Lace Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Lace tattoos give women a way to add additional femininity to their ink while also introducing additional meanings to their designs. If you’ve never seen lace tattoos before, then you’ll probably be quite impressed by how natural and fantastic they look on the skin.

On this page, we will take a look at why lace tattoos have taken off in popularity in recent years and some of the most common design styles that people choose to get in their tattoos.

Used almost exclusively on women’s garments, and elaborate, more flamboyant, men’s clothing, throughout history, lace has generally had a feminine image. That’s not to say that men can’t get lace tattoos. It’s just far more common to see them on women. The fact is that most of these designs are created to look like women’s garments, so it just makes sense that ladies end up getting lace tattoos far more often than men do.

The pattern in lace tattoos is elegant and delicate, taking great care to create as well as to render as a design. While that is easy to say, it takes quite a bit of skill and even more time to pull off. In the most intricate of lace tattoo designs, every thread is detailed, which can take many hours to do. However, that hard work often leads to some amazing lace designs that every woman would love to have on their skin.

Lace has been used for hundreds of years, developing over the centuries into more intricate and gorgeous designs. Some women choose to get some of those classic looks that have been used for centuries, while others opt to get a more modern-looking design.

That is completely up to the person getting the tattoo and what they want to have inked on their skin. If you like a new, old, or blended look, then definitely get it since it really is all about how much you like your own tattoo and not what everyone else thinks about it. Chances are if you think you have a gorgeous lace design, others will as well.

Lace is often used to enhance other images, softening the appearance and adding a feminine element. Some people will outline their designs with lace, while others will simply add lace to their designs to spice them up a bit. For example, a tattoo that seems to be very popular right now is the rose sleeve, which has three or four roses in it with lace connecting them together.

Lace serves as a perfect pattern to use as a filler or background, creating a fuller and more complete look. Even if you are getting a more basic portrait tattoo design, you can fill in the gaps with lace to liven it up a bit. The “material” does a great job of turning a very simple design into something that catches a lot of eyes.

Obviously, lace won’t always work in other tattoo designs, but it’s something to think about if you have some space you want to fill in with something that both looks attractive and actually works with a lot of other design elements.

Other patterns are often taken and rendered as a lace image, such as a paisley or a mandala, or objects like birds and hearts. This not only results in a very attractive tattoo in most cases, it also gives people something unique that they can be proud of. That’s why we recommend thinking about different ways that you can make your designs your own; sometimes lace is a great way to do just that!

Butterflies, dragonflies, and small birds are often depicted in lace, emphasizing the femininity of the delicate creatures. All of these creatures bring some amazing meanings with them, so be sure to check out each species of bird or any other animal or insect you like to see if it works with your personality. You might find that what started out as a lace tattoo idea turned into something that defines who you are (or at least part of who you are).

The lace creates a gorgeous symbol of delicacy, giving the image the look of fabric or an applique. If you were looking to get a tattoo that can help you show off your pride in being a woman, there really aren’t too many better ways to do just that than with a lace tattoo.

Lace garters are often imaged around the upper thigh as a symbol of both sexuality and chastity, recalling lingerie worn during a wedding union. This is one of the top tattoos out there if you are looking for something that tells others that you are a sexual person and are proud of it. On top of that, lace garter designs are sexy on their own, so the meaning comes through very clearly in a well-done design.

Lace bows are depicted in the same way, serving as a sign of femininity and delicacy. The symbol is a declaration of love for the “girlie” or traditionally feminine in life. Bows are very versatile in tattoo form. If you were looking for a larger design, lace bows can work quite well as back or chest tattoos. You can also get a smaller bow on your shoulder, neck, or even on your wrist.

Jewelry, chains, raindrops, gems and crystals, or other attractive objects are often added to the lace to enhance the “prettiness” of the tattoo. Roses and other flowers are commonly included as well. We highly recommend looking into the meanings of any extra images you plan on adding to your design so you can be sure that you want those meanings attached to your design. A good idea is to have multiple images in mind to make this decision that much easier.

In order to add an element of contrast, predatory, large animals or other traditionally non-feminine images are rendered in lace, softening the original symbolism. Human or animal skulls can be rendered in the same way, creating an equally contrasting symbol. This is actually very cool since you can easily add in animals that you like, along with their meanings, and at the same time soften those images to show that you have many layers.

Elephants, tigers, bears, and other typically dangerous animals can be depicted as lace images, portraying both menacing and endearing qualities about the individual. These are often in much larger lace tattoos, but they also work when you get simple outlines or silhouettes of the animals.

If you do want to get an animal tattoo turned into a lace tattoo, you’ll want to take your time during the design process to make sure that each piece of lace blends well with the animal’s shape. If you don’t have the skills to make your design, you might want to hire an artist who thinks outside of the box to do the work for you. Chances are you will end up feeling like it was money well spent.

Lace is also often imaged like jewelry on the body, serving as the symbol of a necklace, bracelet, or other object. It is also often placed below or between the breasts, giving the look of jewelry in a more intimate area. These lace tattoos are often very visible, so it’s extremely important that they are designed perfectly.

As with most other lace tattoos, we recommend that you take your time when searching for a tattoo artist to do the work for you to up your chances of ending up with exactly what you want. A good tattooist will walk you through the process and will not rush to get you out of the chair.

As you can see, you have many wonderful design options to choose from when it comes to lace tattoos and even more meanings that you can use. The fact is that you really can turn anything into a lace tattoo design, but you’ll want to make sure that you choose something that both looks attractive and holds meanings that you want to use.

If you take your time and choose a lace tattoo that you are really happy with, there is a great chance that you will end up loving your ink and will get plenty of compliments for it for many years to come.

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