Ladybug Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Growing up, most bugs were pretty scary or gross to us as kids. We would see one flying at us or crawling in our direction and we would go the other way. However, there are a few insects that give us the opposite feeling.

One of these insects is the ladybug. The adorable little red beetles are well known for being loved by kids and adults alike. There are a lot of folktales associated with the ladybug and some of these stories make the ladybug about as well-liked as an insect can be.

People are fans of the ladybug and so much so, they are willing to get a ladybug tattoo. The ladybug tattoo has a great deal of significance and meaning to those who get this tattoo. Not only is it a beetle that flies around but it is an insect that symbolizes traits and characteristics that some of us hope to attain.

In this post, we will talk about the ladybug and some interesting facts surrounding this beetle. We will also go over the meaning of the ladybug tattoo and what it represents for those having this image tattooed on their body.

There are also some different variations of the ladybug tattoo that have significance, so we will discuss those as well. By the end of this post, you should have a pretty good idea about what it means to have a ladybug tattoo.

About the Ladybug

To start, ladybugs are actually beetles. True “bugs” are part of the order, Hemiptera and these include bugs like aphids, cicadas and bed bugs to name a few. On the other hand, ladybugs are part of the Coleoptera beetle order. Because of this, many entomologists call them Coccinellids or “lady beetles”.

Another fun fact is that the ladybug is named after the Virgin Mary. There are male ladybugs as well, so some might wonder why we give them this name. Well, the reason is that they’re named after the Virgin Mary. The Virgin Mary was known for her seven sorrows and one of the most common ladybugs in Europe has seven spots. The connection is right there and that’s where the name was created.

For unknown reasons, the ladybug is referred to as a bishop in England. There have been other funny names to describe ladybugs as well and they’re even called ladybirds by the folks across the pond because they fly well.

In other cultures, the ladybug is referred to as the little cow. This is most likely because of the spots on the ladybug but many countries have some sort of cow reference in the name of the ladybug.

Now most of the ladybug tattoos you will see will show what we all think a ladybug looks like. They will be red with black spots, however, not all ladybugs look the same. There are a wide variety of colors including dull browns, ashy grays and metallic blues.

The patterns on the ladybug also vary with some having no pattern at all, little squiggles and stripes. In addition, the number of spots on a ladybug will vary. The ladybug with the most spots is called the yellow twenty-two spot ladybug and you can guess how many spots it has. On the other side of the spectrum, the twice-stabbed ladybug has two bright red spots on its black body.

Their bright colors aren’t just for looks either. The colors the ladybugs are wearing are a warning sign for predators. Just like a skunk has bright white stripes on its back to serve warning, the ladybugs do it too. They are toxic and it makes them taste bad to predators, over time, these animals learn the ladybug isn’t a delicious treat like they once thought.

Ladybug Tattoo Meaning

You have probably heard that if a ladybug lands on you it’s good luck. This saying didn’t come out of nowhere. In Chinese lore, the ladybug is considered very good luck. They also say that you are bound to find your true love if a ladybug lands on your clothing. So, if you’re single, go find an infestation of ladybugs to improve your luck.

Other traits the ladybug represents are love, friendship, happiness, luck, good deeds and protection. The reason why the ladybug is a symbol of friendship is because it gives us a hand in the garden by pollinating flowers.

To keep on with the good luck theme of the ladybug, it is said that killing one is bad luck as well. However, if you happen to leave them alone and count the spots, this is how many years of good luck you will have. It’s a pretty good deal for being the landing pad for a ladybug.

Ladybug Tattoo Variations

People tend to get creative when getting tattoos, but the ladybug’s true beauty is always on display with its bright colors and spots. Even though most people get the simple ladybug tattoo, there are a few variations we tend to see.

Ladybug Flying Tattoo

The flying ladybug is one tattoo that many get. Flying is a symbol of freedom and free spirits. When you combine that notion with that fact the ladybug stands for good luck and happiness, the flying ladybug tattoo ends up being an extraordinary symbol of positivity. Ladybugs are graceful fliers as well so when you see one, don’t knock it out of the air. Take it as a sign of good things to come.

Ladybug Heart Tattoo

Because most ladybugs are already red, the ladybug heart tattoo reinforces the idea of passion and love. It happens to look pretty cool and fits the shape as well. This tattoo is said to be a good luck symbol for a current relationship or ones to come so by getting a ladybug heart tattoo, someone might be hoping to tap into that good luck in finding a mate.

Realism Ladybug Tattoo

The realism ladybug tattoo is one of beauty if it is done correctly. Make sure your artist is skilled in realism because if not, it can end up being something you’re not proud of. If done right, it almost looks as if the ladybug is always crawling on you.

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