the bracelet tattoo with an animal charm to represent their love for pets.

They might get some ocean fairing animal to represent love for the ocean. They might also get a bracelet tattoo that just looks beautiful and is simply there for decoration. All of these reasons are cool ideas for your next bracelet tattoo.

Gem Tattoo Meaning

We often see tattoos that are giant gems that might represent a birthstone or a favorite stone. These tattoos don’t have to be in a place where you would normally be jewelry. Many times, you will see this as the focal point of a sleeve tattoo or on the sternum accompanied by lace and another draping tattoos.

Forever Necklace Tattoo

Getting a tattoo on your neck to represent a necklace is a very expressive and visible part of the body and this tattoo can be extremely delicate, strong, and sensual all at the same time. Through the course of time, all genders and races have worn necklaces to add beauty to the look they are going for. Today, people are choosing to get the forever necklace with designs added to it.

You might see a heart locket necklace tattoo that would represent the love you have for someone or something. The Celtic rope around the neck is a jewelry tattoo that is quite popular amongst men. It isn’t to say you will never see a woman with this tattoo, but it just isn’t as common as it is for men. This design is usually Celtic knots that go around the neck. They can be bold and take up more space or tight around the neck without as many bold lines for more feminine look.

Anklet Tattoo

This tattoo is generally a more feminine tattoo that is had by more women than by men. Again, this isn’t to say it is only for women, but we happen to see it happen this way more often. These anklet tattoos might be similar to a bracelet tattoo in the sense that you might see some charms hanging off this tattoo. These tattoos can be quite dainty if need be but some men might want something a little bolder and get some sold of thicker band around the ankle.

A big key to tattooing a lot of jewelry tattoos is to be able to ink in fine lines. Not all artists are as well versed in this style of tattooing so when you are out looking for a tattoo artist to work on your upcoming tattoo, take your time. With the availability to online portfolios, make sure the artist you are looking at has some work that looks similar to what you are looking for.

Also make sure you sit down with the artist to make sure you two click and get along. You don’t have to go to the first artist you see. If you are having trouble finding an artist to complete the work you’re looking for, let us know. We have a lot of experience matching up tattoo artists and customers and we’d be happy to help.

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