Knuckle Tattoos

If you are looking for a way to express yourself through a tattoo and you want it to be visible by all, you might be a great candidate for a knuckle tattoo. Knuckle tattoos definitely aren’t for everyone, but those who love tattoos and expressing themselves through their ink might find that some of their design ideas just work best on the middle of their hands. On this page we will take a look at why so many people choose to get knuckle tattoos these days and some of the most common tats placed on this part of the body.

Let’s get one thing out of the way right up front: Knuckle tattoos are not always prison tattoos. In fact, these days the vast majority of knuckle tats are worn by people who have no prison or gang connections whatsoever. Yes, there are some prison and gang-related knuckle tats, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from getting ink in this area if they want to. You should just know that there are some people out there who will probably assume the worst when they see your knuckle tattoo.

In most cases, people get their knuckle tattoos on the four aligned fingers on the hand (all of the fingers except for the thumb). This style makes it easy for people to see how the images work together in a single line rather than having to have the owner of the tat twist their hands so people can see the entire design. With that being said, there’s certainly no rule that says you can’t get a knuckle tat that spreads to your thumb.

Even though there are plenty of different styles and designs that you can get as knuckle tattoos, easily the most commonly found style is the text tattoo. The word or words are written straight across the knuckles, either facing the owner of the tat or facing outward so other people can read the words. The majority of these tattoos are written in simple fonts since it is important that they are easy to read at first glance. However, as you will find out further down, the exact font you choose is important.

“Stay True” is one of the most popular knuckle tattoos out there today. This basically means that the owner is always going to be him or herself no matter what job they’re in or what the world throws at them. It’s also considered a motivational knuckle tattoo in the way that the owner can look down at it anytime they are questioning who they are or what they should do in a specific situation.

The “Love Hope” knuckle tattoo is another extremely popular design since most people find those words to be suitable for them. These are two words that hold a lot of meaning, so they really could work for anyone. If you love someone or want more love in your life, you can get this tat. If you hope for good things in your life and in the lives of those who are close to you, you can get this tattoo for those reasons as well.

People who are looking to only get one hand tattooed will usually find that the “Love” tattoo is one of the best knuckle tats to get. Again, you can get this tattoo because you are proud to have a lot of love in your life or if your goal is to add more love into your life. It’s a short word that fits on four knuckles, but it is about as meaningful as text tattoos can get.

If you do decide to get text in your knuckle tattoo, you will want to come up with a font that you will be happy to look at every day for the rest of your life. Sure, the meaning of the tattoo is the most important thing, but the font needs to be just right if you want those words to have a great impact on those who look at the design.

Even though you will usually find text on the knuckles when people get knuckle tattoos, more people are starting to get symbols these days. These take a bit longer to design since you want to find four or eight symbols that all have special meanings, but they can look absolutely gorgeous when created by a top tattoo artist.

If you find that you can’t think of a great four-letter word or eight-letter short phrase to put on your knuckles, you can shorten the word or phrase and fill in the other knuckles with symbols. Ideally you’ll find symbols that match up with the words you’re using, but you could make it so the words have their own meanings and the symbols tell others a bit more about who you are. Again, these take a bit more time to think up, but they also give you the opportunity to create a very unique tattoo on your hands.

Obviously you want your knuckle tattoo to be perfect since it is such a visible tat, so you absolutely have to hire an artist who you can count on to do the job perfectly. Even though these are smaller tattoos, it takes a special skill to get the line work perfect and to make the knuckle tats really jump off of the skin. A good idea is to check out some of your local artists’ past knuckle work and choose the one who you feel has done the best designs.

Hopefully you can now see why knuckle tattoos are such an attractive option for so many people these days. It’s an area where you can really express yourself and know that everyone you come in contact with will see those designs. No, they are not for everyone, but some people will find that the knuckles are the perfect spots for their tattoo ideas. If you do think a knuckle tattoo makes sense for you, make sure that you think of words or images that will look great on your hands and chances are you will end up with a tattoo that you will love having for the rest of your life.

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