JSS Tattoo Meaning

You might have been walking around and noticed a small tattoo that started popping up a few years back that said “JSS”. If you are like me, you probably wondered what the hell that meant. I immediately started thinking about the “WWJD” acronym but found out this three letter tattoo had a much more significant theme. Especially for the purpose of it. This little acronym comes from the television series, The Walking Dead, and knowing how popular that show is, I wasn’t shocked that I started noticing more and more.

In this post, we will talk about the JSS tattoo meaning and the origins of this. We will also share some of the variations of this tattoo that we have seen over the last couple years and discuss the meanings of those variations. By the time you finish going through this post, you should feel pretty comfortable with the details of the JSS tattoo meaning and you might even end up giving The Walking Dead a spot on your DVR.

What is the JSS Tattoo

The JSS tattoo stands for “Just Survive Somehow”, and it shows up on The Walking dead on the second episode of the sixth season. This episode aired on October 18, of 2015 and it was written by Jennifer Lynch and Seth Hoffman.

Just so you can understand why this tattoo is so popular to The Walking Dead fans, we are going to talk about the plot of that specific episode to lead us down the path of the origins of JSS.

The episode starts with the Alexandrians (Alexandria safe zone in Virginia) thinking things were going to start going back to normal. However, there were some new problems on the horizon.

This episode begins with a flashback to when walkers killed Enid’s parents while they tried to get their car started by jumping it. Enid is just a child and sits in the car watching as her parents are eaten by the walkers.

Enid is then walking through the woods by herself killing walkers and looking for food. She keeps inscribing the letters “JSS” into everything she comes across including dusty windows, dirt and tortoise bones. Eventually, Enid comes upon the gates of Alexandria and immediately starts to walk away. However, she looks down on her hand where JSS is written through the dirt covering her body and she changes her mind.

Fast forward to the present and Carol is in the pantry collecting ingredients. All the while, Mrs. Neudermeyer is complaining about wanting a new past maker to make it easier. Carol, being a bit annoyed, offers to teach Mrs. Neudermeyer how to make home made pasta from scratch and also informs her that she should be more worried about her gross habit of smoking inside.

Mrs. Neudermeyer steps outside and is smoking a cigarette when a man with a machete runs up from behind and stabs her once and then sticks the machete in her head. The Wolves had infiltrated Alexandria and all hell breaks loose. There are battles all over the place and the Wolves are trying to murder everyone in Alexandria and take what they can. Enid is thinking about running off but is convinced to stay and help protect one of the weaker people. She stays, and the battle ensues.

Carol is able to kill one of the Wolves before they can kill a few of the wolves even to the dismay of Morgan who thinks they don’t have to kill the people. Carol disagrees and kills at least three more wolves while she is helping to defend the town.

After everything settles down. Carol is making sure people are ok and finding out who is still alive. She stumbles upon a letter from Enid that states, “Just Survive Somehow.” This message is something that stuck with the people in the show and the viewers of the television show.

Because of this, fans of the show are able to get a tattoo that isn’t totally obvious but has a great deal of meaning for them. The JSS tattoo meaning doesn’t only have to relate to the show. This can be used to help cope with any problem you are having in your life. Many of us have come from circumstance that were very tough growing up. You might see abuse victims with this tattoo as a form of inspiration moving forward. It is one motto to live by but hopefully you aren’t in the same situation as Enid and the others in Alexandria.

JSS Tattoo Variations

The JSS tattoo is just what was explained above and the variations of this tattoo won’t be changes to the original tattoo but more of an addition to the already powerful message. Below are a few of the tattoos we’ve seen.

JSS Tattoo Spelled Out

For those that are less subtle about their JSS tattoo and want others to exactly what it means, you can always just spell it out for them. Getting “Just Survive Somehow”, takes the guesswork out of the tattoo and might keep people from asking you what it stands for.

JSS Tattoo with Walker

The JSS tattoo with a walker tattoo is one that will help you understand a little more about the tattoo if you aren’t a fan. After all, the point of the show is to survive the walkers so to have JSS next to a walker in a tattoo will help to drive the message home.

JSS Tattoo with Characters

The JSS tattoo with one of the characters is another way getting this tattoo inked. The above variation helps you to understand what the message is for but in this tattoo, you might have to be more of a fan to pick out the character of the show from a tattoo. Either way, we have seen some of these tattoos with Enid or Carol added to the picture.

For fans of The Walking Dead, the JSS tattoo is one that seems to be somewhat popular. If you are getting this tattoo, make sure your tattoo artist is good with linework because you only get one shot at this before you need to get a cover up.

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