Lady Justice Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

A tattoo of Lady Justice is a striking image that has various interpretations. For some people, this tattoo symbolizes an interest in the justice system. Others view this tattoo as a sign of authority or objectivity. The Lady Justice tattoo can also represent fairness, integrity, and feminism.

In this article, we will explore the different meanings of the Lady Justice Tattoo.

Who Is Lady Justice?

Lady Justice is essentially the personification of justice. The concept comes from the Roman goddess of justice, Justitia. There are many sculptures, paintings, and coats of arms of Lady Justice. 

Courthouses around the world have sculptures of Lady Justice on display. Some places where you will see a Lady Justice sculpture include the Supreme Court of Canada, the Palace of Justice in Rome, and the Supreme Court of Brazil.

Lady Justice Tattoos

Tattoos featuring Lady Justice usually show her standing, holding a set of scales in her hand. She is often holding a sword in the other hand and sometimes wears a blindfold. Typically she wears a toga and is barefoot.

Many of these tattoos are done in black and gray, though there are plenty done in color as well. While the majority of the tattoos show the whole body, some just show her head. Lady Justice tattoos are medium to large in scale and can be found on the arms, legs, and torso.

Legal Professions

Lady Justice is a meaningful image for those who work in the justice system. Legal professionals such as judges, lawyers, paralegals, and legal assistants usually have great respect for justice and how the system works. Lady Justice is a symbol of everything that they stand for, including objectivity and fairness.

Someone may choose a Lady Justice tattoo as a way of illustrating their commitment to their legal career. It is an ideal image to symbolize how a person feels about the law and about justice. Whether the person is just starting out as a law clerk or is a lawyer with years of experience, this tattoo makes a great choice.


Lady Justice also represents objectivity and the ability to be impartial. Holding the set of scales in her hands symbolizes weighing the evidence. It shows the importance of hearing both sides of every story and paying attention to the facts. Her blindfold represents the ability to listen to evidence without being swayed by a person’s power or money.

A person may opt for a tattoo of Lady Justice to illustrate their objective nature. This tattoo shows that the individual holds strong to their morals and ethics instead of being compromised by temptations of success and power. Lady Justice tattoos show that the person has a great deal of integrity in their actions.


The image of Lady Justice can also be interpreted as a show of authority. Her sword, in particular, symbolizes enforcement and the power to determine one’s fate. Judges and juries have the capacity to decide whether individuals are guilty or innocent–this is an immense power to hold.

Some people may get a Lady Justice tattoo because they are infatuated with notions of power and authority. They like the idea of being able to alter the course of a person’s life with a simple verdict. The sword demonstrates how swift justice can be and some people are attracted to the finality of it.


Another characteristic that Lady Justice embodies is fairness. She uses her scales to balance the evidence from each case to make a fair and just decision. Her verdicts are not based on opinion or swayed by influence; they are determined by fact and the application of the law.

Someone may choose to get a Lady Justice tattoo because fairness is a quality that they try to embody. When making decisions in their life they try to do so in a way that is fair to everyone involved. Whether they are dealing with family, friends, or coworkers, these individuals want what is fair for all. This tattoo shows their commitment to equitable decision-making.


Lady Justice is also an example of a powerful female figure. She symbolizes the strength and authority that is possible for women and thus is representative of the feminist movement. Many people like Lady Justice because she uses her power for good and has integrity; she uses her authority to make fair choices.

Men and women who adhere to the ideals of feminism may choose the Lady Justice tattoo. The image shows that they respect powerful women and feel that women should hold positions of authority. These individuals work toward equity and fairness in the world when it comes to matters of gender.

Equal Treatment

Another aspect of Lady Justice is that she stands for equal treatment for everyone who comes before the court. She does not discriminate based on factors like ethnicity, age, gender, religion, or economic status. Everyone is viewed equally in the eyes of the law. This is important because it allows for everyone to be judged fairly.

A person may choose to get a tattoo of Lady Justice because they feel that people should not be treated equally. These individuals believe that people should not be judged based on factors that are beyond their control. For example, a person with a low income should not be treated any differently in court than someone who is rich.


Lady Justice is also representative of fearlessness when it comes to doling out justice. Her sword shows that she is not afraid to hand down a guilty verdict when necessary. She does not fear the potential repercussions of powerful criminals because she knows the importance of justice for all.

People sometimes get Lady Justice tattoos to symbolize their own desire to act without fear. Whether they work in the justice system or not, these people choose the tattoo to represent making choices with courage. Instead of being afraid to act because they fear the outcome, they act bravely, knowing that the end result is worthwhile.

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