Lavender Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The lavender tattoo has such a different look than all of the other flower tattoos out there, so it’s not a big surprise that many people choose to get one inked on their skin.

They come in many different styles which gives people a number of different ways to design this very beautiful plant. It’s also quite meaningful, which makes it a fantastic flower tattoo for anyone who both likes its look and finds that one or more of those meanings work for them.

On this page, we will take a look at why people love the lavender tattoo so much and some of the meanings you can use if you choose to get one.

The one meaning that the lavender tattoo shares with many other flower tattoos is purity. This can mean that the owner of the tattoo finds that one of their best traits is being a wholesome individual, or it could mean that they are trying to live more wholesome lives than they once did. In both cases, the lavender flower is an excellent way to encapsulate these traits.

A unique meaning attached to the lavender tattoo is silence. If you value those times when you can be away from the world, whether out in nature or even in your own home, this is a fantastic flower tattoo for you. What’s interesting is that the look of the lavender tattoo almost makes this meaning clearer even without any supporting symbols or other images.

If you take pride in your devotion to your family, your religion, your job, or anything else, then the lavender flower tattoo might be one of the best ways to show that in tattoo form. There aren’t too many other tattoos that you can get that represent devotion, so in that way, it’s in a class of its own. If you choose to use this meaning, and only this meaning, you might want to include text or some other image that makes the meaning clearer to people who do not know what the lavender flower represents.

The lavender tattoo also symbolizes calmness, which is yet another unique meaning attached to this very cool plant. It’s also a unique trait, so those who find this flower attractive and take pride in being cool customers no matter what life throws at them are perfect fits for this tattoo. Again, the meaning might not be obvious to everyone, so you can add other symbols of calmness if you don’t want to keep this meaning a secret.

Yet another interesting meaning that you can use with a lavender tattoo is caution. This could mean a couple of different things. For one, you might be a cautious person who analyzes everything before you commit. Or it could mean that you don’t enjoy taking risks because you value your life too much. In both cases, the lavender tattoo works well to define these different stances.

Lavenders have long been used for medicinal purposes, so those who practice medicine or consider themselves healers in any way may find the lavender flower to be the best flower tattoo for them. If you work in the medical field, this is obviously a great tattoo for you to get. You can also use this meaning if you want to honor those who devote their lives to helping others.

As is the case with any flower tattoo, you can use one or many of the meanings that the lavender tattoo represents. You shouldn’t feel obligated to use all of the meanings that come along with lavender, nor should you pass up the chance to get this tattoo if one or more of the meanings don’t make sense to you. The most important thing is that there is at least one meaning that is special to you and that you like the look of lavender.

Other than those great meanings, many people choose to get lavender tattoos because of their unique appearance. The arrangement of pedals called the spike, is unlike anything you’ll find in other popular flowers. The shape of lavender is also very nice in tattoo form because you can easily have it designed in a way that flows naturally up or down your body. This is why many people get their lavender tattoos on their arms.

Because lavender tattoos have that interesting shape, you have quite a few options as far as placement goes. You can go with the popular forearm versions of the design, or you could even have it draped over your shoulder towards your chest. It also looks quite nice as a tiny tattoo that fits in the ankle area or even in the ear.

The lavender flower is one of only a few flower tattoos that actually looks just as good in all-black ink as it does in color. This is a good option for people who have other black tattoos or for those who would prefer not to put colored ink on their bodies. It’s still obvious that the flower is lavender and you can still use all of the meanings that people use when they get their lavender tattoos in colored ink.

Even though the lavender flower tattoo might not look like a very complex design at first glance, the line work is actually quite intricate. This is why we highly recommend finding an experienced artist to do the work for you if you decide to get a lavender tattoo. Unless you live in a remote location, it shouldn’t be too hard to find an experienced artist who can give you an amazing-looking lavender tat.

Hopefully, now you can see why lavender tattoos have shot up in popularity in recent years. They look great on the skin, they have an abundance of fantastic meanings that you can use, and they draw the eye due to their unique appearance. If you have found that one or more of the meanings listed on this page work well for you, then definitely look into getting a lavender tattoo design that will make you smile every time you look at it.

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