Knee Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Knee tattoos certainly aren’t for everyone, but those who do get them often find that the knee area is the absolute best place for their design idea. The truth is that there are a lot of great designs that can work in the knee area and, believe it or not, these tattoos can be just as meaningful as tattoos placed anywhere else on the body.

If you are interested in getting a knee tattoo, this page was made for you! We’ll take a look at some of the most popular knee tattoos around today and reasons why one might or might not be the right choice for you.

One of the reasons why some people choose to get knee tattoos is because it gives them a unique spot for some type of idea that they have. For example, flower tattoos are most commonly put somewhere on the arm or on the back, so some people like to switch it up a bit by getting unique flower designs on their knees. The area itself makes your tattoo a little bit different, which is reason enough for some people to get their tattoos there.

Unlike most other areas of the body, knee tattoos are usually designed around the knee area rather than fitting the design to the knee later on. What’s great about this is that the knee area itself forces you to be a bit more creative since you are dealing with unique bumps and grooves that you won’t find in other areas. Even if you know you want to get something specific, you’ll still need to spend some time on the design to make sure that it pops out at the knee the exact what that you want it to.

For obvious reasons, the knee is a fantastic place on your body to get circular designs or designs that have some spirals included in them. This makes the tattoo artist’s job a lot easier and it makes the design make sense to the eyes. Even if your design does not naturally have a circular shape, there are usually ways to give it a more circular look so it works well on the knee.

Because of its naturally rounded shape, the knee is a pretty cool spot to place a portrait tattoo. You do have a couple of design options in this area. Some people like to put the eyes of their portrait directly on the knee, but most seem to like to put the nose in this area. Regardless, the knee area is a cool spot for a portrait because it literally makes the face “jump out” from your skin a bit.

Animal tattoos are also quite popular as knee tattoos since you can easily fit the animal’s face in the area and you have the added bonus of making it move when you bend your knee. It’s a great area for animal faces that have snarls or other colorful looks since they work well with that movement.

Keep in mind that you can expand outside of the knee area when getting knee tattoos, but the knee is usually the focal point of the design. It’s a shame that a lot of people pass up the chance to get a knee tattoo simply because they don’t think they can fit their designs there. All you have to do is find the part of the design that you want to draw people’s eyes in and then design around that. If you are having trouble doing this, most tattoo artists would be happy to work with you on some design options.

You might be wondering if there is additional pain when getting knee tattoos. Well, the answer is yes, to a certain extent. Any tattoos that are placed directly on bone and/or cartilage will hurt a bit more, but it really comes down to who you are and what your threshold for pain is.

If you’ve got other tattoos and you didn’t feel much after the first couple of minutes, chances are you’ll barely notice any additional pain. Others will think it’s pretty painful, but it really shouldn’t keep you from getting the tattoo that you want. It’s never going to be so bad that you can’t sit through it unless you overthink it and allow it to be more painful than it actually is.

Coming up with a great knee tattoo design can be a bit tricky because of the knee’s unique shape, but it’s definitely doable. This is one area of the body that requires you to come up with multiple designs to ensure that you end up with something that looks great in that area. A good idea is to tell an artist your idea, have them draw up two or three different designs, and then work from there. Eventually, you should be able to settle on one that really pops off of the knee.

We always recommend that people get their tattoos done by experienced tattoo artists, but that is especially true with knee tattoos. This is a tough area to ink, so it’s very important that you hire an artist who has done good knee work in the past.

You also want someone who understands that it is an area where some people flinch and have an easy time starting and stopping a lot during the process, if necessary. These days you can make the process of finding a top tattoo artist easier simply by jumping on the internet and seeing some first-hand ratings of all of the artists in your area.

We hope you can now see why more and more people are deciding to get tattoos on their knees over all of the more common tattoo areas on the body. It’s a great location for some unique designs, and it is also one of the best spots for any circular designs that you can come up with. Just be sure that you get multiple knee tattoo designs drawn up and then choose a good artist to do the inking.

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