King & Queen Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

King and queen tattoos have many different meanings that could work for most people, but the majority of these designs are for couples or people who want to honor their parents or grandparents. Some king and queen tattoos are large, very detailed pieces, while others are small enough to fit on a finger.

Are you interested in possibly getting king and queen tattoos? If so, take a look at the king and queen tattoo variations below to get an idea about how they can be designed and some of the best king and queen tattoo meanings.

The King and Queen Crown Tattoos

If you think of yourself and your partner as royalty, then this is the king and queen tattoo that you’ll want to get. Some people get the two crowns only, while others will combine this design with others found on this list. You’ll have to decide whether or not to get one crown apiece or if you both want to get two crowns. If you are getting these crown tattoos to honor your parents or grandparents, then you’ll want to pick a place on your body that can fit two crowns.

If you want to take your crown tattoos even one step further, you can get an actual king and queen wearing the crowns. This is obviously going to be a much larger piece than if you were just getting the crowns, but it can look fantastic if you work with a respected artist.

The King and Queen Chess Pieces Tattoos

Chess piece tattoos are a new stylist way to get king and queen tattoos. Once again you have plenty of cool options to choose from with this type of king and queen tat. You can use your favorite chess pieces if you have some, or you can just use the standard style. You’ll also want to think about if you want the full pieces or just the top crown parts. If you do just use the tops of the chess pieces, these designs work very well as finger tattoos.

The King and Queen of Hearts Tattoos

What’s great about the king and queen of hearts tattoo is that you are getting multiple meanings in one tat. You are getting the couples tattoo meaning, plus you are adding in the “love” meaning with the hearts. Oh, and if you both also happen to love cards, you really can’t beat this variation. The king and queen of hearts tattoo work fantastically pretty much anywhere on the body, but many people choose to get them on their ankles or wrists.

The King and Queen Calligraphy Tattoos

Some people prefer not to get any images in their king and queen tattoos and instead opt to get the actual words. If that’s your preference, you might find the king and queen calligraphy tats to be the perfect choice. You can even use your own handwriting to give it even more of a personal touch, though that’s definitely not necessary. Even if you choose one of the other king and queen tattoos on this list, you might actually want to add in the words to make the meaning just a tad bit clearer

The King and Queen White Ink Tattoos

White ink tattoos are great options for folks who do not want their tattoos to be as obvious to outsiders. This is especially great for those who want to get king and queen wrist tattoos but work in places where they aren’t allowed to have tattoos showing. Even if you can have tattoos at work, you might opt for the king and queen ink variant if you like the scarred look of these tattoos.

The King and Queen’s Small Initials Tattoos

This is usually combined with one of the other king and queen tattoo designs listed above. For example, you can get king and queen chess pieces with each other’s initials above them to make them a bit more unique.

This isn’t as simple as just telling your artist that you want the initials added, though, since you will need to take the time to think about which font will work best with your design. Once you have a font in mind, you’ll want to choose a great location for this combo king and queen tattoo so it works with the lines of that part of your body.

The King and Queen Finger Tattoos

Many people don’t think of their fingers as ideal tattoo locations, but they actually work quite well for smaller king and queen tattoos. You can get the K and Q on the sides of your fingers, or you can even get a couple of small crowns. If you don’t want them to be too visible, then a great finger tattoo location for you is on the inside of your ring or index finger. You can also get micro king and queen tattoos so no they are missed by most people even if they are looking at your fingers.

The King and Queen Back Tattoos

The back is easily the best place for king and queen tattoos if you want to get a larger design. Some people want very large, detailed crowns, so there really is no better placement for these than on the back. Some people get them directly in the center of their backs, while others will get them located somewhere closer to their shoulders. The back is also a great place to put king and queen tattoos if you want them to be part of larger pieces

The King and Queen Arm Tattoos

The arm is a great spot to put king and queen tattoos regardless of the type of tattoo that you want. You can put smaller tattoos near your wrist or on your forearm, and you can put large king and queen crown tattoos on your shoulders. If you really want to go all out, you can combine a bunch of these king and queen tattoo ideas into a large-sleeved tattoo. The key is to get the tattoos in the same location so they make sense to people when they see the two images together.

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